Outfit of the Week 9: Classic Leather

Being on the leaner side of life, think stick figure, I tend to freeze easily when I go anywhere. I especially freeze when I go to luncheons, or dinners which are held in hotels.  Before I decide what to wear, I ask myself, do I want to be sexy and divine, or, do I want to be warm and comfortable?

Sometimes I choose sexy and divine, and huddle, shaking in the cold room underneath a sheer wrap dispelling any notion that there is a sexy and divine woman sitting at the table. Other times, when I have a recent memory of huddling and shaking, I choose my chocolate-brown suede jacket that my mom gave me years ago. Underneath the jacket I wear a turtleneck sweater, and sometimes, depending on how cold it is outside,  I will wear either a v-neck sweater or a faux-furry vest.

Unlike the hot pink leather jacket I have chosen to feature in this week’s Outfit of the Week 9: Classic Leather,  my suede jacket is not a body hugging jacket which shows off the curves. Ok, don’t say it. I know, stick figures don’t have curves. With that said, on to the outfit.

Classic Leather Blouse/Jacket

This hot pink leather jacket wears just below the waist and will form to your curves, keeping you warm all winter long. You can wear it as a blouse or a jacket.  It wears well with a pair of jeans as the photo shows or you can wear it with a pair of …

Classic Leather blouse/jacket
Vintage Vendor: KlassyKlassics
…leather pants, fully lined, and made in Italy.  Ample room for a belt and deep front pockets, these will soon become your favorite pair of pants to wear everywhere.
Leather Pants Made in Italy
Vintage Vendor: KlassyKlassics
Show off your arms with this sleeveless turtleneck sweater that has a pretty silver and white metallic wavy design throughout.
1960's mod sleeveless turtleneck sweater top in silver and white, size small
Vintage Vendor: Afterglowvintage
Hot Pink Earrings     SOLD!
Ooooh la la! A pair of smokin’ hot pink earrings. Distinct black wavy lines run asymmetrically through the top shells. French hooks and antique brass beads add the accents.
Hot Pink
Jewelry Designer: Mrsjabberjaw
When you wear your hair up in the style-of-the-day bun or in a ponytail, add this lovely hand-tooled leather barrette with a flower design and you will always garner attention to your hair locks.
Hand Tooled leather barrette with flower design
Designer: TriangleLeather

4 Responses

  1. Very cool. Whenever I see leather pants I always remember that Friends episode when Ross gets stuck in his and uses powder trying to get them off and ends up in a fiasco of a mess. haha.

  2. Love the outfit! Pink and brown are so good together. I think this outfit is very versatile and classic. It can go anywhere.

  3. Thank you for letting me work with them. It is quite versatile, classic, and go anywhere outfit.

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