A Short Review of Little Black Dress

If you like bold fragrances that tantalize your senses after you spray them on your pulse points, then you will like Avon’s Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum. It is a delicious mix of lemon oil, jasmine and woodsy scents that doesn’t have a sweet fragrance. Conquer your day with this fragrance!

The Sisters

You turn and look to the left of your girl and notice your boss entering the room. Your boss’s holiday smile turns into a frown, followed by a dark scowl which grows darker with each step.  Again you turn your head to the right. Your friend is still talking with the women, oblivious to not only the demise of his career, but also, to an upcoming near death experience. 

In an instant, stepping in front of your boss and blocking his stride,  you are at your friend’s side and steering him away from the onslaught. The women look up and with coy smiles also step in front of the boss and steer him in the opposite direction-away from the food, you hope.

Your friend says, “Man, I was about to get all of those fine, and I do mean fine women’s numbers.” You watch your friend do a shudder-shake which you usually find funny in another setting, but now, you find rather unpleasant to watch.

“Yea, they would all be the same number too,” you say. “They live here, as in, they are the daughters of the boss-man, kind-of-live-here, man.”

Your friend sputters,”They don’t look anything alike…awww man!”

“Did you not hear when we were in training that the boss and his wife adopted five babies from different countries because they could not have children. He also specifically said not to hit on his daughters when we were at the holiday office party. The last time I checked, I believe this is the holiday party. Did you not hear that?”

“I thought he was joking.”

“What!? What man jokes about his daughters?”


Sonia Dusty Rose-Pink Dupioni and Henna Plaid 50's Party Dress

Dusty Rose-Pink Dupioni & Henna Plaid...$175.00

The “Sonia” dress is your power dress for your year-long parties. Packed with a sturdy foundation of steel casing, full satin lining, and a hidden zipper, this stunning dusty rose-pink Dupioni silk dress will win you awards for best dressed at every party you attend.  Beautiful asymmetrical ruching reveals the equally stunning henna plaid to make this stunning dress one powerfully sexy and classy party dress.

Click Hennaflower to see more Bollywood designs. Click the photo to buy.


Silver Shimmer Pink Sari Vintage Inspired Brick Layer Dress

Brick Layered Dress...$149.00

Western rock-n-roll culture meets Eastern Bollywood. An ecletic mix of fabric cultures of sari and knit creates this one-of-a-kind and gorgeous edgy dress.  Stand out in the party crowd with this shimmering-gorgeous and sassy-sexy layered rows of colorful sari and knit, brick effect dress. Throw in a shining pair of black boots and cat-walk your attitude all night long.

Click PennyRaeVintage to see more one-of-a-kind designs. Click the photo to buy.

Photographer: Jeff Wellman


Vintage 40s 50s Pin-Up Brocade Hollywood Evening Dress

Brocade Hollywood Evening Dress...N/A

What’s your fancy? Swing? Ballroom? Rock-n-roll? Jive? Salsa? Whatever your style, this demure-sexy dress made of royal cobalt satin brocade will have you kickin’ up your heels and sashaying, twisting, twirling, jitter buggin’ on the dance floor at every wedding party, dinner party, holiday party, dinner party that you attend. Surprise yourself and your dinner companions when you let the fun times roll.

Click Uptotheninesvintage to see more retro clothing. Click the photo to buy.


Ladies Printed Designer Moderate Gray tunic/ top/Kurtis

Moderate Gray Tunic...$48.00

A splendid floral motif adorns this chic-sexy tunic. A tunic, yes, and you can wear like a dress. Striking lines of silver-grays, graduated sized glass beads, and a layered hemline add the character of this chic-sexy tunic. Made from 100% light weight cottons, this ultra-chic sexy dress is simple to wear.

Click Daddyx to see more tunics. Click the photo to buy.


The Portrait dress . . . red strapless dress with sheer black dot tulle overlay S

The Portrait Dress...$15.00

This beauty of a dress hosts an intricate, yet random squared design. A character defining transparent tulle accentuates the dress adding to its beauty. It’s a strapless dress and fits a contemporary small 4-6 sized woman. This classic style lasts a long time. However, this classic-sexy crimson dress will last forever. Let this super-sexy dress slip away from you and you’ll always wonder what might have been.

