Art Galleria Collection #8

Shop: Tapestry316

ACEO - black and white photograph of trees in the mist

Trees in the Mist...$4.00

Shop: Honeyraisin

FREE SHIPPING - Ophelia Caught In The Rain (8 x 10 Photo Print)

Ophelia Caught in the Rain...$12.00

Shop: Ndtphoto

Man's Best Friend - Dinosaur Skeleton Photo - 12 x 18 Fine Art Archival Photograph

Man's Best Friend...SOLD!

Shop: Dahliahousestudios

Country winter,Original Signed Fine Art altered photograph 4x4 inches

Country Winter...$16.00

Shop: CiaoChessa

la fille et le chien - 8x12 Photographic Print - More Sizes Available

La Fille et le Chien...$30.00

Shop: Exposed7

Faucet - 5x5



Disclaimer: All photos are copyrighted to the artist and not for public domain.


7 Responses

  1. These are simply wonderful!! What a great collection of photographs. Evokes quite an emotion!

  2. Marvelous selections! Thanks for including my Misty Trees!

  3. Now, what a nice beginning however i’m going to check into that a touch more. Will let you know just what else there really is.

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