Hot-to-Trot Evening Sequins

Shop: Crystalluna

Unique sterling silver jewelry- ring

Sterling Silver Ring...$40.00

A dazzling ensemble of ebony diamond Swarovski crystals, hematite, and ceramic crystallized with luxuriant jet stone, reigns superbly upon your hand. The designer uses an unparalelled technique of “Crystal Painting” to handcraft the 925 sterling silver casting. This exquisite ring, will be the only ring you wear for the evening.


Shop: MurielleKnitwear

80ies Vintage Black Sequin Jacket Nolan Miller Dynasty mint condition

Vintage Sequined Jacket...RESERVED/SOLD!

Just before you leave for your divine holiday party, remember to put on your sunshades before you look in the mirror for your one last, “I’m-all-that-and-more-look” because without the shades you will be mesmerized by this fabulous glistening sequined jacket and never make it out the door.  


Shop: FanneyChanel

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top...N/A

Yes, we know this to-die-for hot pink tube top can’t be seen underneath the above body hugging mesmerizing jacket, but that’s the whole point.  You’ll be wearing sunshades, your prey won’t be. So, when you remove the jacket, this, honey-would-you-like-to-dance, siren sexy tube will throw in the knock-out punch to get him to say yes, and follow you onto the dance floor. Grrrowl!


Shop: Brokenghostcouture

Black Silver Lace Tiered Skirt Mini Short Evening S 'DOUBLE DOG DARE'

Black Silver Lace Tiered Mini Skirt...SOLD!

Overlapping tiers of divine ruffles made of sheer fabric with a detailed floral hemlines sewn over a silver fabric accentuated with a laced waist creates the heavenly shimmering effect even while you are standing still. Just imagine what will happen when you are walking to the party line outside of a fancy tavern. The adorable bouncer will say, “Excuse me folks, I’m letting the angel come to the front of the line.” Be sure to grace his cheek with a soft thank you kiss and glide on through the door.


Shop: DiamondIce

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels...$30.00

Accentuate your legs with these traffic-stopping, amazing black velvet heels. With ruffles on the heel, your legs will be non-stop long all night long. Who can say no to you when you wear these beauties?


Shop: IndependentReign

Cute Lightweight Bag - Black

Black Lightweight Purse...SOLD!

When you’re the walking beauty all night long, you’ll need your accessories close at hand. Bring this lightweight purse with you. Lined in a hot pink and purple cotton and a patterned designed fabric, with a long cord made of suede, this is the purse to take to drop in all of their phone numbers.


Slips of paper get lost. Carry this delightful floppy disk mini notebook by Fishstikks to jot down those numbers.


WoW NoW Sequins Collection

Sequins are all the rage this festive holiday, and all over Etsy, that I found it difficult to focus on one outfit. So, I solved the challenge by choosing one collection and four outfits which I will post every other day.

The WoW NoW Collection

No longer just  in black, white or red, sequins host a gamut of colors from spicy purples to hot pinks to iced aquas and to flamboyant edgy multi-hues.  Sparkle and shine this holiday when you wear sequins in any color and in any style.

Ruby Cocktail Ring…N/A

 A faceted ruby swarovski crystal lays on top of a bed of golden chain links.  A ring of comfort as it can be adjusted to your liking. Flash and sparkle all night long with this beautiful ring on your finger.

Ruby Gifts Cocktail Ring

Designer: Amorebytinae  Shop


Rockabilly Glam Jacket…N/A

 Sequined jackets are the exclamation point on any outfit, whether you are wearing jeans, a skirt, or a sheath. Loud and clear, this multi-hued jacket screams WOW to all who are near and far. Bright gold, hot pink, spicy grape and iced teal sets the energetic festive evening tone on this amazing jacket. 

