31 Days of Halloween

I’m a bit behind getting this post started since I didn’t actually think of it until I saw the Syfy channel last night. Syfy is showing scary movies for 31 Days of Halloween. Last night’s movie was “Perkins 14.”  I was creeped out.  However, I gave it high points for the scare factor.

For the next 31 Days of Halloween, each day, I will post a new Halloween Etsy item.  Hope you won’t be to scared. Trick, no, I hope you will be scared on some of the spookies I find scary.

Happy Halloween!

Day 1:  Black Widow Spider Glass Ornament by Nrctermite

Day 2:  Spider Hair Clips by Jesscreations

Day 3:  Halloween Apron  SOLD! by 4RetroSisters

Day 4:  Silver Wraparound Snake Ring  SOLD! by JuicyJewelz

Day 5:  Necktie Purple Skull Damask SOLD! by RokGear

Day 6:  Gooey Brain Cupcake Soap by Sunbasilgarden

Day 7:  Wench Pirate Costume by Mulligan Stew Boutique

Day 8:  Three Little Skelly Heads by Pumpkinhollow

Day 9:  The Vampire Mansion by HauntedConstruction

Day 10:  Halloween Bat Creature Sculpture by SandraArteagA

Day 11:  Spooky Spider Headband with Birdcage Veil  SOLD! by KirahleyKreations

Day 12:  Blood Choker Necklace  SOLD! by VonErickson

Day 13:  I Love Brains Necklace SOLD! by LoadedGlueGun

Day 14:  Haunted House with Chicken Feet by Fleeting Stillness

Day 15:  Zombie on Bike T-Shirt  SOLD! by Darkcycleclothing

Day 16:  Creepy Skull Charm  SOLD! by Earthenwood

Day 17:  Zombie Watching You by Ninjettelikewhut

Day 18:  Zombie Clown Head by LivingDeadGirlNicole

Day 19:  Zombie Girl in a Pretty Mask  by Weeklyzombie

Day 20:  Vampire Master Necklace  by MyOctoberCountry

Day 21:  Mythical Beast Book SOLD! by AbbotsHollowStudios

Day 22:  Shrunken Troll Head Horrornament 2 by Macabrecreations

Day 23:  Sexy Kitty Cat Costume SOLD! by Iselle

Day 24:  Sleestak Belt Buckle  by Monsterbuckles

Day 25:  Cleaver Butcher Recycled Kitchen Hook by TheSteelFork

Day 26:  Hottie Dorothy Costume by Gothabilly13

Day 27: The Ghost of Helena SOLD! by NatashaMorgan

Day 28:  Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th  SOLD! by Missmercy

Day 29:  Miss Skeleton Rococo Necklace  SOLD! by GriogrioDesign

Day 30:  Skull Jug in Faded Blue and Turquoise by Lizcrainceramics

Day 31:  DeATH by Mealymonster

16 Responses

  1. Thank you kindly for the mention!

    Von Erickson

  2. what a great idea! thanks for picking my suncatcher

  3. OHH!! That is totally awesome of you to add my Zombie Clown Head!! YAY!! I hope this scares someone into adopting him!! Thanks again!! You rock!

  4. You’ve found some truly gross (and wonderful) items to get us in the mood for halloween! Thanks for including our green Beast Book in the gallery.

  5. Thanks for the mention. You’ve got quiet a collection there 🙂

  6. Thank you for including my Hottie Dorothy costume!

  7. Thank you for mentioning my little doll. You have a fab collection of lovely scary things there.

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