Hot-to-Trot Evening Sequins

Shop: Crystalluna

Unique sterling silver jewelry- ring

Sterling Silver Ring...$40.00

A dazzling ensemble of ebony diamond Swarovski crystals, hematite, and ceramic crystallized with luxuriant jet stone, reigns superbly upon your hand. The designer uses an unparalelled technique of “Crystal Painting” to handcraft the 925 sterling silver casting. This exquisite ring, will be the only ring you wear for the evening.


Shop: MurielleKnitwear

80ies Vintage Black Sequin Jacket Nolan Miller Dynasty mint condition

Vintage Sequined Jacket...RESERVED/SOLD!

Just before you leave for your divine holiday party, remember to put on your sunshades before you look in the mirror for your one last, “I’m-all-that-and-more-look” because without the shades you will be mesmerized by this fabulous glistening sequined jacket and never make it out the door.  


Shop: FanneyChanel

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top...N/A

Yes, we know this to-die-for hot pink tube top can’t be seen underneath the above body hugging mesmerizing jacket, but that’s the whole point.  You’ll be wearing sunshades, your prey won’t be. So, when you remove the jacket, this, honey-would-you-like-to-dance, siren sexy tube will throw in the knock-out punch to get him to say yes, and follow you onto the dance floor. Grrrowl!


Shop: Brokenghostcouture

Black Silver Lace Tiered Skirt Mini Short Evening S 'DOUBLE DOG DARE'

Black Silver Lace Tiered Mini Skirt...SOLD!

Overlapping tiers of divine ruffles made of sheer fabric with a detailed floral hemlines sewn over a silver fabric accentuated with a laced waist creates the heavenly shimmering effect even while you are standing still. Just imagine what will happen when you are walking to the party line outside of a fancy tavern. The adorable bouncer will say, “Excuse me folks, I’m letting the angel come to the front of the line.” Be sure to grace his cheek with a soft thank you kiss and glide on through the door.


Shop: DiamondIce

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels...$30.00

Accentuate your legs with these traffic-stopping, amazing black velvet heels. With ruffles on the heel, your legs will be non-stop long all night long. Who can say no to you when you wear these beauties?


Shop: IndependentReign

Cute Lightweight Bag - Black

Black Lightweight Purse...SOLD!

When you’re the walking beauty all night long, you’ll need your accessories close at hand. Bring this lightweight purse with you. Lined in a hot pink and purple cotton and a patterned designed fabric, with a long cord made of suede, this is the purse to take to drop in all of their phone numbers.


Slips of paper get lost. Carry this delightful floppy disk mini notebook by Fishstikks to jot down those numbers.


Outfit of the Week 8: Summer Party

If I were an artist hosting an art showing at an art gallery, or, a hostess for a-congratulations, you-got-a-job-party for a friend, I would wear this outfit.

The violet top has elegant draping folds in the front and ties in the middle of the back with violet ribbons.  Embellishments at the shoulder include a polymer clay flower and violet glass beads. A sweet top for an end-of-the-summer party.

Violet Top

Violet top
Designer: Lynx007
Sassy black pants with a slimming waistline fold. Imagine making an entrance wearing these pants. Lots of eyes will follow you around the room all night long.  SOLD and RELISTED!
Sassy Pants - Black
Designer: Dervishgirl
Purple Planet Earrings:   SOLD!  Faceted amethysts drop from sterling silver earwires. A simple, yet alluring design.
CLEARANCE SALE EVERYTHING 14.9 dollas - Purple Planet Earrings
Designer: MoraMoraJewelry
Black Handmade Sandals:  Accentuate the beauty of your feet with this elegant pair of handcrafted leather sandals.
Designer: Tuto

Outfit of the Week 7: Glamour Snapshot

On a sunny and warm, late summer day, I imagine the actress, Jessica Lange, playing a character named Irene. She, and her younger sister, Dee Dee, played by Rachel McAdams are driving through a mid-western countryside in an updated, classic, late-model, 1955 sweet-pink, Ford Convertible. They have just won big at the horse races and are on their way to meet up with their boyfriends for a celebration picnic, before they head home. Dee Dee is charmingly attired in modest black dress with white pearls and black sandals. Irene is dressed in the elegant and glamorous outfit below. 

Irene shields her eyes from the sun and asks Dee Dee where she put her sunglasses.

Dee Dee replies, “Irene, you’re always losing your glasses. She leans over the back seat. “I don’t see them, but here, shield your eyes with your beautiful black hat with the grosgrain ribbon woven throughout. You always look so pretty in it like a Southern Belle, except you come from Wisconsin.”

