The Gentleman’s Vest

One day while filling in as a temporary worker and in between telephone calls, my eyes wandered to the Twilight Saga calendar. The pin-up vampire for the month of July was Laurent.

Sexy Laurent. His blood-red vampire eyes gazed back into my chocolate-brown human eyes and…then I noticed he was wearing a gorgeous renaissance vest with a silk scarf edged in lace, a rhinestone studded belt, black jeans, and a linkchain inserted through a button-hole of the vest.

Sorry Laurent, fashion calls. Maybe next time I will indulge your gaze and…then  I returned to studying the embroidered flower motifs on the vest, emblazoning the design into memory, for when I had a chance to surf through Etsy.

Feast your eyes upon beauty, upon skill, upon six ornate and tailored vests each with its’ own style and character. Gentlemen, you can wear the vest alone without a shirt underneath, as Laurent did, and show off your muscular arms, as Laurent did. Or, you can wear a shirt underneath and put on a tuxedo as a groom or a groomsman. Either way, you will be as sexy as Laurent.

Handmade Tailored Period Regency Victorian Waistcoat Vest Blue and Gold Crested Jaguard
Seamstress: Gentlemansjabot      SOLD!
Golden Brown Floral Tapestry Vest
Seamstress: Dashandbag   SOLD!
Brocade Waistcoats (Double-Breasted, Curved Collar)
Men's maroon satin embroidered formal wear vest
Seamstress: Manicmom55   SOLD!
Men's Vest - Size 44
Seamstress: CreativeEnds
Gold Brocade Vest 46-48
Vest N/A Seamstress: KellyFarrow

6 Responses

  1. I’m so glad vests are coming back. I have a midnight blue damask type pattern one. Love to wear it.

  2. Yea I know. I have a khaki vest, and a red and yellow vest. The red and yellow is my favorite.

  3. I found this information to be quite helpful for considered one of my new websites. I hope you don’t thoughts however I’ve linked back to your site as you might have some good info here.

  4. Thank you. Wonderful of you to link back.

  5. I’ve received so many great comments on FB after you featured my maroon vest on your blog.
    Thank you so very much!!

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