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Woodland Wine Bag

Woodland Wine Bag...SOLD!

So. Your girl is gushing at the hostess and holding onto the best wine bag the both of you have ever seen. Why is your girl gushing? Because she thinks it’s cute that she put a-something-different-hostess-gift into the cotton wine bag with a birch tree print made by Lalunedesigns out of Virginia. 

You know your girl would love to keep the wine bag, and hey, you want to keep it too, but, it’s a hostess gift. Besides, you think to yourself, if she wouldn’t let you stop and pick up a bottle of wine, then she shouldn’t get to keep the “adorable wine bag,” as she described the bag. You pry the wine bag out of her hands and hand it to the hostess who unties the satiny green bow.

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Olive Oil Shampoo/13 ounces

Olive Oil Shampoo...$13.00

The hostess pulls out a bottle of Herbal Hair Shampoo made with olive oil and wheat germ from the hands of Favorecare09 out of Indiana. 

“For after the party,” you hear your girl say. “I got it on Etsy. A handmade and vintage online gift store,” your girl grins, “and, it’s made with certified organic ingredients.”

“What a charming hostess gift, and something different,” you hear the hostess exclaim. “I’ll have to use it right away. Thank you.”

You stand there watching the two women and thinking about the food.


The Walking Dead Previews

Disclaimer: The following post contains events that happened in the final episode of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t yet seen your taped show, please discontinue reading.

Sunday I read a tweet by the tweeter called WalkingDead_AMC asking Walking Dead fans what we thought would happen in the final episode that night of the hit show, ‘The Walking Dead.”

In two tweets I answered that the main male characters would clash, how I wanted to find what happened to the character, Merle. How did Merle get passed the walkers on the staircase off the roof, and the mother of the daughter who died after becoming infected would sign on to be a guinea pig for a vaccine the scientist had discovered. Alright, I have expanded my tweets here.

Now, where did I get these ideas of what would happen in last night’s final episode? Answer: From watching the previews. Well, after watching the final episode, I realized that I was way off base in my assumptions directed by the previews. I detail my assumptions below.

Preview #1: Ric, the sherif, and Shawn, his police partner were fighting on the scientist’s computer work station.

My assumption: I thought they were fighting over the wife of Ric, whom Shawn had been having an affair with, since he told her that Ric had died in a previous episode.

Preview #1 Outcome: Shawn was out of control and shooting up the computer workstation. Why? Because he and everyone else found out that they were locked in with the scientist and were going to go through the decontamination process, which basically meant, they were going to die with all the organisms, bacteria and virulent viruses contained in the lab, in a huge explosion. Death would come in a second according to the scientist. It was not quite what the group wanted to hear.

Preview #2: The scientist gave the mother a shot in her arm.

My assumption: The mother had caught the virus by being doused in the blood of her dead daughter who had been chomped on by a walker and she volunteered to be a guinea pig after she learned she had tested positive for the virus.

Preview #2 Outcome: The scientist had taken a blood sample from her and everyone else in the group to test for the virus.

Preview #3: The mother was sitting in the shower, depressed.

My assumption: First of all, this character sitting in the shower was not the mother. She was the sister of the sister who had gotten chomped on by the walker during the previous episode before the final episode when the walkers were attacking their camp in the forest. Got it? I had missed one of the episodes. I thought it was odd that the mother had gone off to college and that their dad which I thought was her husband had taught the chomped on sister left how to bait a fishing line.

Continuing my assumption: She was sitting in the shower depressed over her sister’s death, and scared because she was afraid of testing positive for the virus.

Preview #3 Outcome: The sister was sitting in the shower depressed. Yay, I was partially right! She was not scared. Awww, I was again wrong.

As for the character, Merle. He was never discussed and never came back into the final episode. I suppose he will be back next season.

However, it’s amazing what the human brain-ahem-my human brain will fill in when it has just a few bits of information in which to draw a conclusion.