Irene smiles.

VinTAgE 1960s Black Straw Grosgrain  Summer Hat Wide Brim Audrey Hepburn Style

Vintage Vendor: Awesometownvintage
“Irene, aren’t you a little bit hot with that scarf  around your neck?” asks Dee Dee. 
“No, it’s sheer enough to let the warm breeze keep my neck cool as we speed down this highway to meet up with the guys. Besides, this elegant scarf keeps my neck from tanning and keeps the wrinkles at bay.”
Elegant Black Sheer Large Scarf Shawl or Wrap - 19 x 72 Long
Vintage Vendor: TotallyScarves   SOLD!
“Irene, I sure do like your drop waist, lemon-yellow dress, you’re wearing. The sprigs of leaves remind me of the tall grasses swaying back and forth on the gentle breeze back at home.”
Irene looks at Dee Dee,”Girl, I wasn’t thinking about grass when I bought this dress. Where do get these ideas from?” She wipes away a smudge of lipstick from the side of Dee Dee’s face. “I bought this dress because the softly gathered pleats at the waist show off my lovely figure. Besides, the dress is Luke’s favorite. His eyes always light up every time he sees me in it.”
Banana Yellow and White Swirl Sundress
Vintage Vendor: Paperdollvintage      SOLD!
Irene removes one hand from the steering wheel, “A lady down the street from me makes such wonderful jewelry. This bracelet has genuine black swarovski crystals. It is so divine. Look at the detail of the silver bead accents.”
“It’s a lovely design,” replies Dee Dee.
Black Swarovski Crystal with Silver Slides Handmade Bracelet
Jewelry Designer: FindingCharm   SOLD!
“The tiny metal studs on these platform, peep-toe heels match the bracelet quite well,” said Irene. “Did you know these heels have a back zipper?” She laughed, ” Makes me think of – “
“I don’t want to hear it,” interrupted Dee Dee. “You’ve got that weird twinkle in your eye, and I know what that means, besides, pull over there, the men are right under that willow tree.”
Irene follows the direction of Dee Dee’s arm and turns the ignition off. She jumps out of the car and runs over to Luke and throws her arms around him, laughing. She calls out to Dee Dee who is still in the car.
Vintage PEEP TOE black leather STRAPPY PLATFORM HEELS  with thick high heel, BANDAGE sandals,  size 7.5 USA, 38 EUR
Vintage Vendor: BetaBoutique  SOLD!
“Dee Dee, bring my tote, will ya? I packed a big lunch for all of us. Dee Dee pulled the tote from the back seat and nearly stumbled out of the car under its weight. “Goodness, she must have brought the entire contents of the fridge,” said Dee Dee, as Cal, her boyfriend, easily shouldered the heavy tote.
A bright yellow butterfly on the tote caught her eye. She admired the contrasting grey butterflies and floral print. The cheery yellow ribbon reminded her of their mother, the one Irene most favored. She grabs Cal’s hand and smiles up at him.  They walk over to Irene and Luke who were already relaxing on the blanket covered ground.
Butterflies at twilight tote bag, large with key leash
Tote N/A Designer: HautTotes

Outfit of the Week 4: Flower Stem Green

Today I am wearing faded olive Capri pants, an apple green top, and a metallic green hair clip.  I have worn green all week, except when I had a job interview and wore a lavender suit.

One day I thought I would switch to pink, but in mid-thought changed my mind and chose green. Why green power all week-long? Well, it was in anticipation of the Outfit of the Week 4: Flower Stem Green. 

A  flower stem green “1960’s Original Knit Sweater Dress” commences this week’s outfit. Step outside and glide down the street in this elegant dress on a cool autumn day. Along the edge of this dress is a pretty scalloped hem. Decorative flower buds run along the hem as well as at the arms and neck. Two flowers, one at the shoulder, and the other at the knee also adorn this lovely dress.  SOLD!

