Outfit of the Day 1: Bright and Cheery

Ever since I posted “Outfit of the Week 7: Glamour Snapshot,” bright and cheery yellow has imprinted itself upon my brain every waking minute of the day. I have also noticed that my obsession with Etsy has increased. If I’m not thinking about bright and cheery yellow, then I’m thinking about matching outfits.

So, for this week only, I am indulging my obsession of bright and cheery yellow and matching outfits by posting daily outfits for six days. I’ll be skipping Wednesday, since that is usually a non-clothing post day. By next Monday, my obsession will be over and I’ll be back to my twice a week posting.

Sunny Yellow Cardigan

Sunny Yellow Crocheted Cardigan
Vintage Vendor: OldSchoolCool
Ruffled Floral Print Blouse 
Vintage floral print ruffle collar blouse s/m
Vintage Vendor: 11eggs
black Skirt with a zip detail
Designer: Tsifcaonline
Red Burgundy Vintage Heels size 9.5
Vintage Vendor: VintageRainbowShop
Lampwork Earrings  SOLD!
Candlelit Perfume Lampwork Earrings
Designer: Meyleek
Juicy Lemon Travel Mug  SOLD!
Pretty Travel Mug - Juicy Lemon
Designer: PrettyNPreppy

7 Responses

  1. My favorite color is yellow! It’s such a happy color.

  2. I really like the Red Burgandy Heels, I have always preferred shoes with a rounded toe. As much as I love the really pretty clothes that are out now I have always had a soft spot for Victorian dresses.

    Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.

    • Your welcome.
      They are a nice pair of heels. The rounded toe shoes are probably better for out feet too. My sister likes the Victorian style as well. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting.

  3. Nothing wrong with obsession!
    Just look @ my FB page…I’m obsessed with clouds & sunsets!

    Now that you’re blogging etsy & found me…I’m obsessed with reading your blog!

    • Clouds and sunsets are pretty. I no longer have a Facebook account, so I am going to have to take your word about the obsession. Thank you.

  4. […] Tsifcaonline is also featured in Bright and Cheery […]

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