Lalunedesigns and Favorecare09

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Woodland Wine Bag

Woodland Wine Bag...SOLD!

So. Your girl is gushing at the hostess and holding onto the best wine bag the both of you have ever seen. Why is your girl gushing? Because she thinks it’s cute that she put a-something-different-hostess-gift into the cotton wine bag with a birch tree print made by Lalunedesigns out of Virginia. 

You know your girl would love to keep the wine bag, and hey, you want to keep it too, but, it’s a hostess gift. Besides, you think to yourself, if she wouldn’t let you stop and pick up a bottle of wine, then she shouldn’t get to keep the “adorable wine bag,” as she described the bag. You pry the wine bag out of her hands and hand it to the hostess who unties the satiny green bow.

Shop: Favorecare09

Olive Oil Shampoo/13 ounces

Olive Oil Shampoo...$13.00

The hostess pulls out a bottle of Herbal Hair Shampoo made with olive oil and wheat germ from the hands of Favorecare09 out of Indiana. 

“For after the party,” you hear your girl say. “I got it on Etsy. A handmade and vintage online gift store,” your girl grins, “and, it’s made with certified organic ingredients.”

“What a charming hostess gift, and something different,” you hear the hostess exclaim. “I’ll have to use it right away. Thank you.”

You stand there watching the two women and thinking about the food.

4 Responses

  1. oh, what a great gift idea…and the men would never get why there would be gushing!

  2. That bag is neat. I love getting something you think you know what it is and then you open it and it’s something unexpected. Adds to the gift.

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