March: Happy Budget Birthday

 Gifting requires noticing the layered textures of a person’s life.

…Textures can include…

  • favorite colors?
  • types of books?
  • humor style?
  • fashion style?
  • adventurer?
  • artist?
  • history buff?
  • problem solver?
  • *****************************


Designer: WoodenThingsAndMe

Spinning the Carousel of Colour


Carousel Spinner

Take your mind out for a spin. Focusing on the rotations of this colorful spinner will relax your mind. Your worries will spin away into thin air. Watch the spinner on its’ own personal platform made from a birch tree and colored with layered wood dyes. Both spinner and platform are varnished for durability and long lasting spinning.

Designer: Zedszombieranch

Zombies Chasing Victims Refrigerator Magnets (Any Two) - FREE SHIPPING


Zombies Chasing Victims Refrigerator Magnets

Smile, maybe even laugh, when you see zombies chasing victims across your refrigerator. Made of metal and aged to a deep red rusted appearance with the use of a clear coating. You have a choice of two, four-inch zombies from the four presented in the photo. They are shown in the photo above in order of appearance below:

  1. Male Zombie
  2. Female Zombie
  3. Mullet Man Victim Running
  4. Victim Running

Your mornings will never be the same again!

Designer: zJayne

Skeleton PATCHes FIVE Pieces and Parts PATCH


Skeleton Patches

Pirates and anthropologists have one common bond. They both love skeletons. The designer, zJayne, recycled grey t-shirts and bits of pants; handstamped the skull and leg bones, and set in heat. You will receive a set of five ready-to-sew, “black on gray on black” skeleton patches. Apply the patches to knee holes on a pair of jeans, face front or back of a jean jacket, a canvas tote, or as part of a quilt. The applications are as unlimited as your imagination. Gotta love them bones, them bones!

Designer: Farkashtoys

Chopper Puzzle


The Chopper Puzzle

Turn off the television. Keep their mind sharp and active with the chopper puzzle. The designer handcrafted this detailed puzzle from cypress wood with a scroll saw. Sanded to a smooth finish and polished with eco-friendly flax oil, this charming puzzle measures 9 1/2″ wide, 4 1/4″ tall and 3/4″ thick.

Designer: BigSkyArtworks

Perky Pig Mug - Handmade Ceramic PINK POWER


Perky Pig Mug

One of the most adorable mugs you will ever have in your kitchen. Another smile, maybe a laugh…in a good way gift as the pig and his “pig-anality” starts your giftee’s morning off on a joyous note of happiness. This adorable “perky pig mug” has a one-of-a-kind sculpted face, floppy ears, and a deep rosy color. Let their oink shine through!

Designer: BelleandBoo

London Umbrella Sticky Tape

£8.20 GBP...SOLD!

London Umbrella Sticky Tape

The many uses for colorful tape designed with a wonderful splash of rain, rabbits, girls and umbrellas.

  • Sticking your baby’s photo to your cubicle wall
  • Sealing an envelope
  • Sealing a gift box, shipping box, or packing box
  • Taping a broken china plate that you’ll never use again
  • Scrapbooking
  • Cardcrafting
  • Marking a boundary line of the room you share with your messy sister
  • Marking the X to stand
  • Using as a home decor border tape in the mud room or child’s room
  • Labeling kindergarten boxes for the girls…Paris Umbrella Tape for the boys…SOLD!

You’ll never go back to clear tape again!



7 Responses

  1. Wonderful! We are still Smiling/Laughing with Delight. You have a great imagination… a very cool take on etsy Treasury making. Connie wants that tape, and the piggy, and those Patches, and the crazy fridge zombies… I’m all for the wood stuff! ~ those wheels and spinner set!!! Thank You for the Happy!!! 🙂 and ;^D

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!!! Your welcome. I am glad your like the post. 🙂

  3. Great sharing of amazing and fun finds. Those zombies are too amazing! Skelly patches are versatile and I appreciate you sharing with your readers.

    Great blogging, thank you!

  4. love the piggy mug!

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