Outfit of the Week 2A: Salsa Hot and Pink

Pink. Glorious Pink. Pink. Delightful Pink.  Pink!

No longer a traditional woman’s color, men look good in pink, also. In fact, I love it when I see a man wearing pink. I say to myself, “Self, now there’s a man who is comfortable with his feminine side and still strong with his masculine side.”

And, we women look just as good in pink, too. In fact, this next Outfit of the Week 2A: Salsa Hot and Pink, is not only delightful, but it’s sexy-hot, cute and fun to wear.

The Salsa Hot and Pink outfit starts off with a tie-dyed t-shirt. Whenever I have thought of a tie-dyed shirt I remembered the beautiful blue, yellow, orange, and red swirls of a past era. However, this contemporary and exquisite work of art tie-dyed t-shirt needs to grace a wall in the Smithsonian Art Institute.  SOLD and RE-LISTED!

pink flowers black bird tie dye t-shirt cute beautiful flying spring fashion one side printed
Designer: Nikacollection
Ahoy, matey! Be the captain of your pirate ship in these darling ruffled at the knee stretch Capri’s. Or, sashay across the dance floor on a Saturday night! 
Designer:  LadyDiCreations
Accessorizing the Salsa Hot and Pink outfit is a pair of “I-Gotta-Have” these “Amazing Victorian Knee High Boots.”  Note the yellow, white, and especially the pink embroidered flowers hanging on a long green vine. Niiiiice!
Vintage Vendor: Bigapplevintage
Swinging at your ears is a pair of sexy double ringed earrings. The fuchsia Swarovski crystals will dazzle not only your partner but anyone else who may be looking in your direction.
Kiss me Pink Eternity Rings
Jewelry Designer: ClassicKeepsakes

3 Responses

  1. It’s wonderful! Thank you very much! I love the pink!

  2. […] Go Go Boots Vintage Vendor: Bigapplevintage is also featured in Salsa Hot and Pink ************************************* ************************************* Bowler Hat Vintage […]

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