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$20 Billion…Yes We Can!

Obama’s plan for America as detailed in his State of the Union speech earlier this week would cost $20 billion dollars. America has sent that much and probably more over the years to aid other countries in their development, prevention of AIDS and other reasons. Why can we not invest that much in America? Yes, we can!

Hypnotransformations MP3 DOWNLOAD GIVEAWAY!!!

Hypnotransformations Product Giveaway

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Entry Dates: January 23, 2011 – January 31, 2011 (Midnight)



Winner will be announced Feb 1, 2011



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Warmth: The Nordic Way

Click CairoVintage for more handpicked vintage clothing.

vintage 70s NORDIC thick knit HANDMADE long cozy SWEATER


Keep the cold-to-the-bone winter weather at bay with this thick warm Nordic sweater. The Nordic design is high on the shoulders from front to back. Contrasting dark brown cuffs at the wrist. Wear this comfortable sweater all the way until spring.

Click Harmonycraft for more handmade wooden boxes.

Nordic Fishing Worm Box


Before being eaten, what earth worm or gummy worm wouldn’t like to live in this delightful wooden Nordic Fishing Worm Box. Handmade by Harmonycraft of Washington, for the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life, this wooden box is made from the bark of a birch tree. Use it for worms or hide inside a cherished treasury.

Click WizardoftheWood for more medieval and renaissance style drinking mugs.

Tavern Mug with Serpent Knot C-TM-002X


What’s for dinner? Rakfisk and öl.  Lots of öl can slosh around in this 10 oz solid cherry wood mug. Be prepared. If you don’t want to drink and eat alone, invite your buddies over for supper. Handmade by WizardoftheWood out of Albany with a sturdy iron handle and a knot of serpents burned into the front of the mug. Definitely, öl will taste better.

Vintage Maven: BijouxByAllison

Vintage Ornate Studs in Nutmeg


A pretty pair of nutmeg-brown stud earrings with an intricate floral motif. In the coldest of cold winter months, wear these dynamic earrings to remind you that spring is just around the corner. Silverplated posts and earnuts.

Click Margosmuse for more handmade home decor.

Felted Wool Mitten Balsam Sachet


Don’t live in a cold climate but wished you did? Then, bring home the scent of balsam fir trees on a cold winter day. Margosmuse designed this mustard yellow and winter grey sachet with an attached Nordic patterned mitten. You’ll have winter hanging from your doorknob without the cold and be relaxed and refreshed during your heated sunny winter.

Resources:  1) öl > Wikipedia, 2) Rakfisk > Wikipedia

Part 2: Featured Etsy Seller of the Month: Hypnotransformations

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mohandas Gandhi

At the start of the New Year people want to change their lives for the better by setting resolutions which will carry them successfully through the year. Some New Year’s resolutions could be to lose weight, be more positive, gain weight, go back to school, to do anything that will make their lives happier while they are here on earth. Not everyone keeps their resolutions, and some people, see my hand waving in the air, break their resolutions the next day.  

Resolutions require discipline, fortitude, committment and a desire to succeed through obstacles and challenges. Not everyone who wants to transform their life has discipline and committment entrenched in their lives. We want, but we have to work at it, and sometimes, some of us need a little help from people who have already acquired success.

Meet Kym Tolson, the owner of Hypnotransformations. Kym Tolson is a Certified Hypnotherapist who has created a line of transformative hypnotic CDs and MP3 download formats which notably improves a person’s lifestyle behavior. Her product line includes life transforming products for health, habits, life changes, relaxation, affirmations, hypnotherapy, and customed designs. She also has a wholesale line of your choice of 15 CDs or 30 CDs.

I first discovered Hypnotransformations when I was creating an Etsy Treasury filled with products based on the theme, Mind is Movement. I was initially intrigued that she had read the book “The Secret” and had become “obsessed” with it. I was even more intrigued that she had a business on Etsy which came about by applying “The Secret.” Since I too had read “The Secret” and watched “The Secret,” I was not only thrilled, but also, hooked.

