April: Happy Budget Birthday

Welcome to another post of the Happy Budget Birthday series which includes practical and functional gifts for under $40.00.

Designer: Catfishcorner                  

Jumping Cat Wall Tile…$22.00

Jumping Cat Ceramic wall tile

Catfishcorner creates this whimsical feline ceramic tile from a slab of stoneware clay. She then carves in the aquatic life, bisque fires, and finishes with a glaze. With an embedded hook on the back side, it’s ready to decorate any wall. 

Designer: SteerCrazee              

Insulated Steering Wheel Cover…$19.99

Insulated Steering Wheel Cover

Shielded while parked in the hot, hot sun.  Protect your hands from the searing hot steering wheel in the summer with an insulated steering wheel cover. Made from Insul Bright, a heat reflective material that oven mitts are made from, this cover shields the entire front and partial back of the steering wheel. The color shown in the above photo is a paisley and floral pattern against a black background. Match the color of your car or your personality with other available colors or themes.

Designer: TheGreenGroovy                 

Table Runner…$24.00

Handpainted Jute/Burlap Table Runner Dining Decor Ecofriendly Art Veggies What's For Lunch

It’s veggie time with the kids.  Handpainted vegetables on a burlap tablerunner will keep the kids entertained with identifying the vegetables while you prepare lunch.  The contrasting and rustic themed edges are sewn with Indian cotton fabric. The tablerunner measures 48.5 in. x 12.5 in.

Designer: SamanthasPorcelain               

Porcelain Coffee Jar with Spoon…$20.00

Porcelain instant coffee jar with spoon

Start your  breakfast in the morning with two scoops of coffee from a porcelain coffee jar.  Colorful dragonflies fly amongst cattails blowing in the breeze. Not a coffee lover? Then you can store rice, lentils, or honey. Dishwasher safe and measures 5.5″ high.

  • Until April 28th, 2011, use a 20% off coupon with code 46920 toward any purchase at SamanthasPorcelain

Designer: CarryMeCreations                

Walker Tote Bag…$28.00

Walker tote bag with side straps

Style your walker with a tote. With generous external side pockets,  a spacious interior, and side straps to prevent the walker from swaying, this pink and green tote will carry the stuff of life while you’re out and about. The tote can also be secured to a stroller.

Designer: StephanieMonster                   

Tea Wallet…$15.00

Tea Wallet - Leaves - Organic cotton

No time to make a cup of tea in the morning? Carry the tea with you in a tea wallet. Made from organic cotton with four interior pockets.

  • Design: Modern Leaves
  • Interior scallop embroidery
  • Button closure
  • Open measurements:  4.25″ x 6.25″

6 Responses

  1. What useful gift ideas!

  2. oh my goodness! that tea wallet is too cute.

  3. Jumping cat wall tile is SWEEEEEEEEET!

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