Etsy! Etsy! Etsy!

I used to work at a non-profit thrift store. One of my favorite activities was to run around the store and create color coordinated outfits. I would pin my coordinated creations to a wall or dress a mannequin and be delighted when an item of clothing sold from one of my creations.

Well, the job didn’t last long primarily because I forgot that I told the hiring manager in the interview that I could work nights  and came to my senses one night alone in the store. While nothing criminal happened to me that one night,  the manager let me go to find someone who could work nights, and I buried my passion for color coordinating outfits in the recesses of my mind until I discovered

Etsy! Etsy! Etsy! I discovered Etsy through Twitter. I clicked on the “E” and immediately died and went to consumer heaven. It was almost like eBay except I didn’t see any auctions.  I could find any handmade item or vintage ware I wanted and I spent hours searching for my heart’s desires. There were totes, and little boxes, and hand mirrors, and dolls, and baby shoes, baby bibs, coasters, a smorgasbord of colorful delights waiting for me to buy, buy, buy.  And, that I did, within moderation, every two weeks, I would buy a necessary item to add to my decor or give as a gift.

I would like to say the memory of color coordination resurfaced during that time period. But, alas, it was too deeply buried. The memory surfaced this morning while I was taking care of my 14 month old niece.  When my sister came home for lunch, I skipped downstairs to the computer and found a white flamenco top which has since been removed from Etsy, therefore, I have added a simply gorgeous Pointillism Gradient top in black and white and paired it with a pair of black ruffle pants which have sold. Now, off to find some shoes.

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