The Sisters

You turn and look to the left of your girl and notice your boss entering the room. Your boss’s holiday smile turns into a frown, followed by a dark scowl which grows darker with each step.  Again you turn your head to the right. Your friend is still talking with the women, oblivious to not only the demise of his career, but also, to an upcoming near death experience. 

In an instant, stepping in front of your boss and blocking his stride,  you are at your friend’s side and steering him away from the onslaught. The women look up and with coy smiles also step in front of the boss and steer him in the opposite direction-away from the food, you hope.

Your friend says, “Man, I was about to get all of those fine, and I do mean fine women’s numbers.” You watch your friend do a shudder-shake which you usually find funny in another setting, but now, you find rather unpleasant to watch.

“Yea, they would all be the same number too,” you say. “They live here, as in, they are the daughters of the boss-man, kind-of-live-here, man.”

Your friend sputters,”They don’t look anything alike…awww man!”

“Did you not hear when we were in training that the boss and his wife adopted five babies from different countries because they could not have children. He also specifically said not to hit on his daughters when we were at the holiday office party. The last time I checked, I believe this is the holiday party. Did you not hear that?”

“I thought he was joking.”

“What!? What man jokes about his daughters?”


Sonia Dusty Rose-Pink Dupioni and Henna Plaid 50's Party Dress

Dusty Rose-Pink Dupioni & Henna Plaid...$175.00

The “Sonia” dress is your power dress for your year-long parties. Packed with a sturdy foundation of steel casing, full satin lining, and a hidden zipper, this stunning dusty rose-pink Dupioni silk dress will win you awards for best dressed at every party you attend.  Beautiful asymmetrical ruching reveals the equally stunning henna plaid to make this stunning dress one powerfully sexy and classy party dress.

Click Hennaflower to see more Bollywood designs. Click the photo to buy.


Silver Shimmer Pink Sari Vintage Inspired Brick Layer Dress

Brick Layered Dress...$149.00

Western rock-n-roll culture meets Eastern Bollywood. An ecletic mix of fabric cultures of sari and knit creates this one-of-a-kind and gorgeous edgy dress.  Stand out in the party crowd with this shimmering-gorgeous and sassy-sexy layered rows of colorful sari and knit, brick effect dress. Throw in a shining pair of black boots and cat-walk your attitude all night long.

Click PennyRaeVintage to see more one-of-a-kind designs. Click the photo to buy.

Photographer: Jeff Wellman


Vintage 40s 50s Pin-Up Brocade Hollywood Evening Dress

Brocade Hollywood Evening Dress...N/A

What’s your fancy? Swing? Ballroom? Rock-n-roll? Jive? Salsa? Whatever your style, this demure-sexy dress made of royal cobalt satin brocade will have you kickin’ up your heels and sashaying, twisting, twirling, jitter buggin’ on the dance floor at every wedding party, dinner party, holiday party, dinner party that you attend. Surprise yourself and your dinner companions when you let the fun times roll.

Click Uptotheninesvintage to see more retro clothing. Click the photo to buy.


Ladies Printed Designer Moderate Gray tunic/ top/Kurtis

Moderate Gray Tunic...$48.00

A splendid floral motif adorns this chic-sexy tunic. A tunic, yes, and you can wear like a dress. Striking lines of silver-grays, graduated sized glass beads, and a layered hemline add the character of this chic-sexy tunic. Made from 100% light weight cottons, this ultra-chic sexy dress is simple to wear.

Click Daddyx to see more tunics. Click the photo to buy.


The Portrait dress . . . red strapless dress with sheer black dot tulle overlay S

The Portrait Dress...$15.00

This beauty of a dress hosts an intricate, yet random squared design. A character defining transparent tulle accentuates the dress adding to its beauty. It’s a strapless dress and fits a contemporary small 4-6 sized woman. This classic style lasts a long time. However, this classic-sexy crimson dress will last forever. Let this super-sexy dress slip away from you and you’ll always wonder what might have been.

Click Langegabriel to see more classic styles. Click the photo to buy.


Disclaimer: Copyright of the photos belong to the sellers and/or the photographers and are not for public domain.

Outfit of the Day 4: Holiday Pant Suit

Shop: The PinkMartini

HOLIDAY SALE GLITTERATI, Black Spinel and Sterling Beaded Earrings TPMB

Black Spinel & Sterling Beaded Earrings...SALE: $30.10

Get your shine on with this pair of beautiful Spinel earrings accentuated with a faceted cluster of midnight-black beads and sterling silver. Artisan Crafted in her home studio in West Virginia, The Pinkmartini uses high-quality materials and a depth for detail in her designs.


Shop: Catzeyez

Vintage Mandarin Collar Jacket Asian Tang Suit

Vintage Mandarin Collar Tang Jacket...$22.99

Bring the Asian rolling countryside of Chinese Bonsai Trees and bridges over tranquil waters to you when you wear this gorgeous velvet trimmed Tang Jacket presented by Catzeyez from Ohio.  Accentuating the golden countryside is a floral motif cascading down the front of the jacket and shiny silver trim at the sleeves.


