The Easy Path – Autobot Style

So, I have been reading these New Age books on New Age stuff. Stuff that’s been around since -oh well-since Adam and Eve, but has been written in more palatable terms that we contemporary humans can understand, like how to find your joy path. According to Rhonda Byrne, author of “The Secret,” the easy path to joy is to think good, happy thoughts when we wake up in the morning. 

Good, happy,  thoughts should defeat the ever present dark thought that’s stuck in our frontal lobe. Having a lobotomy would be an easier method to clear out those negative thoughts. We’d definitely would be on a path, albeit a joyless one, which of course would defeat the purpose of finding our joy.

Since a lobotomy is not for everyone, then how do we think positive thoughts every minute of the day? Is it even realistic to positively think every second of the day?  Maybe a better question to ponder is is it realistic for a negative thinker to suddenly become a positive thinker?

No one suddenly becomes anything in life. It’s all baby steps, baby.  If you tend to be a negative thinker, such as I, then it’s baby autobot steps.

Baby autobot steps are similar to baby steps. While  baby step statements are said in a step, listen to yourself berate yourself, step, listen to yourself berate yourself, step, fall back and whine motion, baby autobot steps  are stated forcefully and rapidly through your brain in order to shut down the negative streamline that’s embedded into your brain like a gushing winding river. And, believe me there is passion in rapid and forcefull positive statement propulsion.

However, you need more than three positive statements otherwise saying the same statement like, “I am a highly intelligent person,” gets a little tedious after five minutes. You might start to lose the necessary passion for it and yourself, somewhere at nine minutes.  And, if the passion is gone, well, heck, you might as well as launch that negative track you’ve grown accustomed to or simply just take a break, and then resume the rapid propulsions, possibly after lunch when you’re about to fall asleep. Yes, indeedy, that was a long sentence.

Let’s work with eight positive statements to propel through your brain. You can make them up with your own fiery passion attached to them or you can use mine. You’ll just have to exude extra passion because they already have my energy attached to them as well as the energy of the person I originally got the statements from. No, I didn’t steal or plagerize. I’ve read lots of self-help books and positive affirmation emails from various positive thinking people over the years.

1. I am a highly intelligent person.

2. I am a calm and peaceful person.

3. I am a creative problem solver.

4. My joy comes from within.

5. My body is healthy.

6. Laughter is my medicine.

7. I have knowledge of all things (Esther Hicks). This one helps with solving problems.

8. I turn the other cheek and focus on other things. (Esther Hicks, The Bible) This one helps with neighbors.

This method of rapid positive statement propulsion does require that you memorize the statements, so that each one flows right after each statement. Otherwise, you will get stuck on one statement, and as I have stated earlier, it does get tedious after five minutes. Then state each statement with as much good “Feel Good” passion. You can vary the way you state each statement by emphasizing words. Go shout it out if you must to imprint a new winding gushing river path in your brain.

If this doesn’t work, then fall back and whine.

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