Outfit of the Week 3: U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue

I drew inspiration for this week’s Outfit of the Week: U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue from an outfit I discovered this past spring in my closet. I  searched Etsy for an outfit similar to my closet outfit, but mid-week, I changed my mind.

It’s the middle of the summer, and who wears a suede jacket, a long skirt, and boots? Alright, there might be someone, somewhere, so, I will save that outfit for when the temperature drops.

Yea, I remember I posted an Autumn Crisp Orange outfit just last week. Well, I don’t wanna do a cold temperature outfit two weeks in a row. Besides, it’s the 4th of July weekend.  It’s a time to remember why the US of A  is the greatest country in the world. Ok, I am biased. I haven’t ever lived anywhere else. No, I take that back. I lived in Turkey when I was three years old for a few months. I don’t have any memory of it.

It is a time to remember our soldiers who have fought, who continue to fight and who have died in foreign lands.

It’s a time to celebrate with our family and friends our unique heritage of all peoples.  It’s a time to celebrate our many freedoms, while eating hotdogs, spring rolls, hamburgers, pelmeni, steak, tamales,  jerk chicken, pancit,  crispy fish,  potato pancakes, pork and beans, Polish Meatballs, ham hocks, lentil stuffed peppers, bratwurst, watermelon, anise cookies, and cheesecake, ice cream and apple pie, and guzzling beer, sipping wine, and eating more food before we flop down on a blanket, or fall into a chair, or rest at the window, and watch the dazzling display of beauty in the evening sky.

The U.S.A. Red, White, and Blue outfit starts off with a pretty silver and white metallic, and cottony, sleeveless turtleneck with a defined “squiggle” pattern. It is made of acrylic and is a size small.  SOLD!

1960's mod sleeveless turtleneck sweater top in silver and white, size small

Vintage Vendor: Afterglowvintage


Complimenting the “squiggle” pattern of the turtleneck is a “fireworks” pattern of a 1920’s beautiful and burned silk velvet, vintage cobalt blue scarf. Wear it at the neck, pin it to your shoulder or wear it at the waist.

Vintage 1920s 30s Burned Silk Velvet Triangle Kerchief Scarf in Sapphire Blue.
Vintage Vendor: Souvenirsouvenir    SALE!
A dynamic mandala print captures the ethnicity of this charming and poofy, high-waisted red-orange skirt. Although you can’t see it, there is a side pocket.   SOLD!
PLAY WITH FIRE Cream and RED Ethnic Printed HIGH WAISTED FULL Pocket Mini Skirt S/M
Vintage Vendor: VonlenskaVintage
Slide your feet into a pretty pair of red and white spiraled slingback patent leather sandals. Size 9.  SOLD!
Vintage Red and White 2 Toned Patent Leather Slingback Sandals size 9
Vintage Vendor: Heartsndilly
Dangling in elegance from hand forged sterling silver wires are a pair of  gorgeous sapphire blue Czech glass drops with silver tone beadcaps. These stunning earrings look great morning ’til night!
Brilliant Blue Drop  Earrings- Sterling Silver and Cobalt Blue Czech Glass
Jewelry Designer: Dorkorama99  is temporarily closed.
Like the American Flag, this cute vintage red, white, and blue purse will never go out of style. It has a navy blue handle, red border along the top of the frame, and a cute semi-circle pull tab. The interior of the purse has a see-through vinyl pocket. Carry this purse from the office to the cocktail party.  SOLD!
Vintage Purse - Summer Red, White and Blue
Vintage Vendor: Bittersweetdesign
Happy 4th of July!