Featured Etsy Seller of the Month: LunasLoot

Welcome everyone to our featured Etsy Seller of the Month series.  This month, LunasLoot is our featured vintage Etsy seller of the month. We asked LunasLoot one question and her response made our hearts and souls flutter.

How did you get started selling vintage?

“I love stuff. I am an avid collector of so many different types of things. Plus, I have inherited a great deal. Vintage items are my favorite things to collect because they carry within them the energy and memories of all the people who owned, touched, handled, used or wore them. Each vintage piece is like an “energy” biography of all those who came before me. Someone else received a particular item I now own as a gift or bought it, loved it, hated it, used it, lost it or whatever. To me…there is a special reverence to all things vintage.

Because my collections have gotten a bit out of hand and I cannot nor will I ever be able to display them all, wear them all or use them all, so, I decided to sell them rather than keep them wrapped safely in a dark closet or drawer unused. I believe everything, animate and inanimate, has a purpose in this life and should be allowed to fulfill it. Storing things and keeping them from being enjoyed, cherished, and loved by others is wrong and selfish.”


Treasury Feature Vintage Mikasa Crystal Blossom-Plum Fluted Champagne Glasses Plum Bowl with Pink Stem Set of Six Never Used Mint

Mikasa Crystal Blossom Champagne Glasses...N/A

Mikasa Crystal Blossom Flutes

Celebrate the gift of life and toast the birth of your first child with these crystal flutes by Mikasa. Deep rich plum crystal blossoms are set high on elegant pink stems. The collection is modeled after nature’s blooms. These 9 1/4 inches of flawless beautiful champagne glasses are protected behind a glass china cabinet, have never been used, and are in mint condition.

Currently Featured in Treasury Vintage FRANCE CRYSTAL BAYEL BACCHUS Clear Champagne Saucer or Tall Sherbet Stemware Designed with Detailed Frosted Nude Stems with Grape and Leaf Detail Made in France Set of Eight Perfect Condition

France Crystal Bayel Bacchus Stemware...N/A

France Crystal Bayel Bacchus Stemware 

With origins in France, this stunning crystal Bayel Bacchus set has frosted nude stemware with splendid detail of leaves and grapes. Whether it’s wine or sherbet, this set of eight would be a delight at any celebratory event involving family and friends.

Unique Fabulous Vintage Pearl Iridescent Regency Pattern Fine Bone China Matching Footed Teacup and Saucer in Gold and Green

Pearl Iridescent Fine Bone China Cup and Saucer...N/A

Regency Fine Bone China Cup and Saucer

Lunch with a friend? Serve her favorite tea in this elegant Fine Bone China Cup and Saucer by Regency. A blissful pattern of loops, lines and swirls wedded to a brilliant dark sage green which envelopes the pedestal of the cup and the saucer. Decorative openings encircle the gold filigree rim of the saucer. The cup has a luminous pearl interior.

Vintage Wooden Polish Peg Doll Couple Dressed in Traditional Costumes Poseable Hand Painted Faces Hand Made

Wooden Polish Peg Doll Couple...N/A

Wooden Polish Peg Doll Couple

This charming pair of wooden dolls dressed in traditional clothing were handmade in Poland during the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. Both dolls have moveable parts, stand flat, and are gracefully aging as the original handpainted faces are still bright with color.

Vintage Reed and Barton Damascene Chinese Landscape Cuff Bracelet Mint Never Worn

Reed and Barton Damascene Chinese Landscape Cuff Bracelet...N/A

Reed and Barton Damascene Chinese Landscape Cuff Bracelet

Carry a bit of Chinese landscape with you on your wrist. This cuff bracelet is made with a technique called Damascene in which metals like gold or silver are layered into steel. Using the technique, Reed and Barton created two designs. The landscape design is on the front of the cuff bracelet while a pattern of orange clovers repeats on the sides.

Vintage Cowrie Cowry Shells Linked with Brass Wire Large Cowrie Cowry Shell Designed to be a Charm Dangler Made in Hawaii Handcrafted Circa 1950s

Cowrie Shells Charm Dangler...SOLD!

Cowrie Shells Charm Dangler 

Ward off the dark cloud hanging above you with this good-luck Cowrie Shells Charm Dangler.  Made in Hawaii during the 1950’s, the cowrie shells were wire-wrapped and handlinked to a larger cowrie shell.

Hot-to-Trot Evening Sequins

Shop: Crystalluna

Unique sterling silver jewelry- ring

Sterling Silver Ring...$40.00

A dazzling ensemble of ebony diamond Swarovski crystals, hematite, and ceramic crystallized with luxuriant jet stone, reigns superbly upon your hand. The designer uses an unparalelled technique of “Crystal Painting” to handcraft the 925 sterling silver casting. This exquisite ring, will be the only ring you wear for the evening.


Shop: MurielleKnitwear

80ies Vintage Black Sequin Jacket Nolan Miller Dynasty mint condition

Vintage Sequined Jacket...RESERVED/SOLD!

Just before you leave for your divine holiday party, remember to put on your sunshades before you look in the mirror for your one last, “I’m-all-that-and-more-look” because without the shades you will be mesmerized by this fabulous glistening sequined jacket and never make it out the door.  


Shop: FanneyChanel

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top

Hot Pink Sequined Tube Top...N/A

Yes, we know this to-die-for hot pink tube top can’t be seen underneath the above body hugging mesmerizing jacket, but that’s the whole point.  You’ll be wearing sunshades, your prey won’t be. So, when you remove the jacket, this, honey-would-you-like-to-dance, siren sexy tube will throw in the knock-out punch to get him to say yes, and follow you onto the dance floor. Grrrowl!


Shop: Brokenghostcouture

Black Silver Lace Tiered Skirt Mini Short Evening S 'DOUBLE DOG DARE'

Black Silver Lace Tiered Mini Skirt...SOLD!

Overlapping tiers of divine ruffles made of sheer fabric with a detailed floral hemlines sewn over a silver fabric accentuated with a laced waist creates the heavenly shimmering effect even while you are standing still. Just imagine what will happen when you are walking to the party line outside of a fancy tavern. The adorable bouncer will say, “Excuse me folks, I’m letting the angel come to the front of the line.” Be sure to grace his cheek with a soft thank you kiss and glide on through the door.


Shop: DiamondIce

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels

Black Velvet Ruffle Heels...$30.00

Accentuate your legs with these traffic-stopping, amazing black velvet heels. With ruffles on the heel, your legs will be non-stop long all night long. Who can say no to you when you wear these beauties?


Shop: IndependentReign

Cute Lightweight Bag - Black

Black Lightweight Purse...SOLD!

When you’re the walking beauty all night long, you’ll need your accessories close at hand. Bring this lightweight purse with you. Lined in a hot pink and purple cotton and a patterned designed fabric, with a long cord made of suede, this is the purse to take to drop in all of their phone numbers.


Slips of paper get lost. Carry this delightful floppy disk mini notebook by Fishstikks to jot down those numbers.