The Ornaments

You and your girl head in the direction of the food. However, both of you are stopped by the sight of a two-story Christmas tree with six different ornaments at seven each per ornament.

Shop: WhimsicalWinston

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Pine cone...SOLD!

Just before you can stop her, your girl plucks the pine cone ornament from the tree and smiles that dazzling smile that caught your eye when you first saw her.

“This is so beautiful,” she whispers to you. “Look at the gold tips and the raised decorative print. It’s like velvet. We could buy a whole bunch of these and decorate the church pews – ”

“For what?”

“For our wedding,” she smiles and gazes into your soul.


Shop: Mirilovelove

Personalized Holiday french Script and Gold Star Ornament

Personalized Holiday French Script & Gold Star Ornament...SOLD!

Then she plucks another ornament from the tree. “This is soooo adorable. Look, they have their names at the bottom of this one in the same French script handwriting.” She pauses.

You know she is waiting for you to say something, anything, but, your mind stopped working after she said the word “wedding.”

“We can write the names of our children on our’s, as well,” she said.


Shop: Just4Christmas

Hand painted Glass Ball with Cardinal Snow Scene

Hand painted Glass Ball with Cardinal Snow Scene...N/A

“Awww, delicate, and a beautiful winter scene with Cardinals. Awww!  There’s snow on the ground, and this one has  been hand painted, you think? See the detail of the trees. I wonder if the artist had to wait for one side to dry before painting the other side, you think, maybe?” 


Shop: ClaymatesPottery

Brown / tan textured bell / Christmas ornament

Christmas Bell...N/A

 “Oh, this one’s pretty, too. I love the rustic pottery texture of the delicate design.” She shakes the bell back and forth. “Paxton, Roscoe, dinner.”

“It’s not a dinner bell. It’s an ornament. Who’s Paxton and Roscoe?”

“Our sons, we’re going to have.”


Shop: NoelBelles

Rustic Birdhouse Ornament 210

Rustic Bird House...SOLD!

“Awww, isn’t that sweet. This is you, the papa bird, guarding the nest. Me and the boys are inside the rustic metal bird house. Look, you’ve provided berries for us to eat.”


Shop: Redfermata

Peace on Earth / hand painted globe

Hand painted Peace on Earth Globe...SOLD!

“One day, when our sons are big and strong men, they will go forth upon the earth and create peace throughout the world. They’ll carry this beautiful and hand painted globe ornament with them to remind them of you and –

You think, “God, where is the food!?” You look past your girl, who is still rambling about an alternative future, to see your friend from work who is about to make the biggest mistake of his career.


OMG! We Can Save the Earth!

One day last year I was thrilled by my own ingenuity of the recycling of a Nutter Butter plastic package. I cut a piece of green striped scrapbook paper, wrapped and taped it around the plastic container and used it as a pencil jar. Then, I used the yellow plastic lid as a holder for my soap bottle.

I was all smiles with my intelligence for about two days until my four-year-old niece came home with a piggy bank with legs and snout made out of empty thread spools,  a curlyque tail, and a body made out of a plastic water bottle which she had made at daycare. I was humbled. I oohed and awed. The piggy bank was actually quite good. Consequently, I never made another attempt at a recycled art or even thought about it, until…

I came across the most amazing recycled art which I saw on Etsy that made me yell, “Oh My God!”  I did a little jig in my chair and continued to yell, “Oh My God!” There’s hope for humankind, the economy and the earth!

My mind started racing with all the delicious recycling ideas which popped into my head. I thought about them all night. I could hardly sleep. Ideas, which should have popped into my head with the piggy bank, had I not allowed my earlier endeavor to be squashed by a four-year-old. Yea, my bad! I know…I have my faults. I’ll talk to my shrink about it. LoL!

Anyway, I digress. Get a load of these amazing, OMG! recycled artworks. Each one of these creations made me laugh…in a great way, smile, and feel just grand about human intelligence.

Pop Tab Purse  SOLD!  A chic, and edgy purse made from recycled soda pop tabs accentuated with black nylon yarn. Carry it with you to your upcoming holiday party. Come to think of it, carry this purse with you everywhere you go because this is a gotta-have-purse-of-the-century!

Pop Tab Purse - Medium zipper purse

Designer: Sjroemer



Floppy Disk Mini Notebook  SOLD!  Grab a few of these adorable floppy disk mini notebooks for your geeky friends this Christmas. They will be amazed and yell, “OMG!” This one comes in watermelon red. The notebook also comes in an array of colors like orange, forest green, brilliant blue, pale yellow, silver, and black.

Watermelon Red Recycled Geek Gear Blank Floppy Disk Mini Notebook

Designer: Fishstikks  There are 13 more left. Go get your’s! Just click the Fishstikks.



Apple Power Mac G3  Wall Clock  SOLD!  Love clocks? Well, you will definitely love this impressive clock recycled from the control panel of an Apple Power Macintosh computer. Hang it in your home office to help you keep your imaginative ideas flowing, as well as, keep the time.

Apple Power Mac G3 Front Panel, now a Wall Clock. This is a very Unique and Awesome Clock.

Designer: TECOART



Star Urchin Christmas Ornament  What do you have when a Polish folk art tradition mixes with contemporary style? An eighty hand-crafted pointed, gorgeous, star urchin ornament to grace your Christmas tree this year. 

 Christmas Decoration Satin Gold Star Urchin Folk Art Ornament Paper Decorative Polish Porcupine Ball - 4 inch

Designer: Kissadesign



Funky Love Word Block   Cool! Who’d a thought that license plates could be made into stunning art. I sure didn’t, but this married couple put on their imaginative thinking caps and designed word art blocks. While each piece will look slightly different from the one pictured-hey, that’s the joy of recycled materials, the couple does do custom pieces. So, put on your thinking cap and decide which word you want.

Funky Love Word Block - Custom Words Available - Personalized Wedding - Recycled License Plate Sign Art - Salvaged Wood - Upcycled Artwork

Designer: Recycledartco



TUFFY – The Robot Terrier SOLD!  The roller skates sold me on this adorable pint size robot. I thought to myself, “It moves!”  I can actually see myself taking Tuffy for a stroll through the neighborhood. If you are allergic to dogs, this is the pet for you. Tuffy’s creator made him from roller skates, a cocktail shaker, and a coffee pot. I also see spoons for ears, miniature binoculars for eyes, and the springy thingy from the inside of a large pen for a tail.  Take him home with you!

TUFFY - A Tough Little Terrier Robot - Reclaim2Fame

Designer: Reclaim2fame