Amorebytinae and AWineTwist

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Stripe Suspenders Kia Dress

Stripe Suspenders Kia Dress...N/A

Amorebytinae of Woodland Hills designed this super cute, black and mustard yellow striped suspenders dress for her Urban Romance Collection, and,  just in time for the festive season.  Attached in the back to a black waistband are “Y” designed suspenders. Wear it with a sheer top as shown or any other style top. Glam it up at a party or on a blind date…or listen to the whistles on the street whenever you wear this dress. Available sizes are XS – L.


Shop: AWineTwist

Pina Colada Wine Crystals - Frozen Drink Mix

Pina Colada Wine Crystals - Frozen Drink Mix...$12.00

On your way to the party, but there isn’t any time to stop and grab a bottle of wine for the hostess gift because your girl is whining in your ear and asking you what took you so long to pick her up? Well, forget the trip to the grocers, buy this frozen wine mix drink and keep it on hand for those such times, or, for when you’re the host of your own party. Designed by AWineTwist of North Carolina. Other flavors available are: Strawberry Daiquiri and Peach Belini.

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