Outfit of the Week 6: Classy Cook

Who cooks in heels?

“Not I,” said the butterfly.

“Not me,” said the bumblebee.

Ok, someone needs to grow up.

About three months ago I went to a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower party.  The hostess had everyone write a relationship tip for the bride-to-be based upon our own personal relationship experiences.  What I wrote doesn’t seem all that important now. What I wished I could have written, well, I wouldn’t have written it simply because I did not think about it until I had pared down my choices for this week’s outfit. I also wouldn’t have written it because the feminist inside would have screamed, “Cooking for a man is icky and cooking for man in heels, well, off with our head.”

After reading a couple of blog posts this week on the sensuality of food, I tucked my feminist side in for a nap and looked at it from a different perspective.

Cooking in heels with a pretty apron over your clothes would be a romantic way to love your mate.  You need not cook in heels all the time, but if you really love to cook and cooking for someone shows you care about their well-being and for them as a person, then by all means, cook in heels. Even if you don’t love to cook, wearing a pretty apron, heels with shoe clips, and earrings might add a little more spice to your motivation for cooking.

Cook up a storm in this pretty reversible floral print apron. With a white floral print on a black background with red trim on one side, and a bed of colorful assorted flowers on the reverse side who could resist your cooking when you’re wearing this apron?  SOLD!

Classy retro black, white and red apron and reversible to a flirtatious, flower print for women and teens
Apron Designer: Daffodillies
Dress up a pair of pumps with a pair of charming red, black, and white floral shoe clips. Perfect for an evening dinner date with your mate.
Red Black and White Shoe Clips
Shoe Clips N/A  Designer: Marszy
Sparkling red stones and delightful black agate cubed earrings add the spicy dangle to the ear.  N/A
Lovely Red Stone dangle with Black Agate Earring
Jewelry Designer: Poonika


10 Responses

  1. What a neat apron. Looks like a dress by itself!

  2. This is simply adorable – hope you do lots more blogs like this- soo cute!

  3. Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Thank you again.

  4. humm…kind of like June Cleaver wouldn’t you say, but then I agree with you…Hubby would love it! Although I’m not a “heels” wearing girl, more like flats or barefoot, I do love me some long skirts, I’m a 60’s throw back.

    Cute post, love the heels and the aprons.

  5. Thank you. June Cleaver was the first person I thought of. Yea, I like long skirts myself, but I will wear other lengths as long as they are not too short. My sister said her husband would like it too.

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