Outfit of the Day 2: The Suit

Like yellow, orange is also a cheery color. Orange exudes energy and warmth. Yet, unlike optimism creating yellow which invigorates both the “mental processes” and “nervous systems,” orange inspires activity and promotes socialization. When you are hosting a conference or training people, you need all the leverage you can use.  

Orange Plaid Blazer

Vintage Ladies Orange Plaid Blazer
Vintage Vendor: MillsDesignCo
Ruffled Blouse SOLD! also featured in Outfit of the Week 5: Ruffles A Go Go
Vintage Secretary Blouse Off-White and Gold Ruffle Collar
Vintage Vendor: MillsDesignCo
Knit Wool Skirt  SOLD!
Vintage Knit Wool Skirt Madi in Italy for Macy Associates
Vintage Vendor: KlassyKlassics
Sterling Silver Vintage Glass Earrings 383
Rustic Orange Handpainted Heels
Rustic Whimsy Hand Painted Heels Sz. 7
Designer: Crafttastrophe
Rustic Brown Leather Journal   SOLD!
Rustic Brown Leather Journal with Swirly Tree Burn-In - Blank
Designer: ConduitPress

3 Responses

  1. That jacket is a great find!

  2. Thank you. I fell in love with it when I saw it some weeks back.

  3. […] 6.  Rustic Orange Handpainted Heels via […]

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