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The Mason - Army Green Dog Sweater Coat with Leather Buttons XXS

Army Green Dog Sweater Coat...SOLD!

As soon as you and your girl step through the door, three little white Chihuahuas run up to you with miniature snarls and barks around your feet. All three are adorably dressed in hand-knitted, army green sweaters with leather buttons and wide collars.  Your girl picks up one and makes goo goo and gah gah noises at the tiny dog which seems to calm him down. The other two are quite happy to continue barking and nipping at your shoelaces. You pick up a second one and notice the sweater provides full coverage to the back and front of the little dog. The wide collar makes the little dog look genteel.

The hostess returns with a plate of cookies. Cool! Food, you think. Your girl asks the hostess if the sweaters were made from wool. The hostess confirms that the sweaters were an acrylic wool blend, quite warm, and snug. You reach for the plate of cookies and start to eat one.

The hostess laughs, “No, these are for the dogs.”

Your girl laughs, the hostess laughs again, and you can feel your face getting warm. You make yourself smile, because after all, she is the wife of your boss.


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Karma Cookies Pumpkin Natural Dog Treats

Karma Cookies...Pumpkin...Natural Dog Treats...$6.50

“Here, why don’t you give the dogs their treats,” she hands you the plate of cookies which are shaped like bones. “Crumble them up,” the hostess says, “you could probably eat them since they are made with spices, pumpkin, rice bran, oatmeal and eggs, no sugar or preservatives. I don’t see why you couldn’t eat them. Here, let me try one.” She breaks a little piece off and pops the piece into her mouth and chews. “Well, it’s not sweet, and it’s dry,” she pauses, “and it has a nice autumn spice flavor. They’re called Karma Cookies™. Isn’t that sweet?”

She continues, “The dogs love ’em. The cookies help their immune systems, which is great, because this little guy,” she pulls the dog from your girl, “has been sick for a while. We rescued all three of them from a puppy mill, a year ago, and, it has been a rough year for this little guy.” She kisses the dog on the nose. He nose-kisses back with one eye cocked on the cookie plate. “As soon as we started giving them these cookies, we noticed their coats improved much faster than the other two we rescued two years ago from another puppy mill.

You ask, “The other two?”

“Yea, they are the big guys, an Alaskan Husky and a Greyhound. They’re in the basement for the evening. I’ll have to tell you about their horror stories, but, another time. You two, go get some food.”

She called the dogs, “Cobbie, Corly, and Chester, come on babies, and off they scampered after her and the plate of cookies.