31 Days of Halloween: Final Countdown

I’m a bit behind getting this post started since I didn’t actually think of it until I saw the Syfy channel last night. Syfy is showing scary movies for 31 Days of Halloween. Last night’s movie was “Perkins 14.”  I was creeped out.  However, I gave it high points for the scare factor.

For the next 31 Days of Halloween, each day I will post a new Halloween Etsy item.  Hope you won’t be to scared. Trick, no, I hope you will be scared on some of the spookies I find scary.

Happy Halloween!

Day 1:  Black Widow Spider Glass Ornament by Nrctermite

Day 2:  Spider Hair Clips by Jesscreations

Day 3:  Halloween Apron  SOLD! by 4RetroSisters

Day 4:  Silver Wraparound Snake Ring  SOLD! by JuicyJewelz

Day 5:  Necktie Purple Skull Damask SOLD! by RokGear

Day 6:  Gooey Brain Cupcake Soap SOLD! by Sunbasilgarden

Day 7:  Wench Pirate Costume by Mulligan Stew Boutique

Day 8:  Three Little Skelly Heads by Pumpkinhollow

Day 9:  The Vampire Mansion by HauntedConstruction

Day 10:  Halloween Bat Creature Sculpture SOLD! by SandraArteagA

Day 11:  Spooky Spider Headband with Birdcage Veil  SOLD! by KirahleyKreations

Day 12:  Blood Choker Necklace  SOLD! by VonErickson

Day 13:  I Love Brains Necklace SOLD! by LoadedGlueGun

Day 14:  Haunted House with Chicken Feet by Fleeting Stillness

Day 15:  Zombie on Bike T-Shirt SOLD!  by Darkcycleclothing

Day 16:  Creepy Skull Charm  SOLD! by Earthenwood

Day 17:  Halloween Blocks by Lisabees

Day 18:  Zombie Clown Head by LivingDeadGirlNicole

Day 19:  Zombie Girl in a Pretty Mask  by Weeklyzombie

Day 20:  Vampire Master Necklace  by MyOctoberCountry

Day 21:  Mythical Beast Book  SOLD! by AbbotsHollowStudios

Day 22:  Shrunken Troll Head Horrornament 2 SOLD! by Macabrecreations

Day 23:  Sexy Kitty Cat Costume SOLD! by Iselle

Day 24:  Sleestak Belt Buckle  by Monsterbuckles

Day 25:  Cleaver Butcher Recycled Kitchen Hook by TheSteelFork

Day 26:  Hottie Dorothy Costume by Gothabilly13

Day 27:  The Ghost of Helena SOLD! by NatashaMorgan

Day 28:  Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th SOLD! by Missmercy

Day 29:  Miss Skeleton Rococo Necklace  SOLD! by GriogrioDesign

Day 30:  Skull Jug in Faded Blue and Turquoise by Lizcrainceramics

Day 31:  DeATH by Mealymonster

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