Art Galleria Collection #1

Fire, fire, burning bright.

I have decided to present a bi-weekly art gallery of artists on Etsy beginning with my favorite paintings and artists. The idea actually came after I saw the “Magic of Life” painting by Henry Parsinia. I thought the art was truly beautiful. I could hear the fire burning in my mind. It reminded me of a painting that my ex-husband and I did together in which fire was the theme. Although, our painting was nowhere near the talent of  the “Magic of Life,” he and I both heard the fire crackling in our painting. We called it “Burning Blue Man.”

I am by no means an art expert. I have labored in my thinking as to whether I should write my thoughts for each painting, but I have, with the exception of the “Magic of Life,” decided not to do so, since art is intrinsically subjective to the observer.


Magic of Life by Henry Parsinia
HOLIDAY SALE - 50% OFF - Beneath your Wings - Print
Beneath Your Wings  SOLD! by Jaime Best
Sweet Memories -- Purple Flowers -- Giclee Print 8x10
Sweet Memories by Jennifer Comstock
ON SALE - WinterScape - Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas 24 x 8 x 1.5 inches
Winterscape N/A  by Angie Hogan
Pink Blossom Tree Original Acrylic Abstract Landscape Painting
Pink Blossom Tree  by  ArtFlutters
Journey - XLarge 30 x 20 Fine Art Print / Poster of Original Contemporary Abstract Painting - Free Shipping

Journey by StudioMarlene

13 Responses

  1. What a beautiful collection, I’m very flattered that you have included my work here, thank you! I hadn’t seen Henry Parsinia’s work before but wow that painting is stunning!

  2. Thank you so much for including my work to your weblog

  3. Great art pieces! Thanks for sharing them with us on your wonderful blog!

  4. What a great blog, I love the theme of your post! thanks so much for including me among all of this fabulous talent!

  5. All these paintings are really pretty — and unique, I especially like Beneath Your Wings.
    Thanks for sharing, and also stopping by my blog!

  6. […] I’ve posted this artist’s work on the first Art Galleria Collections from Etsy.  Click to see which one! Share […]

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