60s Original Knit Sweater Dress
Add a pair of sexy, head turning earrings and start a dreamy conversation with someone new or captivate the same one now.  Sterling silver wire wraps encase apple green turquoise beads, while avocado green beads and swirly silver beads add the accents.  SOLD!
Apple Green Turquoise  Wire Wrapped Earrings
Jewelry Designer: JudysDesigns
“Never worn,” amazing, olive-green stiletto pumps. Did I say never worn?  New vintage! The stilettos are “Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals” between 1940-1950.  At each heel of these simply divine stilettos is a super sexy bow embellishing an open circle surrounded by a gathering of delicious pleats. You could walk on clouds with these stilettos.  SOLD!
Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals Olive Green Stilettos Pumps 1940s or 50s Never Worn
Vintage Vendor: AntoinettesWhims
Sleek and classic define this “Vintage Lime Pocketbook.” Sporting an interior pocket, this 8″ x 11.5″ pocketbook is roomy enough for a hand mirror, makeup, pens, keys, and a small pad of paper. It’s a perfect combination for the above “wiggle” dress. SOLD!
Vintage LIME Pocket Book
Vintage Vendor: TwirlVintageCo


Outfit of the Week 3: U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue

I drew inspiration for this week’s Outfit of the Week: U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue from an outfit I discovered this past spring in my closet. I  searched Etsy for an outfit similar to my closet outfit, but mid-week, I changed my mind.

It’s the middle of the summer, and who wears a suede jacket, a long skirt, and boots? Alright, there might be someone, somewhere, so, I will save that outfit for when the temperature drops.

Yea, I remember I posted an Autumn Crisp Orange outfit just last week. Well, I don’t wanna do a cold temperature outfit two weeks in a row. Besides, it’s the 4th of July weekend.  It’s a time to remember why the US of A  is the greatest country in the world. Ok, I am biased. I haven’t ever lived anywhere else. No, I take that back. I lived in Turkey when I was three years old for a few months. I don’t have any memory of it.

It is a time to remember our soldiers who have fought, who continue to fight and who have died in foreign lands.

It’s a time to celebrate with our family and friends our unique heritage of all peoples.  It’s a time to celebrate our many freedoms, while eating hotdogs, spring rolls, hamburgers, pelmeni, steak, tamales,  jerk chicken, pancit,  crispy fish,  potato pancakes, pork and beans, Polish Meatballs, ham hocks, lentil stuffed peppers, bratwurst, watermelon, anise cookies, and cheesecake, ice cream and apple pie, and guzzling beer, sipping wine, and eating more food before we flop down on a blanket, or fall into a chair, or rest at the window, and watch the dazzling display of beauty in the evening sky.

The U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue outfit starts off with a pretty silver and white metallic, and cottony, sleeveless turtleneck with a defined “squiggle” pattern. It is made of acrylic and is a size small.  SOLD!

1960's mod sleeveless turtleneck sweater top in silver and white, size small

Vintage Vendor: Afterglowvintage


Complimenting the “squiggle” pattern of the turtleneck is a “fireworks” pattern of a 1920’s beautiful and burned silk velvet, vintage cobalt blue scarf. Wear it at the neck, pin it to your shoulder or wear it at the waist.

Vintage 1920s 30s Burned Silk Velvet Triangle Kerchief Scarf in Sapphire Blue.
Vintage Vendor: Souvenirsouvenir    SALE!
A dynamic mandala print captures the ethnicity of this charming and poofy, high-waisted red-orange skirt. Although you can’t see it, there is a side pocket.   SOLD!
PLAY WITH FIRE Cream and RED Ethnic Printed HIGH WAISTED FULL Pocket Mini Skirt S/M
Vintage Vendor: VonlenskaVintage
Slide your feet into a pretty pair of red and white spiraled slingback patent leather sandals. Size 9.  SOLD!
Vintage Red and White 2 Toned Patent Leather Slingback Sandals size 9
Vintage Vendor: Heartsndilly
Dangling in elegance from hand forged sterling silver wires are a pair of  gorgeous sapphire blue Czech glass drops with silver tone beadcaps. These stunning earrings look great morning ’til night!
Brilliant Blue Drop  Earrings- Sterling Silver and Cobalt Blue Czech Glass
Jewelry Designer: Dorkorama99  is temporarily closed.
Like the American Flag, this cute vintage red, white, and blue purse will never go out of style. It has a navy blue handle, red border along the top of the frame, and a cute semi-circle pull tab. The interior of the purse has a see-through vinyl pocket. Carry this purse from the office to the cocktail party.  SOLD!
Vintage Purse - Summer Red, White and Blue
Vintage Vendor: Bittersweetdesign
Happy 4th of July!

Outfit of the Week 2: Summer White and Black

Kicking off this week’s Outfit of the Week series, I thought I would do something different. In addition to the Etsy links, I have also posted the photos with permission from most of the vendors. The photos add a well-rounded, catalog feel to the posting. I have been thinking about the series all week, so much so, that instead of one outfit, I am presenting three outfits only for this weekend beginning with Summer White and Black.

