Stuff in the Tote


On the way to see “Inception,” with my parents last Sunday, my mom noticed my pink tote that I had bought from an Etsy vendor last year. She proceeded to comment which went something like the following.

Mom: Why are you carrying that bag?

Me: No answer. Since we had already had this fruitless discussion a couple of days before, I was reading the scroll of answers streaming forth on my frontal lobe, trying to figure out which answer would be the best answer.

Mom: What’s in that bag?

Me: Still reading my frontal lobe scroll.

Mom:  Why do you feel the need to carry everything with you? Oh, I know why…

Me: Scroll reading.

I wasn’t ignoring my mom. Actually, I was making squeaking, incomprehensible protestations while I was reading my frontal lobe scroll. However, sitting in the movies in a bad mood over the insides of my tote and why I felt the need to carry everything with me was an argument I was trying to avoid. Invariably, my answer would not be good enough for her, hence the squeaking on my part.

Earlier that day,  I had found a tear in the seam on my favorite carry-all green and brown purse that I had bought from Goodwill last year. Preserving my purse for another season was the motivating factor for the change.

Stuff in the tote is what I carry. Initially, I bought the tote to carry groceries home from the store. It was made from canvas and would be sturdy enough to carry my stuff, and, it held much more than my purse.

So, yea, I probably over-stuffed it which of course caused me lean to one side which in turn prompted my mother’s probe. Am I starting to sound combative?

Monogrammed MOM Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag 18 x 5x 12

Tote Designer: Julssewcrazy
Reusable Multi-Functional Tote Bag-Chocolate/Natural Geometric
Tote Designer: PurseNmore
Dragonfly Bookbag/Tote
Tote Designer: SewMuchFabric2010  SOLD!
SALE - Re-Useable Grocery Tote or Farmers Market Bag in Prairie Gothic By Jane Sassaman
Tote Designer: LilyBellesGarden  SOLD!
Bag,  Reusable, Tote, Eco Friendly, Blue Faux Animal Print by ButtermilkCottage on Etsy
Tote Designer: ButtermilkCottage
Tote Bag/Book Bag - Aqua and Brown
Tote Designer: SewMuchFabric2010
Red Placemat Bag NEW LOWER PRICE
Tote Designer: NancysGarden  SOLD!

7 Responses

  1. This is so funny! I love the conversation with your frontal lobe.
    Been there! Mom should know why! We want to be prepared for everything. Isn’t that what she taught us? To hope for the best but expect the worst… and be ready for it. Thanks for including my embroidered “MOM” bag!
    Jul’s Sew Crazy

  2. I just love your stories!

  3. Thanks for including my Red Placemat Bag. All of these bags/purses are great! You must have a lot of fun writing your stories. I too, carry a purse – everywhere I go. It was very, very heavy one day so I got a shopping cart to put it in. I thought “I’m getting weak or something”. When I got home from shopping, I cleaned out my purse to find that my kids had traded 10 rolls of pennies for “bigger” money. I had been packing rolls of pennies around all day! Kids – don’t ya love’em. Hey, thank you again!

  4. Your welcome. I do have a lot of fun writing. LoL on the 10 rolls of pennies, that would be very heavy to carry around all day long. Children, they are interesting and loveable.

  5. Can you ever have too many totes??? Don’t think so. Thanks so much for including my Blue Faux Animanl Print Bag–the “Be Sweet, Repeat? Tote

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