Featured Etsy Seller of the Month: FindingCharm

Welcome again to the Featured Etsy Seller of the Month series. This month our featured seller is jewelry designer,  FindingCharm. We asked FindingCharm which piece of jewelry that she made was her favorite. Her answer brought furball tears to our throats and almost made us cry. Here is the amazing piece of jewelry and the beautiful story behind it.

In her own words, FindingCharm’s favorite piece of jewelry:

Antique Gold Chain Necklace with Groovy Pendant

Antique Gold Chain Necklace with Groovy Pendant

“It was one of the first pieces I made. I had no idea what I was going to do with the pendant when I got it, but I just liked it for some reason. I started putting things together. Not my typical beaded style and was going to be more on the higher end of my price ranges. It was a great sense of accomplishment. To me it was my first “trendy” piece. It was also featured on Timothy Adams’ top 10 list, which was a weekly ordeal; literally, following directions and just hoping out of the hundreds of people who submitted their craft, mine would stand out. And, it finally did! I actually cried. I was new at it all and getting noticed was just a high. I was in the top three to be exact.

When it sold, I loved the story that went with it. A woman bought it for herself as a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband who was serving in the military overseas. He saw through Facebook how much she liked it and told her to get it. A couple of weeks later, he came home on leave and she said she wore it to the airport to get him.”



Red and Black Lanyard

Red and Black Badge Lanyard


Go Team! Rock the school spirit with this colorful lanyard attached to your teachers’ school badge.  Faceted red quartz and round white beads create this sparkling design. Beveled black beads top the hook of the lanyard while tiny silver and black beads complement the overall design.  Measures: 17 inches.


 Green Pearl Eyeglass Chain

Constantly searching for your glasses just when you need to leave for work or travel the world? Then attach them to this lovely eyeglass chain and your glasses will never disappear again.  Lustrous sage green crystal pearls embellished with bugle spacers and textured silver beads creates this chain of beauty. Measures: 31 inches.

Green Pearl Eyeglass Chain



Pink and Silver Chandelier Earrings

With “fate” as her co-designer, FindingCharm created this gothically romantic pair of earrings. Marbled pink plastic beads coupled with faceted pink crystals dangle from ornate silver filigree links. Measures: 1 3/4 inches of lightweight length.

Pink and Silver Chandelier Earrings



Aqua Crystal Bracelet

Hark! I hear the trumpets of the prom sounding in the distance. Starbursts and crystal squares linked to multi-sized crystals create this fabulous aqua crystal bracelet.

Aqua Crystal Bracelet



Floral Pastel Lampwork Charm Bracelet

Capture the elegance of spring with a floral collage of pastel lampwork beads. Aqua blue and blossom pink trumpet beads shimmer between the lampwork beads for a delightful gardener’s bracelet.

Floral Pastel Lampwork Charm Bracelet and Earrings
A chorus of colorful summer crystals and silver plated metals sparkle at your ankle while large aqua crystals alternately solo. A single aqua crystal at the closure operates as the charming conductor.
Bright Colorful Swarovski Crystal Anklet

16 Responses

  1. Antique Gold Chain Necklace with Groovy Pendant is my favourite too! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me. I can’t wait to share your blog with my followers!

  3. What a beautiful story behind that beautiful necklace. So glad you shared your “Etsy Seller of the Month.” Jewelery is so emotional, isn’t it? But that’s really why we wear it. Because it makes us feel a certain way. And now I feel happy, after reading your post!

  4. Oh my! I am in love with FindingCharm’s necklace! Beautiful, I need to spend some time on Etsy!

  5. A great feature for a nice lady! She has great jewelry!

  6. What lovely followers you have. Thank you for the comments.

  7. Found your blog through Finding Charm. Love what your doing.
    My latest creations are on facebook.com/1uniquelydesignedjewelry.
    I started making jewelry Nov. 2009 & just love it. Would appreciate your comment on it.

  8. Wow what a story! Shivers! Such beautiful creations.

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