Summer White and Black outfit begins with a pretty vintage white knit sweater by Etsy Vintage Vendor,  EpsilonVintage.  A soft chainlink design across the top and bottom of the sweater accentuates the scalloped neckline and hem. The tie-waist and the gathered pleats at the shoulder make this quite a unique sweater.  It will keep you warm on the coolest summer days. 

vintage Tie Waist White Knit Sweater
A black and white patchwork tiered design of diamonds, flowers, and paisleys sparked an interest for this pretty 100 % cotton skirt. Catch the summer breezes walking down main street and watch the heads turn, as well. Etsy Designer, JanelizabethsSOLD!  However, she has other pretty skirts.

Skirt Tier,Womans Size 10-14 Elastic Waist, Black and White, Cotton

The Summer White and Black outfit can be dressed down or dressed up. I chose to dress it up with a pair of delightful black patent leather Vintage Ci Ranno Mary Jane shoes with a two-inch heel. Although the shoes have been gently worn, you can see yourself in the leather’s shine. Etsy Vintage Vendor, DianaDwain.
Vintage Ci Ranno Strappy Black Mary Janes - Patton Leather size 6.5
Jewelry and makeup always put the finishing touches on a well-dressed woman. Gracing about the neck on the Summer White and Black outfit is a Vintage Sterling Necklace designed with a Snowflake Obsidian gemstone. An intricate chainlink border surrounds the “mind, body, and spirit” balancing gemstone. Etsy Vintage Vendor, purpledaisyjewelry.
Vintage Sterling Necklace Snowflake Obsidian N1606
Shimmerin’ and swingin’ from the ear is a pair of contemporary and handmade “Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings” SOLD!  by Etsy Jewelry Designer, FindingCharm. Pay close attention to these earrings. The “black glass bicones” and the rounded “black glass balls” sitting atop and below “silver slides” accentuates the diamonds and the flowers of the above tiered skirt. It’s a perfect combination!
Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Outfit of the Week 2B: Autumn Crisp Orange

This final Outfit of the Week 2B was inspired by my mother. On her way to a luncheon last Wednesday she wore a colorful ensemble of white pants, a white with orange flowered top with a wide-opened orange cardigan that folded back to the armpits.  She asked me if her white sandals which covered most of her foot and had side openings looked old-fashioned for the outfit she was wearing. We compared the sandal to a white Birkenstock and we both agreed on the Birkenstocks. Off she went to the luncheon, while I stayed home and babysat my toddling niece. Therefore, in dedication to my mother and her colorful fashion sense, the Autumn Crisp Orange outfit rounds out the outfits for this week. Here’s to you, mom!

Yes, the summer is not even half over. However, we must always be on the lookout for good and colorful autumn clothing. This  simply divine “Orange White 70s Open Sweater” by Etsy Vintage Vendor, storylandvintage fits fall, which is on the horizon. An orange and white horizontal lined pattern edges the sweater at the torso and along the bottom. Take a look at the second pattern. It’s a wavy bric-a-brac. You’ll be warm in this sweater with side pockets. SOLD!

orange white 70s open sweater M/L
Vintage Vendor: Storylandvintage
Depending on where you live…and Mother Nature, September could be an Indian Summer month. Just in case you do have an Indian Summer, then this fabulous vintage sleeveless tunic with an intricate embroidery detail will keep you cool. The ornate design and the peephole will catch those admiring
glances.   SOLD!
Vintage 1970's Sleeveless White with FAB Adornment SWEATER
Vintage Vendor: CheekyVintageCloset
These well-kept “1960s White Cotton Bell Bottom Levi’s” appear quite 21st century to me.  Cuffed at the ankle with wide belt loops, a high-waist, and extra deep front pockets, these wonderful pants will carry you into the 22nd century. SOLD ! 
1960s White Cotton Bell Bottom Levi's
Vintage Vendor: Iswasvintage
Add a little sex appeal to your twinkling toes with “Vintage Silver CrissCross Metallic Loafers.”  Etsy Vintage Vendor, bigapplevintage, definitely brings back “super sexy.”
vintage SILVER CRISS-CROSS metallic loafer heels handcrafted 1950s vegan size 7.5
Vintage Vendor: Bigapplevintage
Topping off the Autumn Crisp Orange outfit are these lovely pair of “Venetian Fiery Sunset Orange Quartz Earrings” designed with golden French earwires and double domed filagree caps. Romance will follow your every step. Etsy Jewelry Designer, Voleurdebijoux. 
Evy Venetian Fiery Sunset Orange Quartz Earrings
Jewlery Designer: Voleurdebijoux