Ring-a-Ling-Ling! Ringing in the New Year!

January:   WellspringCreations

Handcrafted Double Loop Copper Toe Ring

Double Loop Toe Ring...$7.00

A single strand of copper wire swirls around the toe into an elegant double loop. Handcrafted in California by WellspingCreations. Size 4 is shown, however, the designer can make the ring in the size you want.


February:  PassionateJewelry

Rhodochrosite and Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Rhodochrosite and Mystic Quartz Ring...$34.00

A winding sterling silver coil encloses a pink Rhodochrosite gemstone which is secured with faceted Mystic Quartz rondelles.  Handcrafted in Maryland, the ring is adjustable. Size 4-8, or other size specifications.


March:  Bestselleryes

sterling 925 silver celtic design cross biker ring us sz 10

Celtic Cross Biker Ring...N/A

Within the tightly woven and detailed Celtic weave are Celtic crosses. Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver. A large and heavy ring weighing 14 grams and fits a size 10 biker finger.


April:   ToolisJewelry

OOAK Unisex Earth Ring - Handmade Sterling Silver Copper and Brass Mokume Gane

Mokume-Gane Ring...$350.00

Toolisjewelry from Israel creates an exclusive ring handcrafted with layers of brass, copper, and sterling silver. This one-of-kind ring fits a size 7.5 finger of either a man or a woman.


May:   Vamptrappings

Pink Rhinestone and Filigree Ring-size 8

Pink Rhinestone and Filigree Ring...$26.50

Welcome the new year with an intricate design of geometric shapes attached to a 14kt gold ring base. Despite  the ring’s  heavy appearance, this is a delicate ring. Vamptrappings of Michigan handcrafted the ring with a vintage berry-pink earring setting. Size 8 shown in the photo.


June:  RootsJewelry

Silver Petal

Silver Petal Ring...$40.00

In the form of a single petal, life springs forth from a drop of Labradorite gemstone. Each piece of the silver ring is handcrafted, therefore, variations will occur.  Available gemstones are green Labradorite, purple Amethyst


July:  Isidro

2 Turn Wave Energy Ring

The 2 Turn Wave Energy Ring...$48.00

Harmonize your life energy with Mother Earth with this sleek sterling silver ring inspired by Nikola Tesla. Made in the USA by Isidro, the gentle wave between two coils symbolizes the conversion of electrical energy from Mother Earth’s core of magnetized pulses. This is a calming ring for the stresses of life. Size 8 is shown. Available in whole and half sizes.


August:  MintyFreshStudio

Art Nouveau Floral Ring Band - Sterling Silver - Size 6 or 6.75 Ready to Ship or Your Size

Art Nouveau Floral Ring Band...SOLD!

Handcrafted by MintyFreshStudio of New York, a floral motif provides the detailed texture on this handforged sterling silver band. Size 6 is shown. All sizes are available.


September:  Sunsan


Citrine and Smoky Quartz Ring...$240.00

The sunrise and sunset duo created by Sunsan of Europe encircles a faceted honey-yellow Citrine  for sunrise and a faceted smoky quartz for sunset within a casing of sterling silver. US adjustable ring size is 6.5 – 8.0. EU adjustable ring size is 53 – 57.


October:  Edmdesigns

Steampunk Ring - Neo Victorian Inspired Vintage Ruby Jeweled Watch Movement on Adjustable Silver Filigree Ring - Victorian Style Ornate Renaissance Motif Silver Setting - EXQUISITE VICTORIAN LOOK....Offered by edmdesigns

Steampunk Ring...SOLD & RELISTED!

Honoring the parents of time with a ring of watch movement gears and ornate renaissance textures is a Neo-Victorian inspired steampunk ring with rubies and gold embellishments. Handcrafted by Edmdesigns of New York this industrial ring has an adjustable size 9-10 filigree ring base and can be adjusted to either a smaller or larger size.


November:  DDurda

Crystal Titan Twister and Sterling Silver Ring

Crystal Titan Twister Ring...$15.00

A continuous swirl of sterling silver wire wraps around the top sides of the ring and through a faceted 12 mm, blue Swarovski crystal rondelle. When the blue crystal is graced by light, hints of  pink and purple shine through.  Handcrafted by DDurda out of California, the ring comes in all sizes with slight swirl variations.


December:  Tinahdee

Rustic sterling and copper initial stacking rings

Initial Stacking Rings...$90.00

Get creative with four letter words made from copper-topped initial stacking rings. Tinahdee of Florida demonstrates the word “L-O-V-E.” Available metals for the rings include: oxidized sterling silver (shown), 14kt gold, white gold, platinum or palladium.


Happy New Year!!


12 Responses

  1. You found some really neat rings. Happy New Year!

  2. Even though my birthday is in October, I would pick either the August or March ring. So pretty…I love simplicity and natural beauty and these fit the bill!

    • I love all the rings.

      However, if I had to choose three rings, then I would choose November/Fantasia/reminds me of the solar system, September/Contrasts and June/Simplicity, all facets of my personality. 🙂

  3. I like ToolisJewelry the best! And have a fabulous year ahead, once again! 🙂

  4. Beautiful collection of rings!
    Thanks so much for featuring my Earth Ring 🙂

  5. Wow, they are all so gorgeous! And I love rings as they look great on my long fingers :). I’m particularly glad thatI’m a May girl….the May ring soooooooooo fine!

    Happy new year!

  6. All the rings are so cool to wear it,i loved Pink Rhinestone ,good though,looking for more….

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