To sew or not to sew?

If you know how to sew,  and, sew well, then you’ve got an extraordinary skill to fall back on in a recession, because you can make virtually any piece of clothing, decorating essential, or accessories for traveling with a baby. I truly covet people who can sew.

If I had the foresight during my first stint at college, I would have forced myself to take sewing again until I passed it, but alas, I could not stomach the class a fourth time. Three times a failure at sewing was enough. I did get a really good pair of scissors though and a forest green skirt with gold flower print that Jane, the instructor gave me a “D” for effort. She had said “I should have given you an “F” for it.”

When I took the skirt home and related the story to my mother, she laughingly said, “She should have seen what you made last year,” meaning she would have given me a higher grade. I actually thought I did quite well on the previous year’s skirt. It was a cute khaki beige skirt with large black, red, and white printed flowers and a slit up the front. Despite my horrendous sewing skills, I did proudly wear my skirts for years until I donated them to the Goodwill.

It was on one of my lastest trips to the Goodwill when I saw a tiny sewing machine sitting on a shelf that stitched up the desire to learn to sew again. Thoughts of trying to sew a straight line under the presser foot, the material getting all bunched up,  having to take out the stitches and start over flooded my mind, drowning out the new inkling of the desire to relearn. I passed on the sewing machine.

It’s been three days since I spotted the sewing machine.  I wonder now if I’ve missed my calling. If I had stuck with the sewing class the fourth time, would I have gone on to become a great seamstress with my own retail listing store on Etsy where I successfully sold my handmade US of A products, even during a recession? Who knows?

The reality is that it would take me years to acquire that level of skill, and if I am truly honest with myself, I don’t want to spend the years it would take to acquire the skill level necessary to comfortably list on Etsy. No, I don’t have the patience for sewing, and, I didn’t have it in college.  

Besides there’s many great seamstresses and tailors on Etsy from all over the US and the world available whenever I want or need something.  I have listed some of my favorite sellers that I have purchased from before and will again, since I have decided at the conclusion of this blog post, not to relearn to sew…and be happy about my decision.      

 (Handcrafted bags and accessories)               

(Zipper pouches, baby items)        

(Children’s clothing)                 


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