Vttg. Sequine Beads Silk Glam Jacket Rockabilly M L

Vintage Vendor: Destinationhome  Shop

You can wear this hot little tube top in the summer as well as in the winter alone or underneath a sparkling jacket or cardigan. Preferably, underneath a jacket or a cardigan in colder climates. Pleated gathers in the front add the personality to this sparkling tube top. Your friends will be able to find you even in the darkest corner of the party in the bar by following the shine.
80s ROCKSTAR sequin tube top in SPARKLE GRAPE

Vintage Vendor: TrimKo  Shop

 This fab iridescent sweater packs a gorgeous punch of shine with a detailed and crisp seashell design which creates “a flurry of pinpoint rainbows” throughout the room. When you get home after a night of dining and wining, check to see if a pot of gold followed you home.

Iridescent Sequin Sweater. L. Cream.

Vintage Vendor: Pinguim   Shop
Rippled Bodice…SOLD!

A delectable, cropped and hot-to-trot sleeveless bodice with sequined ripples cascading down the front creating a glistening effect for a festive and romantic wild evening.

Vintage 60s Mod Black Sequin and Ribbon Weave Top 60's 50s 50's Small Medium XS S M

Vintage Vendor: EraticStaticVintage  Shop


Halter Dress…$90

Dance beneath the party lights in shimmering beauty in this iced aqua sequined mini sheath.  A classy halter style sheath with a surprise of four sequined-embellished straps at the back.

video killed the RADIO STAR. 1980s AQUA SEQUIN body con CAGE BACK vintage mini dress (S/M)

Vintage Vendor: Tractordog  Shop



Three Flies

One evening, a little after 5:30 p.m., and, everyone at my brother’s office had left, I sat at the computer on my dad’s side of the building.  I had not been at the office for long before I noticed a familiar buzzing circling my head. I groaned. It was a fly. 

“It’s a fly, for God’s sake, just kill it,” my inner critic said.

I did not, because right after my inner critic said that, I felt an enormous protectionist feeling-of well, maybe the fly just wants to get out. I thought again. It will die in here, since there isn’t any sugar for it. It knows it’s going to die, and get this, it’s asking for my help.  If this were a play, the men in white coats would make an entrance right about now.

I mulled the thought a bit. My saner side knew that flies and other insects didn’t give a flying fig about us humans. The sane side won that day.  That and the fact that I was lazy and didn’t want to yell at the fly to go toward the light – which would have been outside. Not that it would have listened to me, which meant I would have had to pull out Plan B.

Plan B meant cutting off all the lights, running through the labryinth of an office, opening the door, and showing the light to the fly, and hoping it understood that I was trying to save it’s life because, yes,  it still had a purpose in the grand scheme of the universe.  Except, I ignored this fact and didn’t follow Plan B.  

I felt guilty for letting the fly fly and buzz around until it either died of starvation, or someone swatted it to death the next day. It was a ripple in the timeline of the universe, except, I didn’t know it at that time, until now.

A few days later, while I was at home, the universe gave me another chance to save two flies. That’s in hindsight. While I was standing there looking at the one adult fly and one toddler fly stuck inside the screen door, I was not thinking about the universe that day. I was thinking about the other fly in the office.  Fortunately, for the two flies, my guilt resurfaced.

I opened the screen door and tapped on the screen until the adult fly found it’s way out. Unfortunately, the toddler fly flew away from freedom and further toward the inside of the screen. I stepped outside and tapped on the outside of the screen while blocking the toddler fly from the the inside of the screen each time it tried to fly away from freedom.  Finally, after about 30 seconds of tapping, the toddler fly got the message and flew toward the blue sky.

Cufflinks   SOLD!

Cufflinks - Fly
Jewelry Designer: Dabbledesigns
iPhone/iPad/Digital Bag
iPhone, Smart Phone, iPod or Digital Camera Case / Cozy with Embroidered Fly
iphone Cozy Designer: LAWBags
fly in the ointment necklace
Jewelry Designer: Friendlygesture
Fly-on-a-Unicycle T-Shirt   SOLD!
Fly on a Unicycle T-Shirt - American Apparel Light Blue Bike T-Shirt - Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
T-shirt Artist: Darkcycleclothing
The Fly Ring   SOLD!
The Fly Ring
Jewelry Designer: MetalsInTime
Crypto-Entomology Art Print by Brian Giberson - The Foglighter Fly
Artist: Indigolights
Giant Fly Lamp   SOLD!
Lamp Designer: Czechpub