Outfit of the Week: Yellow

After gazing at the door for about two weeks and losing out on a cute pair of black, wide-leg, Capri pants on Etsy, that I could have paired with an equally cute yellow wrap had I not been so indecisive,  I’ve decided to start a new series called, Outfit of the Week based on matching pieces of clothing that I find irresistible on Etsy.

Starting off the series is a charming yellow wrap top with a large yellow button fitted at the collar-bone. The top of the wrap has a colorful geometric design which continues to the back of the wrap. The bottom of the wrap is loose-fitting and matches quite well with the “Black Capri Ruffle Pants.” Accessorizing the outfit is a Guitar Pick necklace and a pair of Vintage Berebi Pretty Flower earrings both sporting muted blues in their designs which brings out the blue in the wrap. Topping off the outfit is a pair of black suede and open toe patent pumps.

Yellow Wrap Style Blouse with Polymer Button

Black Capri Ruffle Pants     SOLD!

Guitar Pick Necklace  SOLD!

Vintage Berebi Pretty Floral Earrings    SOLD!

Black Suede and Open Toe Patent Pumps SOLD!

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