Art Galleria Collection #11

Sample of the custom, original, and still life paintings…by… All Art For You

Custom Original Still life paintings


Pears by the Stained Glass Window…by…Fine Art Studios

Pears by the Stained Glass Window


Vendor in Leh…by…Global Artist

Watercolor Limited Edition Print  "Vendor in Leh"


Tiny and Friends…by…Bayou Girl Paintings

Tiny and Friends, daily painting


Pears on a Window Ledge…by…Poor Dog Farm

Pears on a Window Ledge


Heirloom Tomato with Knife…by…Cary Cochrane

Heirloom Tomato with Knife original oil painting


Cupcake…by…Roz Art

Cupcake 102 24x30 inch original oil painting by Roz



4 Responses

  1. Love ‘Tiny and Friends’! đŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, Chloe. I see you like paintings of food. Me, too. Among other things. The tomato was my first oil painting in my ‘daily painting’ series. My other food paintings are on my blog,

  3. Cupcakes! That’s a lovely work of art

  4. Beutiful art.especially the ‘vendor in Leh’, and her wistful look..Nicepost.

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