Art Galleria Collection #5

Autumn Pumpkin and Gourds        

Autumn Pumpkin and Gourd Arrangement - 12x16 Original Oil on Canvas

*************************************************  by ChatterBoxArt

Springhouse        Original SOLD!           Prints are available.    


******************************************************************* by NaddyDaddy


*************************************************   by Oildays



************************************************* by ScarlettBFox

November Rain  SOLD!          

*************************************   by VickieWadeArt
Cottage in the Fall Forests  SOLD!  by WordWeaverArt
Cottage in the Fall Forests - Original Oil Painting on 18x24 Wrapped Canvas

7 Responses

  1. Why to these images make me wish I had a porch?

    Very nice.


    • Because I specifically picked them as though I was looking from a house, which means you picked up on what I was doing. I think that’s great! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Lovely! Autumn… a peaceful cozy time of year, and the pumpkin is the perfect symbol to represent it.

  3. Thank you! I never thought of autumn as being peaceful…but your’re right. The calm before the storm of the holidays. 🙂

  4. I love pumpkins. Autumn is my favorite season, and I found these paintings so relaxing. The colors of autumn are also my favorite; golden hues everywhere…. 😀

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