I didn’t buy right away, not because of the inexpensive $6.99 price, but because I live underneath that thing called a budget. However, I did plan to give the Happiness Affirmation CD to a family member who is also quite indoctrinated with the negativity path. When the giving season arrived, I ordered the CD, and had it sent to me, to listen to, first. Well, of course, I had to listen to it, first! I was quite curious.

A second time, I was hooked.  The soft, compelling and hypnotic female voice put me into an eight-minute trance. It was the first time I had ever listened to a woman’s voice on an affirmations tape. I had to listen to the CD again and again. Eight minutes are enough time for my brain to absorb the meanings without it starting to mentally wander away.

If you have a critical mind like I do, then you can listen to the affirmations when you go to sleep. Sleeping turns off the critical voice. I did listen to it once at night, but I preferred listening to the CD in the morning to hear the affirmations.  She states that you can also do other activities, like housework or meditation, while you listen to the CD.  I sat in a chair and let my mind blissfully follow the affirmations.

For the next several mornings, I looked forward to the CD.  I also noticed that I was happier. I focused more on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative aspects.  A two-week daily listening period is required.  The two-week framework allows ample time to send the flow of positive thoughts through the Universe…and have the Universe respond with positive experiences, as well.

I also listened to the Self-confidence CD. This CD is also intoned with a soft and compelling hypnotic female voice. And within a day, I felt more self-confident than I had in weeks. Throughout the day, I also remembered some of the affirmations which helped to increase my level of confidence. I even read the affirmation cards which came with the CD. The affirmation cards have a different set of affirmations than is on the CD which I found to be of interest. I didn’t have to read the same affirmations that I had just listened to. There is a one-two boost of positivity flowing into the ears and afterwards through the eyes while reading the affirmation cards.

In the end, I shipped both CDs to the family member who at this time in their life needs them more than I. However, I am looking forward to restocking both CDs, as well as other titles I have been eyeing.

Click  Hypnotransformations to see other titles.

Breathing Meditation Relaxation 15 Minutes to Serenity CD or  mp3 Download

Breathing Meditation Relaxation CD or MP3 Download...$8.99

Have you ever noticed your breathing when you’re stressed? Do you have rapid shallow breaths or do you stop breathing for short periods of time? With 15 minutes of daily breathing practice learn how to effectively manage your breathing during stressful situations in your life. 
Deep Relaxation and Stress Management Hypnosis CD or mp3 Download. Learn How to Eliminate Stress From Your Life. Relax Instantly.

Deep Relaxation and Stress Management Hypnosis CD or MP3 Download...$16.99

When do you usually feel stressed? At work? During work? Driving home from work? With the kids? Standing in a line? Looking for a job? Undergo a guided relaxation meditation to quell your inner anxieties to become a calmer, peaceful you. Length: 38 minutes.


Exercise More Hypnosis CD or mp3 Download. Get Motivated to Exercise Quickly and Easily with Hypnosis

Exercise More Hypnosis CD or MP3 Download...$16.99

Exercise is vital to living a healthy life. However, if you’re not motivated to exercise, then you’re not going to exercise, right? Well, how are you supposed to acquire the healthy, non-cookie body that fits into a itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-polka-dot bikini, if you don’t exercise? The answer lies in listening to the energizing and motivational Exercise is More Hypnosis CD or MP3 download. You won’t want to choose the option to be a cookie-couch potato again with this get-up-and-exercise CD.


Weight Loss Hypnosis Self Hypnosis Weight Loss Hypnosis Program CD or mp3 Download

Weight Loss Self-Hypnosis CD or MP3 Download...$16.00

Having a love affair with food might be fun while you’re eating, but the side effects of over-eating can be devastating. Obesity, high-cholesterol, gout, high-blood pressure are just some of the body’s responses to get your attention that your food style is slowly killing you. Learn how to change your relationship to food, eat healthier, and create an effective weight loss management system in your life. Length: 51 minutes

Happiness Affirmations. Affirmations to promote health and wellness. Listen anytime to boost a positive state of mind.