Click Langegabriel to see more classic styles. Click the photo to buy.


Disclaimer: Copyright of the photos belong to the sellers and/or the photographers and are not for public domain.

New Mates

I have a received a pair of new mates from Santa; a pair of thick black gloves. Now, both the white glove and the red glove will retire for the rest of the winter, but, not be discarded.

Why? Because this time, next year, one of the black glove-mates will have moved out and divorced the other. Neither I, nor the remaining glove-mate will ever be able to find it.

The Ornaments

You and your girl head in the direction of the food. However, both of you are stopped by the sight of a two-story Christmas tree with six different ornaments at seven each per ornament.

Shop: WhimsicalWinston

pine cone, ornament, hostess gift, red, gold, Christmas, decoration, wedding, party favor, reception decoration, pom pom pine cone

Pine cone...SOLD!

Just before you can stop her, your girl plucks the pine cone ornament from the tree and smiles that dazzling smile that caught your eye when you first saw her.

“This is so beautiful,” she whispers to you. “Look at the gold tips and the raised decorative print. It’s like velvet. We could buy a whole bunch of these and decorate the church pews – ”

“For what?”

“For our wedding,” she smiles and gazes into your soul.


Shop: Mirilovelove

Personalized Holiday french Script and Gold Star Ornament

Personalized Holiday French Script & Gold Star Ornament...SOLD!

Then she plucks another ornament from the tree. “This is soooo adorable. Look, they have their names at the bottom of this one in the same French script handwriting.” She pauses.

You know she is waiting for you to say something, anything, but, your mind stopped working after she said the word “wedding.”

“We can write the names of our children on our’s, as well,” she said.


Shop: Just4Christmas

Hand painted Glass Ball with Cardinal Snow Scene

Hand painted Glass Ball with Cardinal Snow Scene...N/A

“Awww, delicate, and a beautiful winter scene with Cardinals. Awww!  There’s snow on the ground, and this one has  been hand painted, you think? See the detail of the trees. I wonder if the artist had to wait for one side to dry before painting the other side, you think, maybe?” 


Shop: ClaymatesPottery

Brown / tan textured bell / Christmas ornament

Christmas Bell...N/A

 “Oh, this one’s pretty, too. I love the rustic pottery texture of the delicate design.” She shakes the bell back and forth. “Paxton, Roscoe, dinner.”

“It’s not a dinner bell. It’s an ornament. Who’s Paxton and Roscoe?”

“Our sons, we’re going to have.”


Shop: NoelBelles

Rustic Birdhouse Ornament 210

Rustic Bird House...SOLD!

“Awww, isn’t that sweet. This is you, the papa bird, guarding the nest. Me and the boys are inside the rustic metal bird house. Look, you’ve provided berries for us to eat.”


Shop: Redfermata

Peace on Earth / hand painted globe

Hand painted Peace on Earth Globe...SOLD!

“One day, when our sons are big and strong men, they will go forth upon the earth and create peace throughout the world. They’ll carry this beautiful and hand painted globe ornament with them to remind them of you and –

You think, “God, where is the food!?” You look past your girl, who is still rambling about an alternative future, to see your friend from work who is about to make the biggest mistake of his career.

K9knits and CookieGuru

Shop: K9knits

The Mason - Army Green Dog Sweater Coat with Leather Buttons XXS

Army Green Dog Sweater Coat...SOLD!

As soon as you and your girl step through the door, three little white Chihuahuas run up to you with miniature snarls and barks around your feet. All three are adorably dressed in hand-knitted, army green sweaters with leather buttons and wide collars.  Your girl picks up one and makes goo goo and gah gah noises at the tiny dog which seems to calm him down. The other two are quite happy to continue barking and nipping at your shoelaces. You pick up a second one and notice the sweater provides full coverage to the back and front of the little dog. The wide collar makes the little dog look genteel.

The hostess returns with a plate of cookies. Cool! Food, you think. Your girl asks the hostess if the sweaters were made from wool. The hostess confirms that the sweaters were an acrylic wool blend, quite warm, and snug. You reach for the plate of cookies and start to eat one.

