OMG! We Can Save the Earth! #2

Designer: Christinesbeadworks

Riveted Bottle Cap Bracelet -- Budweiser Red


Bottle Cap Bracelet

Bottle caps aren’t just for landfills or an unhealthy meal for a pelican. Featuring Budweiser bottle caps, Christinesbeadworks handforged this striking, hammer-textured three-layered metal bracelet from copper and aluminum. A stylish twist of chainmail accentuates the center of the bracelet. Closing the eco-statement bracelet is a spiraled hook and a repurposed washer. 

Designer: CDChilds

Recycled Wine Bottle Serving Tray/Cheese Board With Wine Cork Spreader (Lg Scroll Pattern)

Wine Bottle Serving Tray with Wine Cork Spreader

Decades from now a wine bottle in a landfill will still be a wine bottle, since glass doesn’t breakdown to its’ original components. From wine bottles and wine corks, CDChilds creates serving trays and cheese spreaders. Her newest collection of wine bottle trays features an elegant hand painted damask scroll which she fuses into the glass. Attached to the tray with raffia is a wine cork cheese spreader. Non-toxic paint.  

Designer: ArtsyUpcycle

Vintage Mark Twain Book Purse -Beautiful Elegant - Forest Green, Maroon, Gold with Tim Holtz Metal Corners


Mark Twain Book Purse

With the advent of Amazon’s “Kindle,” bound books may become obsolete.  While this new technology will save many trees, books may eventually end up in landfills in a far distant future. Remember one of the most prolific authors in American literature by giving a book purse made from one of Mark Twain’s books. Titled “Life on the Mississippi River,” this beautiful book purse has a spacious interior pocket and matching wooden handles. Metal corners designed by Tim Holtz not only protect the purse from wear but also add to the trendy vintage appeal.

Designer: BrandyFisher

Olive and Avocado Upcycled Plastic Earrings


Plastic Earrings

From 1960 – 2009, plastic waste increased from one percent of the environmental waste to 12 percent.  BrandyFisher upcycled a smooth plastic lid and a ribbed plastic container into a fashionable pair of eco-green earrings.  Intended for children over 12 years old. Length: 3.5 inches. 

Designer: Pneubags

Handmade Recycled Rubber Wallet (Ruff Rider collection 004)


Rubber Wallet

As of 2003, tires were banned from landfills in 11 states. Tires in landfills float to the surface which creates “unsettlement” challenges. PneuBags hand stitched this sleek wallet from the interior rubber tubes of vehicles. Stay organized with three interior pockets. A wooden bead adds the contrasting embellishment. This sleek wallet can be used by either gender.

Designer: JohnBirdsong

Large skull made of recycled wood and plastic

 Wood Skull

While wood will breakdown in the landfills, the residue from the staining and painting products to maintain the wood fences seeps into earth and eventually the water streams. JohnBirdsong creates object art from pieces of wood fences. This art-imitates-life skull is large and has plastic teeth.

Resource: The Environmental Protection Agency


8 Responses

  1. Great eco finds! Thanks for including my recycled plastic earrings!

  2. This is really a great post- I love how you spotlighted the artists and still shared valuable information about the impact each product has on the environment.

  3. Thanks so much for including my bud bracelet. You have some great finds here and (I love Mark Twain and these old bindings, my mom used to have a set of the classics with these rich covers).

  4. Such great ideas and imagination. If only all of us could do just one of these a day….

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