Happiness Affirmations CD or MP3 Download...$6.99

God, and the Universe respond to both negative and positive thoughts. Whatever you focus on, you will attract, whether it is negative or positive. If you’re tired of the grey cloud following you everywhere and raining on your life, maybe it’s time for you to focus your mind on positive thoughts and positive experiences. Let the sun follow you instead. You’ll be happier. Length: 8 minutes

Past Life Regression Hypnosis CD or  mp3 Download with Workbook. Explore Your Past Lives With Hypnosis.

Past Life Regression CD or MP3 Download with Workbook...$18.99

Do you have a fear of cats but have never been harmed by a cat in your present life? Do you feel you deserve to be poverty-stricken in this life even when you have had many of life’s opportunities presented to you? Do you have an unexplained fear of trains?

Past Life Regression can help you to uncover the answers to chronic behavior challenges. When you know the answer you can resolve the challenge by breaking the bond to it. Resolve the past life issue and be free in your present life. Length: 49 minutes

Part 1: Booga-Bear Year of 2010

2010 was a booga-bear year for the world. Fraught with job losses, foreclosures, pets left behind, saving wall street bankers, convicting Ponzi schemers, politicians vocally disrespecting President Obama, F-words in the American congress, brawls in the Ukrainian and South Korean parliaments, hackers disabling Twitter and Facebook, natural disasters, Haitian earthquakes creating men who took out their feelings of frustration and helplessness by raping the Haitian women, which by the way is still going on. The world was fraught with overall bad behavior from the masses with the usual killings, assassination attempts on scientists, one attempt was unfortunately successful, suicide bombers, honor killings, and secret world governments’ information leaks by an information Robin Hood. Yes, 2010 was not a good year. Chaos ensued at every corner, and China saved a few financial butts from burning. 

And, here we are again, seven days into not only a new year, but also, a new decade. Many of us are still on top of the world excited about the changes coming ahead and planning for the future. Others are holding their breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop and dreading the future.

The first month of the New Year always comes after the stressful holiday month of December. January is the reflective month; the month to make resolutions and break them by the second week. The month to not make resolutions, and live day-by-day, hoping the New Year will be a better year than the previous year

Am I sounding negative? That’s because I tend to be a negative person, hiding in an externally happy appearance body.  Therefore, this post is primarily for me and all the negative people out there who make other people’s lives miserable by being negative.

Rejoice! It’s a new decade. Let’s throw off our negativity mantles. Breath in the life force energy. Let’s plan our lives with the vigor that was inherently bestowed within us by our Creator. And, if you don’t believe in the Creator, keep reading, because evolution was created by the Creator, as well.

Still reading? Then, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for surviving the booga-bear year of 2010. January is the month to reflect, relate, and relax, before we strategize, and pro-act our lives for the new decade.

HOORAY! We have been given another chance at the gift of life. Let’s get to work!

Ring-a-Ling-Ling! Ringing in the New Year!

January:   WellspringCreations

Handcrafted Double Loop Copper Toe Ring

Double Loop Toe Ring...$7.00

A single strand of copper wire swirls around the toe into an elegant double loop. Handcrafted in California by WellspingCreations. Size 4 is shown, however, the designer can make the ring in the size you want.


February:  PassionateJewelry

Rhodochrosite and Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Rhodochrosite and Mystic Quartz Ring...$34.00

A winding sterling silver coil encloses a pink Rhodochrosite gemstone which is secured with faceted Mystic Quartz rondelles.  Handcrafted in Maryland, the ring is adjustable. Size 4-8, or other size specifications.


