Catnip Meow Toys

Me-ow. Mew Mew, me, meow. Mew mew mewm, hiss, hiss, mew.

Mew-ah, me-ow, mew, mew mew, me-o. Hiss, mew, mew meeeeeeee-owwwwwww, hisss.

Me: Moocat, you’re not writing to cats.

Moocat: Mew?  Meew, Me-ow mew mew mewo?

Me: Humans read the blog posts. Although some humans can understand cat language, those who own cats, most humans can’t understand cat. You’ll have to write in English, a language of humans. You know, that which I speak to you.

Moocat: Mee-ow, mew mew, me-ow mewo meeeeoh, mewwwwm, meeeowww, –

Me: Forgive me, Lord Moocat. It is not you who is owned. It is I who is owned by you. I totally forgot myself. My world revolves around you. Here, let me scratch you under your chin. Does that make you feel better?

Moocat: Mewww. Purrr-Purrr.

Me: By the way, who were you hissing at a few moments ago?

Moocat: Me-mon-keee.

Me: Monkeykitty? She’s not even in the room.

Moocat: Meeowww, mew mew mee meeoo, meeeeee-hiss.

Me: You were thinking about her. Well, she is a feisty little cat. She’s been irritated with you lately for taking her catbed, especially when you have one.

Moocat: Growl, grrr, hissss, meew meww mee-

Me: Calm down.  Put those claws back in. You’re scratching up the keyboard. Besides, look at what I have found for you.

Moocat: Meeee-ooo-wwwww! Meeee-o. Mew mew, purrr, purrr, meeee-oww…

Ahoy Matey Super Kicker  SOLD and Relisted!

Ahoy Matey Super Kicker
Designer: RetroAnimals
2 Organic Catnip Pillows     SOLD!
2 Organic Catnip Pillows - Patches
Designer: WeeMef
Kittys First Zombie Organic Catatonic Catnip Cat Toy
Designer: Artwich Studios
Serenity Catnip Toy Drop  SOLD!
SERENITY catnip toy drop
Designer: Thedots
Designer: MeowWow
2 Snakey Mice Catnip Toys  SOLD!
Cat Toy/Two Snakey Mice
Designer: CatCalls

12 Responses

  1. Very cute and inventive.

  2. Moocat-you are quite vocal! If you are nice to your mom, she just may get you one of these fun toys!

    Thanks so much!

    • Moocat: Meeow-mee?
      Me: Yes, pookey?
      Moocat: Mee-ow-all? Moo-good.
      Me: Yes, I know, you are a good kitty. You can’t have all of them. You can have some of them. There are other kitties whose meow-mies want to get some for them, too.
      Moocat: Meow-when?
      Me: Soon.
      Moocat: Meow-noooowwwww! Mee-ow mew, mew mew mew, meoooooowwwww…
      Me: Ok, someone needs a mew-time-out.

      Me: Your welcome!

  3. Nice mix of toys, and creativity.

  4. Moocat…You must be more tactful in your responses to get what you want! If you are feeling sassy, much better to have long wiggly roll on the floor to let out your frustration that to talk back!

  5. Moocat: ?
    Me: Moocat is mew-less. Wow! I’ve never seen him so quiet before. LoL!

  6. Cat got your tongue Moocat??

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