Cat by the Door

Both the cat and I were startled as I unlocked the door to leave. I stopped short of opening the door when I noticed the cat’s horror stricken green eyes staring back at me. What? Had it just mistaken me for the Wicked Cat Witch Woman of the Midwest?

The cat did not run away, nor, did I want it to run. If I opened the door, I knew it would run helter skelter across the street in front of a car. I stared back into its large green, almond eyes and it stared back into my small brown, almond eyes. I waited until two cars passed to be sure of its’ safety when I opened the door.  I counted the seconds, opened the door and held my breath. Had I waited too long between the car sets? In a moment, I would know.

I stepped out of the door and sure enough the cat fled in the opposite direction toward the street. I froze and watched it run into the path of an oncoming truck and my heart sank. I had waited too long.  I would now forever feel guilty if… Fortunately, the driver of the truck had seen the cat and slowed down. The cat reached its destination unharmed. Relieved, I silently thanked the driver for allowing the cat to cross and went home to my cats tucked safely inside.

Waiting White Cat - print
Waiting White Cat by Eyeshoot   Shop 
Original Painting Greek Door
Original Painting Greek Door by Parrish 
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