March:  Bestselleryes

sterling 925 silver celtic design cross biker ring us sz 10

Celtic Cross Biker Ring...N/A

Within the tightly woven and detailed Celtic weave are Celtic crosses. Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver. A large and heavy ring weighing 14 grams and fits a size 10 biker finger.


April:   ToolisJewelry

OOAK Unisex Earth Ring - Handmade Sterling Silver Copper and Brass Mokume Gane

Mokume-Gane Ring...$350.00

Toolisjewelry from Israel creates an exclusive ring handcrafted with layers of brass, copper, and sterling silver. This one-of-kind ring fits a size 7.5 finger of either a man or a woman.


May:   Vamptrappings

Pink Rhinestone and Filigree Ring-size 8

Pink Rhinestone and Filigree Ring...$26.50

Welcome the new year with an intricate design of geometric shapes attached to a 14kt gold ring base. Despite  the ring’s  heavy appearance, this is a delicate ring. Vamptrappings of Michigan handcrafted the ring with a vintage berry-pink earring setting. Size 8 shown in the photo.


June:  RootsJewelry

Silver Petal

Silver Petal Ring...$40.00

In the form of a single petal, life springs forth from a drop of Labradorite gemstone. Each piece of the silver ring is handcrafted, therefore, variations will occur.  Available gemstones are green Labradorite, purple Amethyst


July:  Isidro

2 Turn Wave Energy Ring

The 2 Turn Wave Energy Ring...$48.00

Harmonize your life energy with Mother Earth with this sleek sterling silver ring inspired by Nikola Tesla. Made in the USA by Isidro, the gentle wave between two coils symbolizes the conversion of electrical energy from Mother Earth’s core of magnetized pulses. This is a calming ring for the stresses of life. Size 8 is shown. Available in whole and half sizes.


August:  MintyFreshStudio

Art Nouveau Floral Ring Band - Sterling Silver - Size 6 or 6.75 Ready to Ship or Your Size

Art Nouveau Floral Ring Band...SOLD!

Handcrafted by MintyFreshStudio of New York, a floral motif provides the detailed texture on this handforged sterling silver band. Size 6 is shown. All sizes are available.


September:  Sunsan


Citrine and Smoky Quartz Ring...$240.00

The sunrise and sunset duo created by Sunsan of Europe encircles a faceted honey-yellow Citrine  for sunrise and a faceted smoky quartz for sunset within a casing of sterling silver. US adjustable ring size is 6.5 – 8.0. EU adjustable ring size is 53 – 57.


October:  Edmdesigns

Steampunk Ring - Neo Victorian Inspired Vintage Ruby Jeweled Watch Movement on Adjustable Silver Filigree Ring - Victorian Style Ornate Renaissance Motif Silver Setting - EXQUISITE VICTORIAN LOOK....Offered by edmdesigns

Steampunk Ring...SOLD & RELISTED!

Honoring the parents of time with a ring of watch movement gears and ornate renaissance textures is a Neo-Victorian inspired steampunk ring with rubies and gold embellishments. Handcrafted by Edmdesigns of New York this industrial ring has an adjustable size 9-10 filigree ring base and can be adjusted to either a smaller or larger size.


November:  DDurda

Crystal Titan Twister and Sterling Silver Ring

Crystal Titan Twister Ring...$15.00

A continuous swirl of sterling silver wire wraps around the top sides of the ring and through a faceted 12 mm, blue Swarovski crystal rondelle. When the blue crystal is graced by light, hints of  pink and purple shine through.  Handcrafted by DDurda out of California, the ring comes in all sizes with slight swirl variations.


December:  Tinahdee

Rustic sterling and copper initial stacking rings

Initial Stacking Rings...$90.00

Get creative with four letter words made from copper-topped initial stacking rings. Tinahdee of Florida demonstrates the word “L-O-V-E.” Available metals for the rings include: oxidized sterling silver (shown), 14kt gold, white gold, platinum or palladium.


Happy New Year!!