Three Flies

One evening, a little after 5:30 p.m., and, everyone at my brother’s office had left, I sat at the computer on my dad’s side of the building.  I had not been at the office for long before I noticed a familiar buzzing circling my head. I groaned. It was a fly. 

“It’s a fly, for God’s sake, just kill it,” my inner critic said.

I did not, because right after my inner critic said that, I felt an enormous protectionist feeling-of well, maybe the fly just wants to get out. I thought again. It will die in here, since there isn’t any sugar for it. It knows it’s going to die, and get this, it’s asking for my help.  If this were a play, the men in white coats would make an entrance right about now.

I mulled the thought a bit. My saner side knew that flies and other insects didn’t give a flying fig about us humans. The sane side won that day.  That and the fact that I was lazy and didn’t want to yell at the fly to go toward the light – which would have been outside. Not that it would have listened to me, which meant I would have had to pull out Plan B.

Plan B meant cutting off all the lights, running through the labryinth of an office, opening the door, and showing the light to the fly, and hoping it understood that I was trying to save it’s life because, yes,  it still had a purpose in the grand scheme of the universe.  Except, I ignored this fact and didn’t follow Plan B.  

I felt guilty for letting the fly fly and buzz around until it either died of starvation, or someone swatted it to death the next day. It was a ripple in the timeline of the universe, except, I didn’t know it at that time, until now.

A few days later, while I was at home, the universe gave me another chance to save two flies. That’s in hindsight. While I was standing there looking at the one adult fly and one toddler fly stuck inside the screen door, I was not thinking about the universe that day. I was thinking about the other fly in the office.  Fortunately, for the two flies, my guilt resurfaced.

I opened the screen door and tapped on the screen until the adult fly found it’s way out. Unfortunately, the toddler fly flew away from freedom and further toward the inside of the screen. I stepped outside and tapped on the outside of the screen while blocking the toddler fly from the the inside of the screen each time it tried to fly away from freedom.  Finally, after about 30 seconds of tapping, the toddler fly got the message and flew toward the blue sky.

Cufflinks   SOLD!

Cufflinks - Fly
Jewelry Designer: Dabbledesigns
iPhone/iPad/Digital Bag
iPhone, Smart Phone, iPod or Digital Camera Case / Cozy with Embroidered Fly
iphone Cozy Designer: LAWBags
fly in the ointment necklace
Jewelry Designer: Friendlygesture
Fly-on-a-Unicycle T-Shirt   SOLD!
Fly on a Unicycle T-Shirt - American Apparel Light Blue Bike T-Shirt - Available in XS, S, M, L and XL
T-shirt Artist: Darkcycleclothing
The Fly Ring   SOLD!
The Fly Ring
Jewelry Designer: MetalsInTime
Crypto-Entomology Art Print by Brian Giberson - The Foglighter Fly
Artist: Indigolights
Giant Fly Lamp   SOLD!
Lamp Designer: Czechpub

Outfit of the Week 2: Summer White and Black

Kicking off this week’s Outfit of the Week series, I thought I would do something different. In addition to the Etsy links, I have also posted the photos with permission from most of the vendors. The photos add a well-rounded, catalog feel to the posting. I have been thinking about the series all week, so much so, that instead of one outfit, I am presenting three outfits only for this weekend beginning with Summer White and Black.

Summer White and Black outfit begins with a pretty vintage white knit sweater by Etsy Vintage Vendor,  EpsilonVintage.  A soft chainlink design across the top and bottom of the sweater accentuates the scalloped neckline and hem. The tie-waist and the gathered pleats at the shoulder make this quite a unique sweater.  It will keep you warm on the coolest summer days. 

vintage Tie Waist White Knit Sweater
A black and white patchwork tiered design of diamonds, flowers, and paisleys sparked an interest for this pretty 100 % cotton skirt. Catch the summer breezes walking down main street and watch the heads turn, as well. Etsy Designer, JanelizabethsSOLD!  However, she has other pretty skirts.

Skirt Tier,Womans Size 10-14 Elastic Waist, Black and White, Cotton

The Summer White and Black outfit can be dressed down or dressed up. I chose to dress it up with a pair of delightful black patent leather Vintage Ci Ranno Mary Jane shoes with a two-inch heel. Although the shoes have been gently worn, you can see yourself in the leather’s shine. Etsy Vintage Vendor, DianaDwain.
Vintage Ci Ranno Strappy Black Mary Janes - Patton Leather size 6.5
Jewelry and makeup always put the finishing touches on a well-dressed woman. Gracing about the neck on the Summer White and Black outfit is a Vintage Sterling Necklace designed with a Snowflake Obsidian gemstone. An intricate chainlink border surrounds the “mind, body, and spirit” balancing gemstone. Etsy Vintage Vendor, purpledaisyjewelry.
Vintage Sterling Necklace Snowflake Obsidian N1606
Shimmerin’ and swingin’ from the ear is a pair of contemporary and handmade “Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings” SOLD!  by Etsy Jewelry Designer, FindingCharm. Pay close attention to these earrings. The “black glass bicones” and the rounded “black glass balls” sitting atop and below “silver slides” accentuates the diamonds and the flowers of the above tiered skirt. It’s a perfect combination!
Black Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Outfit of the Week 2A: Salsa Hot and Pink

Pink. Glorious Pink. Pink. Delightful Pink.  Pink!

No longer a traditional woman’s color, men look good in pink, also. In fact, I love it when I see a man wearing pink. I say to myself, “Self, now there’s a man who is comfortable with his feminine side and still strong with his masculine side.”

