Outfit of the Week 4: Flower Stem Green

Today I am wearing faded olive Capri pants, an apple green top, and a metallic green hair clip.  I have worn green all week, except when I had a job interview and wore a lavender suit.

One day I thought I would switch to pink, but in mid-thought changed my mind and chose green. Why green power all week-long? Well, it was in anticipation of the Outfit of the Week 4: Flower Stem Green. 

A  flower stem green “1960’s Original Knit Sweater Dress” commences this week’s outfit. Step outside and glide down the street in this elegant dress on a cool autumn day. Along the edge of this dress is a pretty scalloped hem. Decorative flower buds run along the hem as well as at the arms and neck. Two flowers, one at the shoulder, and the other at the knee also adorn this lovely dress.  SOLD!

60s Original Knit Sweater Dress
Add a pair of sexy, head turning earrings and start a dreamy conversation with someone new or captivate the same one now.  Sterling silver wire wraps encase apple green turquoise beads, while avocado green beads and swirly silver beads add the accents.  SOLD!
Apple Green Turquoise  Wire Wrapped Earrings
Jewelry Designer: JudysDesigns
“Never worn,” amazing, olive-green stiletto pumps. Did I say never worn?  New vintage! The stilettos are “Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals” between 1940-1950.  At each heel of these simply divine stilettos is a super sexy bow embellishing an open circle surrounded by a gathering of delicious pleats. You could walk on clouds with these stilettos.  SOLD!
Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals Olive Green Stilettos Pumps 1940s or 50s Never Worn
Vintage Vendor: AntoinettesWhims
Sleek and classic define this “Vintage Lime Pocketbook.” Sporting an interior pocket, this 8″ x 11.5″ pocketbook is roomy enough for a hand mirror, makeup, pens, keys, and a small pad of paper. It’s a perfect combination for the above “wiggle” dress. SOLD!
Vintage LIME Pocket Book
Vintage Vendor: TwirlVintageCo


5 Responses

  1. You have a gift and have found a wonderful way to showcase your “finds”. Thanks for including my Green turquoise wire wrapped earrings. You’re a great “story teller”. I enjoyed this as well as many of your past posts!

  2. A variety of purple flowers such as Monte Casino, Iris and Aster all arranged in a glass vase. Silver Jewelry

  3. Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your sentiment and glad you have enjoyed my past posts.

  4. Wow, where to you find all this cool stuff?

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