The Sisters

You turn and look to the left of your girl and notice your boss entering the room. Your boss’s holiday smile turns into a frown, followed by a dark scowl which grows darker with each step.  Again you turn your head to the right. Your friend is still talking with the women, oblivious to not only the demise of his career, but also, to an upcoming near death experience. 

In an instant, stepping in front of your boss and blocking his stride,  you are at your friend’s side and steering him away from the onslaught. The women look up and with coy smiles also step in front of the boss and steer him in the opposite direction-away from the food, you hope.

Your friend says, “Man, I was about to get all of those fine, and I do mean fine women’s numbers.” You watch your friend do a shudder-shake which you usually find funny in another setting, but now, you find rather unpleasant to watch.

“Yea, they would all be the same number too,” you say. “They live here, as in, they are the daughters of the boss-man, kind-of-live-here, man.”

Your friend sputters,”They don’t look anything alike…awww man!”

“Did you not hear when we were in training that the boss and his wife adopted five babies from different countries because they could not have children. He also specifically said not to hit on his daughters when we were at the holiday office party. The last time I checked, I believe this is the holiday party. Did you not hear that?”

“I thought he was joking.”

“What!? What man jokes about his daughters?”


Sonia Dusty Rose-Pink Dupioni and Henna Plaid 50's Party Dress

Dusty Rose-Pink Dupioni & Henna Plaid...$175.00

The “Sonia” dress is your power dress for your year-long parties. Packed with a sturdy foundation of steel casing, full satin lining, and a hidden zipper, this stunning dusty rose-pink Dupioni silk dress will win you awards for best dressed at every party you attend.  Beautiful asymmetrical ruching reveals the equally stunning henna plaid to make this stunning dress one powerfully sexy and classy party dress.

Click Hennaflower to see more Bollywood designs. Click the photo to buy.


Silver Shimmer Pink Sari Vintage Inspired Brick Layer Dress

Brick Layered Dress...$149.00

Western rock-n-roll culture meets Eastern Bollywood. An ecletic mix of fabric cultures of sari and knit creates this one-of-a-kind and gorgeous edgy dress.  Stand out in the party crowd with this shimmering-gorgeous and sassy-sexy layered rows of colorful sari and knit, brick effect dress. Throw in a shining pair of black boots and cat-walk your attitude all night long.

Click PennyRaeVintage to see more one-of-a-kind designs. Click the photo to buy.

Photographer: Jeff Wellman


Vintage 40s 50s Pin-Up Brocade Hollywood Evening Dress

Brocade Hollywood Evening Dress...N/A

What’s your fancy? Swing? Ballroom? Rock-n-roll? Jive? Salsa? Whatever your style, this demure-sexy dress made of royal cobalt satin brocade will have you kickin’ up your heels and sashaying, twisting, twirling, jitter buggin’ on the dance floor at every wedding party, dinner party, holiday party, dinner party that you attend. Surprise yourself and your dinner companions when you let the fun times roll.

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Ladies Printed Designer Moderate Gray tunic/ top/Kurtis

Moderate Gray Tunic...$48.00

A splendid floral motif adorns this chic-sexy tunic. A tunic, yes, and you can wear like a dress. Striking lines of silver-grays, graduated sized glass beads, and a layered hemline add the character of this chic-sexy tunic. Made from 100% light weight cottons, this ultra-chic sexy dress is simple to wear.

Click Daddyx to see more tunics. Click the photo to buy.


The Portrait dress . . . red strapless dress with sheer black dot tulle overlay S

The Portrait Dress...$15.00

This beauty of a dress hosts an intricate, yet random squared design. A character defining transparent tulle accentuates the dress adding to its beauty. It’s a strapless dress and fits a contemporary small 4-6 sized woman. This classic style lasts a long time. However, this classic-sexy crimson dress will last forever. Let this super-sexy dress slip away from you and you’ll always wonder what might have been.

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Disclaimer: Copyright of the photos belong to the sellers and/or the photographers and are not for public domain.


WoW NoW Sequins Collection

Sequins are all the rage this festive holiday, and all over Etsy, that I found it difficult to focus on one outfit. So, I solved the challenge by choosing one collection and four outfits which I will post every other day.

The WoW NoW Collection

No longer just  in black, white or red, sequins host a gamut of colors from spicy purples to hot pinks to iced aquas and to flamboyant edgy multi-hues.  Sparkle and shine this holiday when you wear sequins in any color and in any style.

Ruby Cocktail Ring…N/A

 A faceted ruby swarovski crystal lays on top of a bed of golden chain links.  A ring of comfort as it can be adjusted to your liking. Flash and sparkle all night long with this beautiful ring on your finger.

Ruby Gifts Cocktail Ring

Designer: Amorebytinae  Shop


Rockabilly Glam Jacket…N/A

 Sequined jackets are the exclamation point on any outfit, whether you are wearing jeans, a skirt, or a sheath. Loud and clear, this multi-hued jacket screams WOW to all who are near and far. Bright gold, hot pink, spicy grape and iced teal sets the energetic festive evening tone on this amazing jacket. 

Vttg. Sequine Beads Silk Glam Jacket Rockabilly M L

Vintage Vendor: Destinationhome  Shop

You can wear this hot little tube top in the summer as well as in the winter alone or underneath a sparkling jacket or cardigan. Preferably, underneath a jacket or a cardigan in colder climates. Pleated gathers in the front add the personality to this sparkling tube top. Your friends will be able to find you even in the darkest corner of the party in the bar by following the shine.
80s ROCKSTAR sequin tube top in SPARKLE GRAPE

Vintage Vendor: TrimKo  Shop

 This fab iridescent sweater packs a gorgeous punch of shine with a detailed and crisp seashell design which creates “a flurry of pinpoint rainbows” throughout the room. When you get home after a night of dining and wining, check to see if a pot of gold followed you home.

Iridescent Sequin Sweater. L. Cream.

Vintage Vendor: Pinguim   Shop
Rippled Bodice…SOLD!

A delectable, cropped and hot-to-trot sleeveless bodice with sequined ripples cascading down the front creating a glistening effect for a festive and romantic wild evening.

Vintage 60s Mod Black Sequin and Ribbon Weave Top 60's 50s 50's Small Medium XS S M

Vintage Vendor: EraticStaticVintage  Shop


Halter Dress…$90

Dance beneath the party lights in shimmering beauty in this iced aqua sequined mini sheath.  A classy halter style sheath with a surprise of four sequined-embellished straps at the back.

video killed the RADIO STAR. 1980s AQUA SEQUIN body con CAGE BACK vintage mini dress (S/M)

Vintage Vendor: Tractordog  Shop