The hostess laughs, “No, these are for the dogs.”

Your girl laughs, the hostess laughs again, and you can feel your face getting warm. You make yourself smile, because after all, she is the wife of your boss.


Shop: CookieGuru

Karma Cookies Pumpkin Natural Dog Treats

Karma Cookies...Pumpkin...Natural Dog Treats...$6.50

“Here, why don’t you give the dogs their treats,” she hands you the plate of cookies which are shaped like bones. “Crumble them up,” the hostess says, “you could probably eat them since they are made with spices, pumpkin, rice bran, oatmeal and eggs, no sugar or preservatives. I don’t see why you couldn’t eat them. Here, let me try one.” She breaks a little piece off and pops the piece into her mouth and chews. “Well, it’s not sweet, and it’s dry,” she pauses, “and it has a nice autumn spice flavor. They’re called Karma Cookies™. Isn’t that sweet?”

She continues, “The dogs love ’em. The cookies help their immune systems, which is great, because this little guy,” she pulls the dog from your girl, “has been sick for a while. We rescued all three of them from a puppy mill, a year ago, and, it has been a rough year for this little guy.” She kisses the dog on the nose. He nose-kisses back with one eye cocked on the cookie plate. “As soon as we started giving them these cookies, we noticed their coats improved much faster than the other two we rescued two years ago from another puppy mill.

You ask, “The other two?”

“Yea, they are the big guys, an Alaskan Husky and a Greyhound. They’re in the basement for the evening. I’ll have to tell you about their horror stories, but, another time. You two, go get some food.”

She called the dogs, “Cobbie, Corly, and Chester, come on babies, and off they scampered after her and the plate of cookies.

Outfit of the Day 4: Holiday Pant Suit

Shop: The PinkMartini

HOLIDAY SALE GLITTERATI, Black Spinel and Sterling Beaded Earrings TPMB

Black Spinel & Sterling Beaded Earrings...SALE: $30.10

Get your shine on with this pair of beautiful Spinel earrings accentuated with a faceted cluster of midnight-black beads and sterling silver. Artisan Crafted in her home studio in West Virginia, The Pinkmartini uses high-quality materials and a depth for detail in her designs.


Shop: Catzeyez

Vintage Mandarin Collar Jacket Asian Tang Suit

Vintage Mandarin Collar Tang Jacket...$22.99

Bring the Asian rolling countryside of Chinese Bonsai Trees and bridges over tranquil waters to you when you wear this gorgeous velvet trimmed Tang Jacket presented by Catzeyez from Ohio.  Accentuating the golden countryside is a floral motif cascading down the front of the jacket and shiny silver trim at the sleeves.


Shop: Forrestinavintage

SALE vintage tank pant set CREAM flare poly

Vintage Cream Tank Pant Set...N/A

Keep warm and cool in the winter with this lovely pant suit set. Presented by Forrestina from Oregon, is a sleeveless creamy-dreamy knit tank top with matching pants designed with a cute kick of a flared bottom and an elastic waistline. Wear the pants over or tucked in tall boots.


Shop: GirlLeastLikely

SALE Vintage Tall Black Slouch Boots

Vintage Tall Black Slouch Boots...SOLD!

Keep the snow from melting over the tops and into your shoes by wearing a pair of charming and tall slouch boots, instead. Presented by GirlLeastLikely from Wisconsin, you’ll be ready to go in no time with these comfortable medium-low heeled boots.


Shop: Paulahiga

Lace Bracelet

Lace Bracelet...$50.00

Be in awe with this amazing one-of-a-kind lace bracelet designed and handcrafted by Paulahiga from Vermont. Taking two delicate swaths each of midnight-black lace and cranberry lace, Paulahiga embroidered alabaster flowers, ivory pearls, seed beads, and peridot green and silk Swarovski crystals to both and closes the bracelet with a copper clasp. Beauty fit for Queen You!

