Starlight Magic

Shop: FindingCharm

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Necklace...$35.00

An enchanting and sparkling necklace to wear for the festive season.  FindingCharm creates an intriguing and contrasting double-stranded necklace using  a stunning mix of swarovski crystals, silver metals, faceted glass, and geometric twists. You’ll be at the top of everyone’s list of compliments.


Shop: Ananya

Custom Bolero XS-L


Made from Japanese cotton this bolero is sure to please not only the wearer but also the onlookers. Charming pleated ruffles grace an open front and bottom hemline of this pretty bolero. Short cup sleeves accentuate the overall design.  Ananya from Bangkok designed this charming bolero. Wear with the skirt below or a pair of jeans; you’ll never tire of its versatility.


Shop: DirdyBirdy

Matte Onyx Trapezoid Earings

Trapezoid Earrings...SOLD!

DirdyBirdy of Wisconsin creates a pair of geometric inspired earrings. Tiny silver beads embellish the matte onyx trapezoid stones. Bring an extra bit of magic with you to the festivities when you wear these beautiful earrings.

Shop: TrimKo


Sequins Tube Top...SOLD!

With hundreds of sequins shining on this glimmering tube top, you will be the shining star of the evening. Be on the lookout, though, someone may want to make a wish come true. Starlight, star bright…


Shop: MoonHalo

High-Waisted Mini Skirt  --Size Small/Medium Ready to Ship other sizes Made to Order--

High-Waisted Mini Skirt...SOLD!

What is super sexy and comfortable all-in-one? Why it’s the high-waisted and stretchy mini skirt made from two layers of blended cotton jersey, lycra, rayon and cotton.  Created by MoonHalo of Dubai. Available sizes are small and medium.


Shop: Medusasmilk

Plain Black Pumps

Plain Black Pumps...N/A

The description may say “Plain Black Pumps,” but these pumps are anything but plain. Two moods in one create this stunning pair of shoes. On the one side is a straight classic edge, while the other side is an ultra-feminine open scalloped mood near the arch of the foot. A stylishly chic pair of plain pumps, I’d say.


A Bit of Festive Magic

Hot-to-Trot Evening Sequins

Shop: Crystalluna

Unique sterling silver jewelry- ring

Sterling Silver Ring...$40.00

A dazzling ensemble of ebony diamond Swarovski crystals, hematite, and ceramic crystallized with luxuriant jet stone, reigns superbly upon your hand. The designer uses an unparalelled technique of “Crystal Painting” to handcraft the 925 sterling silver casting. This exquisite ring, will be the only ring you wear for the evening.


Shop: MurielleKnitwear

80ies Vintage Black Sequin Jacket Nolan Miller Dynasty mint condition

Vintage Sequined Jacket...RESERVED/SOLD!

Just before you leave for your divine holiday party, remember to put on your sunshades before you look in the mirror for your one last, “I’m-all-that-and-more-look” because without the shades you will be mesmerized by this fabulous glistening sequined jacket and never make it out the door.  


Shop: FanneyChanel

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top...N/A

Yes, we know this to-die-for hot pink tube top can’t be seen underneath the above body hugging mesmerizing jacket, but that’s the whole point.  You’ll be wearing sunshades, your prey won’t be. So, when you remove the jacket, this, honey-would-you-like-to-dance, siren sexy tube will throw in the knock-out punch to get him to say yes, and follow you onto the dance floor. Grrrowl!


Shop: Brokenghostcouture

Black Silver Lace Tiered Skirt Mini Short Evening S 'DOUBLE DOG DARE'

Black Silver Lace Tiered Mini Skirt...SOLD!

Overlapping tiers of divine ruffles made of sheer fabric with a detailed floral hemlines sewn over a silver fabric accentuated with a laced waist creates the heavenly shimmering effect even while you are standing still. Just imagine what will happen when you are walking to the party line outside of a fancy tavern. The adorable bouncer will say, “Excuse me folks, I’m letting the angel come to the front of the line.” Be sure to grace his cheek with a soft thank you kiss and glide on through the door.


Shop: DiamondIce

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels...$30.00

Accentuate your legs with these traffic-stopping, amazing black velvet heels. With ruffles on the heel, your legs will be non-stop long all night long. Who can say no to you when you wear these beauties?


Shop: IndependentReign

Cute Lightweight Bag - Black

Black Lightweight Purse...SOLD!

