Part 1: Booga-Bear Year of 2010

2010 was a booga-bear year for the world. Fraught with job losses, foreclosures, pets left behind, saving wall street bankers, convicting Ponzi schemers, politicians vocally disrespecting President Obama, F-words in the American congress, brawls in the Ukrainian and South Korean parliaments, hackers disabling Twitter and Facebook, natural disasters, Haitian earthquakes creating men who took out their feelings of frustration and helplessness by raping the Haitian women, which by the way is still going on. The world was fraught with overall bad behavior from the masses with the usual killings, assassination attempts on scientists, one attempt was unfortunately successful, suicide bombers, honor killings, and secret world governments’ information leaks by an information Robin Hood. Yes, 2010 was not a good year. Chaos ensued at every corner, and China saved a few financial butts from burning. 

And, here we are again, seven days into not only a new year, but also, a new decade. Many of us are still on top of the world excited about the changes coming ahead and planning for the future. Others are holding their breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop and dreading the future.

The first month of the New Year always comes after the stressful holiday month of December. January is the reflective month; the month to make resolutions and break them by the second week. The month to not make resolutions, and live day-by-day, hoping the New Year will be a better year than the previous year

Am I sounding negative? That’s because I tend to be a negative person, hiding in an externally happy appearance body.  Therefore, this post is primarily for me and all the negative people out there who make other people’s lives miserable by being negative.

Rejoice! It’s a new decade. Let’s throw off our negativity mantles. Breath in the life force energy. Let’s plan our lives with the vigor that was inherently bestowed within us by our Creator. And, if you don’t believe in the Creator, keep reading, because evolution was created by the Creator, as well.

Still reading? Then, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for surviving the booga-bear year of 2010. January is the month to reflect, relate, and relax, before we strategize, and pro-act our lives for the new decade.

HOORAY! We have been given another chance at the gift of life. Let’s get to work!


2 Responses

  1. I like your call away from negativity. By the way, I see you read Mad Utopia. Do you write short stories? I used to….trying to get back into the groove. Ciao, Kemi

    • Thank you.

      I used to write short stories, but not anymore. I would love to write a FridayFlash story and one day this year I will. Blogging helps to keep my writing and my story ideas developing. T

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