Shop: Forrestinavintage

SALE vintage tank pant set CREAM flare poly

Vintage Cream Tank Pant Set...N/A

Keep warm and cool in the winter with this lovely pant suit set. Presented by Forrestina from Oregon, is a sleeveless creamy-dreamy knit tank top with matching pants designed with a cute kick of a flared bottom and an elastic waistline. Wear the pants over or tucked in tall boots.


Shop: GirlLeastLikely

SALE Vintage Tall Black Slouch Boots

Vintage Tall Black Slouch Boots...SOLD!

Keep the snow from melting over the tops and into your shoes by wearing a pair of charming and tall slouch boots, instead. Presented by GirlLeastLikely from Wisconsin, you’ll be ready to go in no time with these comfortable medium-low heeled boots.


Shop: Paulahiga

Lace Bracelet

Lace Bracelet...$50.00

Be in awe with this amazing one-of-a-kind lace bracelet designed and handcrafted by Paulahiga from Vermont. Taking two delicate swaths each of midnight-black lace and cranberry lace, Paulahiga embroidered alabaster flowers, ivory pearls, seed beads, and peridot green and silk Swarovski crystals to both and closes the bracelet with a copper clasp. Beauty fit for Queen You!

Resources: Chinese Bonsai, Marcopolo Plants, Wikipedia

Holiday Swirls of Glitter

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Shop: Zwzzy

All That Glitters is Gold - Vintage NYE Holiday Party Dress

Holiday Party Dress…SOLD!

This fun and dynamic, velvet V-cut, dress has a golden sequined leaves design. Jessica McClintock, the original designer, added the tulle underneath the skirt to create the bell effect. Near the lower back of the dress are three large ruffled bows.  Made of nylon, rayon, and acetate, this stunning dress fits an extra small to small-sized woman.

Zwzzy out of California, who presents the vintage dress can not only be found on Etsy, but  can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Tumblr.


Shop: Saphoona

OOAK DIY Steampunk Pinup High Heel Platform Mary Jane Mary Janes Shoes w Antique Hardware Ornaments

Steampunk Mary Janes…SOLD!

Photography, sculpture/3-D, painting, assemblage, clothing and furniture reconstruction and design are just some of the versatile medias which Saphoona uses to create her works of art. In this wow pair of Mary Janes, she has reconstructed the toe box of the shoe by adding hinges and plates. The plates host images of a Victorian couple wearing goggles. Made from a velvet suede like fabric with flowers across the instep strap, the cost of these gorgeous size 9 shoes includes U.S. shipping. For more information on Saphoona, read her profile on Etsy.

Shop: VastlyVintage

Vintage Black Nylon 3/4 Gloves with Beading Detail

Vintage Black Nylon Gloves…SOLD!

Keep your hands warm, and stylish with these fun and fabulous gloves from VastlyVintage out of Florida. Made of nylon and fits a small hand, these  3/4 gloves have a pretty beaded flower design around the wrist.

Shop: SpAZooiE


Black Faux Fur Wrap…SOLD!

Why cover up a pretty dress with a bulky coat when you can wear a gorgeous “SpAZooiE Signature” faux fur wrap? This beauty of a wrap, made for brides…and holidays, has a satin lining and fits most sizes, including plus size lengths. While SpAZooiE of North Richland Hills closes the wrap with the beautiful brooch shown in the photo, the brooch is not included. For more available styles, shop SpAZooiE.

Shop: WendyBethCreations

Vintage Golden Fern Brooch

Vintage Golden Fern Brooch…N/A

Walking while carrying a purse, holding your mate’s hand, and, making sure your wrap stays on your shoulders is cumbersome enough. Why not free your hands by closing the wrap with this pretty fern brooch? Challenge solved.

WendyBethCreations out of Michigan who presents the vintage brooch,  also creates jewelry, hair adornments, and other accessories.


Shop: Orglamix

Horcrux Collection - Pure Organic Mineral Eye Color

The Set: Obsidian and Grape Hyacinth…SOLD!

Be kind to your eyes, apply mineral eye make-up. Made without chemicals, this elegant Horcrux Collection includes two individual colors: Obsidian and Grape Hyacinth. Orglamix uses 100% pure organic minerals and has a 100% Guarantee of, if you don’t love the color, you’ll get your money back. With that in place how could you not try out more colors!


Missing the Mates

Every winter season, it never fails, I always end up losing the mate to my gloves. This year, I have a left-handed white glove and a right-handed red glove.

Amorebytinae and AWineTwist

Shop: Amorebytinae

Stripe Suspenders Kia Dress

Stripe Suspenders Kia Dress...N/A

Amorebytinae of Woodland Hills designed this super cute, black and mustard yellow striped suspenders dress for her Urban Romance Collection, and,  just in time for the festive season.  Attached in the back to a black waistband are “Y” designed suspenders. Wear it with a sheer top as shown or any other style top. Glam it up at a party or on a blind date…or listen to the whistles on the street whenever you wear this dress. Available sizes are XS – L.