When you’re the walking beauty all night long, you’ll need your accessories close at hand. Bring this lightweight purse with you. Lined in a hot pink and purple cotton and a patterned designed fabric, with a long cord made of suede, this is the purse to take to drop in all of their phone numbers.


Slips of paper get lost. Carry this delightful floppy disk mini notebook by Fishstikks to jot down those numbers.


An Organically Green Philanthropist: GeboMana

One day I was pondering a blog post idea on the graphic design art on t-shirts when on that exact same day I clicked on the website GeboMana and saw their graphic design art on their t-shirts. I was a bit miffed and my conscious thought was, “Oh my God, competition!” 

Then, I felt a twinge of guilt when I read through their website. The hand-printed and graphic designed art t-shirts on the GeboMana website provide the monetary structure for the education of children in developing nations. Not only is GeboMana an organically green company, but they are philanthropists, as well. Well, of course, the twinge of guilt deepened into a chasm of guilt, and I hung my little sixthirtythree head in shame.  There is never competition in philanthropy.

So, I have re-awakened and remembered that I do live in the richest country in the world. And while my country’s recession has hit each and every one of us in varying degrees, the hardest hit in our recession are the children. 

The global economy has taken a beating as well, and the hardest hit are the children. With each political conquest of warring factions, the hardest hit are the children. With each devastating earthquake, flood, tornado, tsunami, fire, and any other environmental upheaval thrust upon developing nations, the hardest hit are always the children.

Children of every nation always depend on us, the adults, to love and to protect, to educate and to guide them through this world. Therefore, with Christmas around the corner, and the last few months of birthdays, celebrations, congratulations, and any event in our lives left of this year 2010, reach out and help the philanthropist, GeboMana; give a graphically designed t-shirt and help educate the children of developing nations.  

Each Indian organically grown cotton t-shirt you give will provide the education for a child for one month. When you give five t-shirts which are hand-crafted in Bali you will provide a lifetime of education for a child.  

It will be the best action-gift you ever give.

Bali Queen

SJ1QUE-FB-IMG_2235-500.jpg Bali Queen picture by GeboMana


Walking in Brooklyn

SJ1WIB-MW-IMG_2175-500.jpg Walking in Brooklyn picture by GeboMana


Baubles and Balls

SJ1BB-FB-IMG_2303-500.jpg Baubles & Balls picture by GeboMana


Geometric Mask

CK1GM-FB-CK1GM-MB-IMG_2192-500.jpg Geometric Mask picture by GeboMana


The Fans

SJ1FANR-MR-IMG_2086-500.jpg The Fans picture by GeboMana


Times Square

CK1TS-FW-IMG_2353-500.jpg Times Square picture by GeboMana


Tribal Liberty

SJ1TL-FB-Bk-IMG_2377-500.jpg Tribal Liberty picture by GeboMana

The Rosette

To jump start my brain into resolution-thinking mode instead of the panic-no-job mode, I went to the library and read some books on consumer behavior, beads, fundraising, and my favorite blog topic of the moment, scarves. I am scarf energized.

While I learned how to tie the basic half and whole knots, I happened upon the rosette design, a pretty coiled flower design.  Other than matching clothing colors whether the colors are in style or not, I am not a trendy dresser.

In other words, I thought the rosette design had just re-emerged into fashion conciousness when I saw the design bedecking a pair of divine leather thongs and a skinny belt in an array of colors in the April 2010 issue of a Talbots catalog. I had even forgotten I had seen the  design in one of my sister’s Victoria Trading catalogs. I never paid much attention to the design except to note that in the catalog it was red and a flower. However, according to Wikipedia, the rosette design has been in human design consciousness since ancient Mesopotamian artisans patterned the circular leaf design from nature’s flowers and used the design to adorn funeral steles and stone sculptures. 

I have provided an introduction for tying a scarf into a half knot and a basic rosette that can be found in the book titled “Scarf Magic” by Donna Shryer.


Oblong or rectangle scarf

In order to learn how to tie a scarf into a rosette, you will need to know how to tie a basic half knot.

How to Tie a Half Knot

1.  Fold an oblong scarf around the back of  neck so that the two sides evenly hang in the front.

2.  Cross the  ends to form an X.

3.  Pull the upper side behind the lower side and then pull the upper side up through the neckband.

4.  Flip the upper side over the lower side.

How to Tie a Basic Rosette

1.  Tie a basic half knot.

2.  Bring the end of the scarf together and twist into a coil.

3.  Tightly twist until a circle is formed.

4.  Tuck the ends behind and then through the center of the coil.

Now you’re done!