Outfit of the Week 8: Summer Party

If I were an artist hosting an art showing at an art gallery, or, a hostess for a-congratulations, you-got-a-job-party for a friend, I would wear this outfit.

The violet top has elegant draping folds in the front and ties in the middle of the back with violet ribbons.  Embellishments at the shoulder include a polymer clay flower and violet glass beads. A sweet top for an end-of-the-summer party.

Violet Top

Violet top
Designer: Lynx007
Sassy black pants with a slimming waistline fold. Imagine making an entrance wearing these pants. Lots of eyes will follow you around the room all night long.  SOLD and RELISTED!
Sassy Pants - Black
Designer: Dervishgirl
Purple Planet Earrings:   SOLD!  Faceted amethysts drop from sterling silver earwires. A simple, yet alluring design.
CLEARANCE SALE EVERYTHING 14.9 dollas - Purple Planet Earrings
Designer: MoraMoraJewelry
Black Handmade Sandals:  Accentuate the beauty of your feet with this elegant pair of handcrafted leather sandals.
Designer: Tuto

2 Responses

  1. That’s a really cool outfit.

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