In Your Face

Are you a recovering negaholic? Are you an optimist in training? Do you have positive affirmations posted on post-it notes all over your walls, doors, and mirrors?  Have your post-it notes of goal reminders faded in the sunlight or fallen off the door? Do you just plain ignore post-it notes when you stare at them or walk past them? Have you forgotten the reason you posted your change-your-ways-behavior-life-attitude notes on your walls?

Well, you don’t have to write your goals, affirmations, or dreams on post-it notes any longer. Let someone else “word-art” them for you.  Why you can even have “word-art” written on your pillows, on your towels, on your bracelet, on your walls, on your purse, and on your favorite rock, or have a rock chosen for you. You’ll never have to worry about post-it notes fading in the light or scattering to the floor when you have in-your-face “word-art” in your life.


Procrastination Leads To Nothing   SOLD!

PRINT - WORD ART - Procrastination Leads To Nothing
Artist: NayArts
Calligraphy quote on copper and leather cuff bracelet
Designer: MarieOfSweden
DECIDE     A WordPouch in Natural European Linen
Designer: ArtZBagZ
Wall Quotes CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Quote by DECALS MURALS 405
Designer:  DecalsMurals
Call Your Mother  SOLD!
CALL YOUR MOTHER - navy and turquoise- 16 inch recycled felt applique pillow
Designer:  AlexandraFerguson
Brush Your Teeth  SOLD!
Friendly Reminder Towels -Brush Your Teeth- GREEN
Designer: CyanideStitches
FOREVER Engraved Black Stone Custom Oathing Wedding Stone
Designer: MonkeysJewels

5 Responses

  1. These are so true. I have been procrastinating on something and Can’t seem to get off the fence about it. Perhaps I should work on my own piece of art like this to find a way to get moving.

  2. Great blog, Etsy! I guess you shoud see the WordPress Pack to make it more attractive for your readers!

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