While reading the post on Purple Things, which is no longer posted by the author, as of November 11th, 2010, when I checked the link, I realized for the second time this month that I haven’t done a purple outfit, yet. I haven’t done a blue outfit, either, except Turquoise, but, Turquoise isn’t blue, not really.  Yet, this isn’t an Outfit of the Week post, either. Smile.

It’s more of a I-read-a-post-on-purple, got the Etsy excitement running through my mind, of wow, go-look-for-some- purple-on-Etsy. And, here is what I loved;a wonderful mix of seven unrelated delicious purple items for your neck, shoulder, a wall, your feet, a desk or bookshelf, the electronics enthusiast in your family, and your bathroom.

Royal Purple Japanese Butterfly Skinny Scarf  SOLD!

Royal Purple Japanese Butterfly Skinny Scarf
Victorian Art Nouveau Amethyst Grape Leaf Broach  SOLD!
Victorian Art Nouveau Amethyst Glass Cabochon Gilt Grape Leaf Brooch
Vintage Vendor: Zephryvintage
Bright Star…John Keats…Fanny in the field of purple/blue flowers
Bright Star          A thing of Beauty is a joy forever            John keats          Fanny in a field of purple/blue flowers
Artist: Softearthart
Nina Pumps  SALE!
Vintage Vendor: ThePoetsParcels
Dark Purple Art Glass Paperweight
Vintage Dynasty Gallery Purple Paper Weight Art Glass  Domus Modern on Etsy
Vintage Vendor: DomusModern
Panasonic Transistor Radio – It works.
Vintage Mod Purple Panasonic Transistor Radio
Vintage Vendor: VintageEye
Lavender Fields Olive Oil Soap Bar – Vegan  SOLD!
Lavender Fields Olive oil Soap Bar (VEGAN Friendly)
Designer: Dennisanderson

8 Responses

  1. Oh so cool, just loving that purple, cheers Marie

  2. Purple – Amethyst is my birthstone.

  3. Amethyst was my mother’s birthsone & purple is always a favorite! Thanks for featuring my radio!

  4. Love all the purple in this post!

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