And, we women look just as good in pink, too. In fact, this next Outfit of the Week 2A: Salsa Hot and Pink, is not only delightful, but it’s sexy-hot, cute and fun to wear.

The Salsa Hot and Pink outfit starts off with a tie-dyed t-shirt. Whenever I have thought of a tie-dyed shirt I remembered the beautiful blue, yellow, orange, and red swirls of a past era. However, this contemporary and exquisite work of art tie-dyed t-shirt needs to grace a wall in the Smithsonian Art Institute.  SOLD and RE-LISTED!

pink flowers black bird tie dye t-shirt cute beautiful flying spring fashion one side printed
Designer: Nikacollection
Ahoy, matey! Be the captain of your pirate ship in these darling ruffled at the knee stretch Capri’s. Or, sashay across the dance floor on a Saturday night! 
Designer:  LadyDiCreations
Accessorizing the Salsa Hot and Pink outfit is a pair of “I-Gotta-Have” these “Amazing Victorian Knee High Boots.”  Note the yellow, white, and especially the pink embroidered flowers hanging on a long green vine. Niiiiice!
Vintage Vendor: Bigapplevintage
Swinging at your ears is a pair of sexy double ringed earrings. The fuchsia Swarovski crystals will dazzle not only your partner but anyone else who may be looking in your direction.
Kiss me Pink Eternity Rings
Jewelry Designer: ClassicKeepsakes

Outfit of the Week 2B: Autumn Crisp Orange

This final Outfit of the Week 2B was inspired by my mother. On her way to a luncheon last Wednesday she wore a colorful ensemble of white pants, a white with orange flowered top with a wide-opened orange cardigan that folded back to the armpits.  She asked me if her white sandals which covered most of her foot and had side openings looked old-fashioned for the outfit she was wearing. We compared the sandal to a white Birkenstock and we both agreed on the Birkenstocks. Off she went to the luncheon, while I stayed home and babysat my toddling niece. Therefore, in dedication to my mother and her colorful fashion sense, the Autumn Crisp Orange outfit rounds out the outfits for this week. Here’s to you, mom!

Yes, the summer is not even half over. However, we must always be on the lookout for good and colorful autumn clothing. This  simply divine “Orange White 70s Open Sweater” by Etsy Vintage Vendor, storylandvintage fits fall, which is on the horizon. An orange and white horizontal lined pattern edges the sweater at the torso and along the bottom. Take a look at the second pattern. It’s a wavy bric-a-brac. You’ll be warm in this sweater with side pockets. SOLD!

orange white 70s open sweater M/L
Vintage Vendor: Storylandvintage
Depending on where you live…and Mother Nature, September could be an Indian Summer month. Just in case you do have an Indian Summer, then this fabulous vintage sleeveless tunic with an intricate embroidery detail will keep you cool. The ornate design and the peephole will catch those admiring
glances.   SOLD!
Vintage 1970's Sleeveless White with FAB Adornment SWEATER
Vintage Vendor: CheekyVintageCloset
These well-kept “1960s White Cotton Bell Bottom Levi’s” appear quite 21st century to me.  Cuffed at the ankle with wide belt loops, a high-waist, and extra deep front pockets, these wonderful pants will carry you into the 22nd century. SOLD ! 
1960s White Cotton Bell Bottom Levi's
Vintage Vendor: Iswasvintage
Add a little sex appeal to your twinkling toes with “Vintage Silver CrissCross Metallic Loafers.”  Etsy Vintage Vendor, bigapplevintage, definitely brings back “super sexy.”
vintage SILVER CRISS-CROSS metallic loafer heels handcrafted 1950s vegan size 7.5
Vintage Vendor: Bigapplevintage
Topping off the Autumn Crisp Orange outfit are these lovely pair of “Venetian Fiery Sunset Orange Quartz Earrings” designed with golden French earwires and double domed filagree caps. Romance will follow your every step. Etsy Jewelry Designer, Voleurdebijoux. 
Evy Venetian Fiery Sunset Orange Quartz Earrings
Jewlery Designer: Voleurdebijoux

Outfit of the Week: Yellow

After gazing at the door for about two weeks and losing out on a cute pair of black, wide-leg, Capri pants on Etsy, that I could have paired with an equally cute yellow wrap had I not been so indecisive,  I’ve decided to start a new series called, Outfit of the Week based on matching pieces of clothing that I find irresistible on Etsy.

Starting off the series is a charming yellow wrap top with a large yellow button fitted at the collar-bone. The top of the wrap has a colorful geometric design which continues to the back of the wrap. The bottom of the wrap is loose-fitting and matches quite well with the “Black Capri Ruffle Pants.” Accessorizing the outfit is a Guitar Pick necklace and a pair of Vintage Berebi Pretty Flower earrings both sporting muted blues in their designs which brings out the blue in the wrap. Topping off the outfit is a pair of black suede and open toe patent pumps.

Yellow Wrap Style Blouse with Polymer Button

Black Capri Ruffle Pants     SOLD!

Guitar Pick Necklace  SOLD!

Vintage Berebi Pretty Floral Earrings    SOLD!

Black Suede and Open Toe Patent Pumps SOLD!

Chilly for Spring

Well, it’s been two months since I posted to Ol’ Man Winter and he’s been gone now for-hey-about two months. Since the Military Steampunk Leather and Brass Vest Waistcoat by FantasiesInLeather has sold, I need to update my listings. With a little more risque and excitement attached, here’s the new outfit for spring.  It might be a little chilly for spring, so, early summer to fall will do.

Red Leather Bustier  SOLD!

Bootie-Licious (Shoes) SOLD!