Outfit of the Day 7: Prom…Queen

Oh, I hope he asks me to the prom. My entire outfit is red. Scream! I have this wonderful red dress-which makes me swoon-with an asymmetrical bodice with one strap, and matching glam glam heels with a delicately pretty organza flower at the toe. There are Swarovski crystals which run down the back of the heel and along the side of the instep. Then, I have simply gorgeous, dangly coral earrings, three inches of sexy dangles swinging from silver wires. You should see my ruched clutch, oh, heavenly, be still my heart. The clutch looks like a mini gown all by itself, it’s so beautiful.  It’s made of silk charmeuse and lined in soft golden silk dupioni and a perfect match to the tantalizing swirls of the skirt of the dress. And get this, I already have my tiara with matching faceted red beads set in a beautiful scroll design. Yes, I know the prom queen gets to wear the crown, but when I wear this outfit, I feel like a queen, and, as a woman thinks, so shall she be.  

Glam Red Heels

Designer: SoulsBliss
Cherry Red Asymmetrical Prom Love Dress
Vintage Vendor:  Zwzzy
handmade red festive long dangle earrings free shipping
Jewelry Designer: Urbandwellers
Red Golden Silk Charmeuse Ruched Clutch SOLD!
Silk Charmeuse Ruched Clutch In Red
Clutch Purse Designer: Mermaidsdream
Tiara for the Queen
Beautiful Stainless Steel Proms Queen Princess Tiara CZ Crown Ring
Designer: RadicalTreasures

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