Shop: AWineTwist

Pina Colada Wine Crystals - Frozen Drink Mix

Pina Colada Wine Crystals - Frozen Drink Mix...$12.00

On your way to the party, but there isn’t any time to stop and grab a bottle of wine for the hostess gift because your girl is whining in your ear and asking you what took you so long to pick her up? Well, forget the trip to the grocers, buy this frozen wine mix drink and keep it on hand for those such times, or, for when you’re the host of your own party. Designed by AWineTwist of North Carolina. Other flavors available are: Strawberry Daiquiri and Peach Belini.

Starlight Magic

Shop: FindingCharm

Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Necklace...$35.00

An enchanting and sparkling necklace to wear for the festive season.  FindingCharm creates an intriguing and contrasting double-stranded necklace using  a stunning mix of swarovski crystals, silver metals, faceted glass, and geometric twists. You’ll be at the top of everyone’s list of compliments.


Shop: Ananya

Custom Bolero XS-L


Made from Japanese cotton this bolero is sure to please not only the wearer but also the onlookers. Charming pleated ruffles grace an open front and bottom hemline of this pretty bolero. Short cup sleeves accentuate the overall design.  Ananya from Bangkok designed this charming bolero. Wear with the skirt below or a pair of jeans; you’ll never tire of its versatility.


Shop: DirdyBirdy

Matte Onyx Trapezoid Earings

Trapezoid Earrings...SOLD!

DirdyBirdy of Wisconsin creates a pair of geometric inspired earrings. Tiny silver beads embellish the matte onyx trapezoid stones. Bring an extra bit of magic with you to the festivities when you wear these beautiful earrings.

Shop: TrimKo


Sequins Tube Top...SOLD!

With hundreds of sequins shining on this glimmering tube top, you will be the shining star of the evening. Be on the lookout, though, someone may want to make a wish come true. Starlight, star bright…


Shop: MoonHalo

High-Waisted Mini Skirt  --Size Small/Medium Ready to Ship other sizes Made to Order--

High-Waisted Mini Skirt...SOLD!

What is super sexy and comfortable all-in-one? Why it’s the high-waisted and stretchy mini skirt made from two layers of blended cotton jersey, lycra, rayon and cotton.  Created by MoonHalo of Dubai. Available sizes are small and medium.


Shop: Medusasmilk

Plain Black Pumps

Plain Black Pumps...N/A

The description may say “Plain Black Pumps,” but these pumps are anything but plain. Two moods in one create this stunning pair of shoes. On the one side is a straight classic edge, while the other side is an ultra-feminine open scalloped mood near the arch of the foot. A stylishly chic pair of plain pumps, I’d say.


A Bit of Festive Magic

Golden Glitz

Shop: ByMiMi

Compact Mirror Starry Night

Compact Mirror...Starry Night...SOLD!

On the go to the dinner date with your special man and need a mirror? Pull out your snazzy starry night compact mirror for your hair and make-up touch-ups. With two mirrors, standard and magnified, touch-ups are easy. When you’re finished, close and slide it back into your purse and your own your way without a miss in step. Filigree and cabochon embellishments.


Shop: Thirteeneightyfive

1960s Double Breasted Goldenrod Wool Coat - M

Goldenrod Wool Coat...Double Breasted...SOLD!

In the winter, starry nights are sometimes cold. Keep warm in your double-breasted wool coat while you wait for your special man to park the car. Four buttons, an adorable attached belt, and a full satin lining complete this darling coat.


Shop: TheFashionHouse

Holiday Dress

Golden Sequined Dress...N/A

When you are sitting down at the table in the restaurant, all eyes will be on you. Your special man won’t know because he will already be dazzled not only by the sequins but how sexy you look in the dress. Going to the restroom for a touch-up? Make sure he notices the tantalizing low scoop of the back to keep his mind and his eyes from wandering while you are gone.


Shop: VintageDove

GLITZY Old Hollywood GOLD Marilyn SEXY BROCADE  VTG 1960s GLAM PUMPS Heels

Brocade Heels...Old Hollywood Gold...$35

Sexy dresses require sexy heels. These gorgeous, “Old Hollywood” golden brocade heels, with a sexy instep will surely put an early spring to your wintry step. Made of soft leather with an easy slip-on style.


Shop: Petalx

Mineral Lipstick

Mineral Lipstick...SOLD!

Choose this mineral lipstick and one kiss wearing this glimmering golden lipstick will surely cast him under your spell for the evening. Made from the blend of oils of avocados, sweet almonds, coconuts, and beeswax, this is the lipstick of enchantment.


Shop: Jetflair

4mm Yellow Mali Garnet - 14k Yellow Gold and Gemstone Stud Earrings - Top Quality

Yellow Mali Garnet Stud Earrings...$250.00

Want non-stop sparkle added to your festivities? Wear these brilliant yellow Mali garnet stud earrings and shine all the way to New Year’s Day.  Your date will never be able to have the excuse that he lost you in the crowd. What’s more, he’ll be impressed that you made a smart and environmentally-friendly purchase because the designer uses recycled 14kt gold from a refinery here in the US.