Resources: Chinese Bonsai, Marcopolo Plants, Wikipedia

Art Galleria Collection #8

Shop: Tapestry316

ACEO - black and white photograph of trees in the mist

Trees in the Mist...$4.00

Shop: Honeyraisin

FREE SHIPPING - Ophelia Caught In The Rain (8 x 10 Photo Print)

Ophelia Caught in the Rain...$12.00

Shop: Ndtphoto

Man's Best Friend - Dinosaur Skeleton Photo - 12 x 18 Fine Art Archival Photograph

Man's Best Friend...SOLD!

Shop: Dahliahousestudios

Country winter,Original Signed Fine Art altered photograph 4x4 inches

Country Winter...$16.00

Shop: CiaoChessa

la fille et le chien - 8x12 Photographic Print - More Sizes Available

La Fille et le Chien...$30.00

Shop: Exposed7

Faucet - 5x5



Disclaimer: All photos are copyrighted to the artist and not for public domain.

7 + 1 Ways to Use Paperweights

Did you know that the history of the paperweight dates back to an interest in writing letters during the Victorian period? Paperweights were as decorative back then as they are now. Using such techniques as lampwork, “cameo incrustation” and millefiori, glass makers created the paperweights in beautiful patterns.

In 1845, visitors to the “Exhibition of Austrian Industry,” which was held in Vienna, feasted their eyes upon breathtaking beauty and the popularity of the paperweight surged until it reached the American consumer in 1852. If you would like to read more about the history of the paperweight, read The History of Paperweights by the Illinois State Museum.

Paperweights not only hold down paper but they can also be used as:

  1. Garden Globes
  2. Centerpieces
  3. Doorstops
  4. Bookends
  5. A collective grouping
  6. A collection in a clear vase
  7. Art decoration on a shelf or bookcase


Shop: CyneburgsField

Mazurka No. Tree - Art Paperweight

Mazurka No. Tree - Art Paperweight...N/A

Listen closely or you might miss the songs flowing from the song tree to the Baby Grand Piano. Look closely you can see the notes on the tree. CyneburgFields of California created this beautiful glass paperweight with a cork bottom.


Shop: Marbleheadglass

Handblown Cosmic swirl paperweight Retro modern hipness marblehead glassworks

Cosmic Swirl Paperweight...N/A

Ever imagine what the cosmic swirl might look like the closer you floated to the sun in your spaceship?  A beautiful hue of hot reds, oranges, and galaxy stars swirling together, just like this fiery paperweight. Handformed by Jeff Mentuck of Marbleheadglass, from Salem, this gorgeous paperweight is two-inches in diameter and signed and dated on the bottom.


Shop: DomusModern also featured in Purple.

Vintage Dynasty Gallery Purple Paper Weight Art Glass  Domus Modern on Etsy

Vintage Dynasty Purple Paperweight...N/A

Domus Modern out of the midwestern part of the US presents a pretty deep purple paperweight from the Dynasty Gallery Heirloom Collection. Artistic glass bubbles formed within the paperweight will create a conversation about the universe. Set it upon a white shelf or bookcase to create a striking contrast.

Shop: Rwalsh111

Murano Flower Paperweight

Murano Flower Paperweight...$18.00

The Italian term for “thousands of flowers” is millefiori which is also a technique created by art glass makers in Murano, Italy in 1845. The glass makers twisted tubes of colorful glass into floral designs like the amazing and detailed pink flower in the paperweight presented above by Rwalsh111 out of Clearwater. If you look closely, you can see the clear bubble in the middle of the flower.

Shop: Auberrygirl

Fruity Swirl - Paperweight

Fruity Swirl Paperweight...$28.00

An artist is like a scientist as the artist Auberry of California demonstrates in her experimentation with dish soap, milk, and food coloring. A photo of a “New Earth” in its’ infancy. One day her technique will make history. Paperweight comes in a burlap pouch ready to give to your beloved or…keep for yourself.

Shop: Sterlingglassworks

Large Heart Paperweight

Large Heart Paperweight...N/A

According to Sterlingglassworks’s Etsy profile, he is a “water sign with a love for”…get this…fire! He doesn’t understand it himself, either. Nevertheless, he creates works of beauty from fire. The Heart of the Universe swirls you into a hypnotic trance. Use this paperweight for meditation.

And, just like that, I have discovered the 8th way to use a paperweight.


