Tea Time

One day I walked into a store and my eyes feasted on a sleek silver and red kettle. I oohed and ahhed until I turned over the tag and saw the $48.00 price. My eyes popped out of my head, and I put the kettle back on the shelf. I thought, who would pay that much to boil water? I know, someone did, it just wasn’t me.

Fast forward two years, and today, I am oohing and ahhhing over an adorable sunshine yellow teapot and the accessories. For a total of $37.49 without the shipping included you can receive a teapot, 50 bags of vanilla tea, a teabag rest, and a talking mug that has “Wake Up” printed on one side. Since yellow is an optimism creating color, your spirits and your kitchen will be warm and happy all winter long.

Sunshine Yellow Teapot  SOLD!

Sunshine Yellow Vintage Enamelware Small Teapot
Vintage Vendor: Tuckedawaytreasures
50 Hand Blended Vanilla Teabags  SOLD!
50 Hand Blended Vanilla teabags
Tea Maker: Teaman
Ceramic Teabag Rest    SOLD!
Small Handbuilt Ceramic Tea Bag Rest with Raspberry Leaf Imprint
Designer: SuramicsPottery  
Wake-Up Talking Mug  SOLD!
Wake Up - Talking Mug

6 Responses

  1. I have a small, growing collection of yellow teapots. I don’t have one that looks like this!

  2. This one is adorable.

  3. thanks so much for including my mug!


  4. What lovely colors!
    (beyond_5 on twitter)

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