The Illusion

Everytime my younger sister runs up to me with her doe-eyed brown eyes and asks, “T. do I look fat?,” I inwardly cringe.  Last week when she asked me that question, I said, “A., if you weren’t married, you would be able to get a man quicker than I, because men like chunky women.”  She proceeded to moan about how fat she was, but not quite as loudly as she would have, if I had simply told her she was fat.

She’s not a round fat, but she’s not the stick figure I am. She’s had two babies, and I…well, I have two cats, and no man. But, this isn’t about me being a stick figure without a man.  I can see where this is going, so let me get back to the purpose of this blog which has to do with, my favorite subject of the moment, scarves.

The next time someone asks you if they look fat and they are, but you don’t want to tell them they are fat, gently highlight to them that they can easily remedy their appearance.  They can draw the attention away from their flawed body parts with the use of a scarf neatly tied around their neck, shoulder, or waist. With the right proportions, colors and fabrics, it’s all an illusion, just like a magician’s presentation.

Proportion is about balancing the body, clothing, and jewelry. With three basic sizes of scarves: square, oblong, and oblong diagonal, a scarf needs to be in proportion to the woman’s body.  If she is a short woman, then the scarf would need to be a smaller oblong square, whereas, a taller woman would wear a scarf in proportion to her length; a longer oblong square. Softer scarves look best on body hugging dresses whereas, a bulky scarf could be used to hide an unappealing dress, or update an out of date dress. Add jewelry, such as pins to the scarf, and earrings with complementary visual weights. For example, teeny tiny earrings would be overpowered by a bulky scarf, conversely, large metal earrings would dominate a lightweight chiffon scarf.

Color is just as important as proportion. The eye sees color first, thus drawing attention away from the figure problem. Scarves can be one color, the same color as the outfit, or contrasting colors. Monochromatic colors tend to add a crisp and sophisticated style. Contrasting colors can be bold and exciting especially when paired with a dull dress.

As jewelry adds visual weight to the outfit, so to does the fabric weight of a scarf. The scarf needs to be the same weight as the clothing. A wool scarf would be heavy enough for a bulky sweater, while a silk scarf would be more suited for a linen suit.

It’s all about proportions and drawing the attention away from the flawed part. Therefore, the next time someone asks you if they look fat, and complains about exercising after you answer yes, be prepared and hand them a scarf.

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