February: Happy Budget Birthday

Welcome to a new monthly series: Happy Budget Birthday. Each month I will blog about birthday gifts for under $40. When we are in a recession, there isn’t any reason for family members to expect expensive gifts when they can receive wonderful and practical, fun and memorable gifts for under $40.

Spice Chef: Spicespicebaby

Savory Blend Sea Salts

Savory Blend Sea Salts...SOLD!

Give the gift of flavor. Complement salmon, pizza, sauces and soups with delicious sea salts created by Spicespicebaby. A robust flavorful collection of 100% natural sea salt will tantalize your birthday receipient’s tastebuds. Let them enjoy Toasted Onion Sea Salt during the winter, savor Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt in the spring, delight in Roasted Garlic Sea Salt in the summer, and love Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt in the autumn. A delicious gift that will be sure to please.


Designer: Bittersweetdesign

Lavender Wands Set of 3 Fragrant Homegrown and Handmade

Lavender Wands...Set of 3...SOLD!

Has your birthday receipient got a case of the winter blues? Send ornery winter on its’ way with a set of three early spring wands to scent their air. Made from lavender that grew in her moon garden, Bittersweetdesign created this lovely set of scented wands. Kept intact for a longer fragrance, these lavender buds and stems are intertwined with decorative ribbon. Wave the wand to scent the air or use as a sachet in a closet or drawer. The fresh scent of spring will certainly sideline those winter blues.

Designer: StitchyImpressions

Heirloom Pincushion Number Ten


A delightful two-tone pincushion with blue daisies, sage-green leaves and a matching top centered button is sure to liven up your sewing room. The underside is brilliant blue. Measures: 4 inches in diameter and 1 1/2 inches thick.

 Designer: DaS SanaDeZines

eco chic coasters - zen himalayan skies

Eco Chic Coasters...Zen Himalayan Skies...$18.00

DaS SanaDeZines creates beauty from recycled materials. Hand-painted Asian script scrolls down a dusky blue Himalayan sky. These elegant coasters have non-skid corkboard bottoms and a water-resistant protective coating. Bring on the drinks and watch the zen-calm flood the room.

Artist: Dkpottery

Dome Covered Butter or Cheese Dish/Stoneware Pottery

Dome Covered Butter/Cheese Dish...$34.00

From her studio in North Carolina, Dkpottery created this cheerful cherry dome covered butter dish. Embellished with autumn leaves and a sturdy stemmed handle, this wheel thrown stoneware pottery will protect the butter or the cheese from liquid drips…or, the occasional insect which wanders into the refridgerator on a hot summer day.

Artist: LaChiffonnière

Creepycrawly coloring bag in recycled jeans - for pencils

Creepycrawly coloring bag in recycled jeans...$24.00

How does an organized adult learn to be neat and organized? By learning organizational skills as a child.  LaChiffonnière uses recycled jeans in her design of this creative coloring bag. Attached to the front of the bag is a colorful floral and insect patterned pencil pocket. The interior large pocket can be used for books as shown in the photo. Introduce a child to organization in a delightful, fun-filled way!


25 Responses

  1. What a wonderful series! I love your idea!
    Beautiful picks! It’s inspiring.
    Thanks for including my coloring bag, I really appreciate!

  2. Lovely post! Thanks so much for including my pincushion! I hope to be making more of these soon!

  3. This is a great idea! But of course I’d think so. My birthday is next Thursday. Cute and useful finds.

  4. Thanks for including my lavender wands. I absolutely love your other picks! Liz

  5. Hi, I happened onto your blog by chance, and thought you might like to know that I’ve bookmarked you so I can check it out when I have more time. Great idea for a blog! Happy Budget Birthday!!

  6. This is really a fantastic idea of sharing affordable gifts under $40. It really helps a lot for those looking ideal gifts for their loved ones or friends. The gifts are awesome!

  7. Thanks for checking out my blog earlier and digging it. I just checked out yours, as well, and enjoyed the great gift ideas! Affordable, but unique and different. I very much enjoy crafting with a little edge, so it was a treat to see how you incorporate your finds and ideas into your blog. I enjoyed it, thanks!

  8. Very nice site! [url=http://opxyiea.com/yoyxkyo/2.html]is it yours too[/url]

  9. Very nice. I’m lusting after the recycled bag and the cheese dish! K

  10. Thank you for including my cheese dish! Some really great gift ideas here!

  11. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was interesting. Cheers!

  12. Oh, my, the Rock Salt! How do you do this every single day? This Blog is a treasure trove. Absolutely wonderful.

  13. I found your blog on google. I think it’s pretty cool.

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