Resources:  1. The History of Paperweights , 2. Illinois State Museum, 3. The History of Paperweights, 4. Wikipedia

Lalunedesigns and Favorecare09

Shop: Lalunedesigns

Woodland Wine Bag

Woodland Wine Bag...SOLD!

So. Your girl is gushing at the hostess and holding onto the best wine bag the both of you have ever seen. Why is your girl gushing? Because she thinks it’s cute that she put a-something-different-hostess-gift into the cotton wine bag with a birch tree print made by Lalunedesigns out of Virginia. 

You know your girl would love to keep the wine bag, and hey, you want to keep it too, but, it’s a hostess gift. Besides, you think to yourself, if she wouldn’t let you stop and pick up a bottle of wine, then she shouldn’t get to keep the “adorable wine bag,” as she described the bag. You pry the wine bag out of her hands and hand it to the hostess who unties the satiny green bow.

Shop: Favorecare09

Olive Oil Shampoo/13 ounces

Olive Oil Shampoo...$13.00

The hostess pulls out a bottle of Herbal Hair Shampoo made with olive oil and wheat germ from the hands of Favorecare09 out of Indiana. 

“For after the party,” you hear your girl say. “I got it on Etsy. A handmade and vintage online gift store,” your girl grins, “and, it’s made with certified organic ingredients.”

“What a charming hostess gift, and something different,” you hear the hostess exclaim. “I’ll have to use it right away. Thank you.”

You stand there watching the two women and thinking about the food.

The Walking Dead Previews

Disclaimer: The following post contains events that happened in the final episode of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t yet seen your taped show, please discontinue reading.

Sunday I read a tweet by the tweeter called WalkingDead_AMC asking Walking Dead fans what we thought would happen in the final episode that night of the hit show, ‘The Walking Dead.”

In two tweets I answered that the main male characters would clash, how I wanted to find what happened to the character, Merle. How did Merle get passed the walkers on the staircase off the roof, and the mother of the daughter who died after becoming infected would sign on to be a guinea pig for a vaccine the scientist had discovered. Alright, I have expanded my tweets here.

Now, where did I get these ideas of what would happen in last night’s final episode? Answer: From watching the previews. Well, after watching the final episode, I realized that I was way off base in my assumptions directed by the previews. I detail my assumptions below.

Preview #1: Ric, the sherif, and Shawn, his police partner were fighting on the scientist’s computer work station.

My assumption: I thought they were fighting over the wife of Ric, whom Shawn had been having an affair with, since he told her that Ric had died in a previous episode.

Preview #1 Outcome: Shawn was out of control and shooting up the computer workstation. Why? Because he and everyone else found out that they were locked in with the scientist and were going to go through the decontamination process, which basically meant, they were going to die with all the organisms, bacteria and virulent viruses contained in the lab, in a huge explosion. Death would come in a second according to the scientist. It was not quite what the group wanted to hear.

Preview #2: The scientist gave the mother a shot in her arm.

My assumption: The mother had caught the virus by being doused in the blood of her dead daughter who had been chomped on by a walker and she volunteered to be a guinea pig after she learned she had tested positive for the virus.

Preview #2 Outcome: The scientist had taken a blood sample from her and everyone else in the group to test for the virus.

Preview #3: The mother was sitting in the shower, depressed.

My assumption: First of all, this character sitting in the shower was not the mother. She was the sister of the sister who had gotten chomped on by the walker during the previous episode before the final episode when the walkers were attacking their camp in the forest. Got it? I had missed one of the episodes. I thought it was odd that the mother had gone off to college and that their dad which I thought was her husband had taught the chomped on sister left how to bait a fishing line.

Continuing my assumption: She was sitting in the shower depressed over her sister’s death, and scared because she was afraid of testing positive for the virus.

Preview #3 Outcome: The sister was sitting in the shower depressed. Yay, I was partially right! She was not scared. Awww, I was again wrong.

As for the character, Merle. He was never discussed and never came back into the final episode. I suppose he will be back next season.

However, it’s amazing what the human brain-ahem-my human brain will fill in when it has just a few bits of information in which to draw a conclusion.