An Organically Green Philanthropist: GeboMana

One day I was pondering a blog post idea on the graphic design art on t-shirts when on that exact same day I clicked on the website GeboMana and saw their graphic design art on their t-shirts. I was a bit miffed and my conscious thought was, “Oh my God, competition!” 

Then, I felt a twinge of guilt when I read through their website. The hand-printed and graphic designed art t-shirts on the GeboMana website provide the monetary structure for the education of children in developing nations. Not only is GeboMana an organically green company, but they are philanthropists, as well. Well, of course, the twinge of guilt deepened into a chasm of guilt, and I hung my little sixthirtythree head in shame.  There is never competition in philanthropy.

So, I have re-awakened and remembered that I do live in the richest country in the world. And while my country’s recession has hit each and every one of us in varying degrees, the hardest hit in our recession are the children. 

The global economy has taken a beating as well, and the hardest hit are the children. With each political conquest of warring factions, the hardest hit are the children. With each devastating earthquake, flood, tornado, tsunami, fire, and any other environmental upheaval thrust upon developing nations, the hardest hit are always the children.

Children of every nation always depend on us, the adults, to love and to protect, to educate and to guide them through this world. Therefore, with Christmas around the corner, and the last few months of birthdays, celebrations, congratulations, and any event in our lives left of this year 2010, reach out and help the philanthropist, GeboMana; give a graphically designed t-shirt and help educate the children of developing nations.  

Each Indian organically grown cotton t-shirt you give will provide the education for a child for one month. When you give five t-shirts which are hand-crafted in Bali you will provide a lifetime of education for a child.  

It will be the best action-gift you ever give.

Bali Queen

SJ1QUE-FB-IMG_2235-500.jpg Bali Queen picture by GeboMana


Walking in Brooklyn

SJ1WIB-MW-IMG_2175-500.jpg Walking in Brooklyn picture by GeboMana


Baubles and Balls

SJ1BB-FB-IMG_2303-500.jpg Baubles & Balls picture by GeboMana


Geometric Mask

CK1GM-FB-CK1GM-MB-IMG_2192-500.jpg Geometric Mask picture by GeboMana


The Fans

SJ1FANR-MR-IMG_2086-500.jpg The Fans picture by GeboMana


Times Square

CK1TS-FW-IMG_2353-500.jpg Times Square picture by GeboMana


Tribal Liberty

SJ1TL-FB-Bk-IMG_2377-500.jpg Tribal Liberty picture by GeboMana


Art Galleria Collection #2

Acacia Fire   SOLD!

Acacia Fire 4 Original Oil Painting
Artist: Sheriwiseman
Harvest Moon
Harvest moon  18x24 in
Artist: Mac2art
Red House   SOLD & RELISTED!
BOGO SALE Buy 1, Get 1 FREE -- Red House - Fine Art Photograph
Photographer: RetrospectPhoto
Pure Bliss
Original ABSTRACT Modern Contemporary Fine ART Painting by dWo - LARGE 36x24 - PURE BLISS
Artist: Wostudios
Calm Nature Birds on Earth Toned Background, with textured look, 24x36x1.5 Sharp Rustic Look
Artist: Drobart
I Think We’re Being Followed  SOLD!
ERBACK FINE ART PRINT Abstract Fantasy Surreal Dreamscape (8x10 w 11x14 mat) Title - I Think We're Being Followed
Artist: Shawnaerback

Outfit of the Day #6: Show-off-Your-Curves

The final Outfit of the Day in the Outfit of the Day series begins with a lovely fitted blouse with an embroidered rose design. The blouse is fully lined with a back zipper and a cute bow tied at the neck. Since the blouse is fitted, it will fit nicely over the show-off-your-curves, slim-fitting daffodil-yellow skirt with ruffles along the hem that will swing when you walk. The outfit will definitely catch the eye of those who pass you on the street, in the office, at the bar, or, wherever you are so inclined to walk amongst people. While you are walking amongst people, you will also be wearing yellow Italian alligator print pumps with chunky heels that are a fashion trend of the fall season. Be sure to take your gorgeous and sleek black clutch with the gold chain with you. The clutch matches both your blouse and skirt and the gold chain sparkles in the bright and cheery daffodil-yellow about your hips and feet. Remember to pack your compact mirror designed with Mother-of-Pearl and a peacock, because using the computer monitor as a mirror just doesn’t work. Yes, I have tried this. Back on track, while your show-off-your-curves skirt is swinging to your own inner child music, your beautiful onyx drop earrings will be swinging right along with your cheerful attitude because when you wear this outfit, your divineness will sparkle to the world.

Black Roses Fitted Blouse  SOLD!

1950s Black roses fitted blouse top with decorative bow ( s/m )
Vintage Vendor: LaMistinguette
Daffodil Skirt - Bamboo - Made To Measure
Designer: Ureshii
Vintage Italian Made Yellow Pumps Size 8.
Vintage Vendor:  Janet5643
Black Clutch with Gold Chain  SOLD!
Vintage Black Clutch Purse with Gold Chain
Vintage Vendor: GrannyPantyDesigns
Mother-of-Pearl with Peacock Design Compact Mirror   SOLD!
Mother of Pearl Magnifying Makeup Cosmetic Handbag Purse Compact=
Designer: Nacreart
Onyx Drop Earrings  SOLD!
Drama Drop onyx earrings
Designer: Brighttr

Outfit of the Day 5: Casual Saturday

It’s casual Saturday! Yay!

Sing songy! Yellow, yellow, still on my mind. Yellow, yellow is always…a great find. Yellow, yellow, la, da, dee, daaaaa.

Yes, it’s another yellow outfit. Although, today’s outfit is yellow and turquoise from head to toe and even the iPod case. 

It’s so funny to me that for the past few weeks I had a horizontal tie-dye shirt in my favorites. Well, yesterday, a random idea popped into my head, that wouldn’t it be funny, if I accidently posted a shirt for a baby with an adult skirt. As I was looking at the photos in my favorites yesterday evening, I read the title of the tie-dye shirt.  The title read that it was a fit for a 4T. I was so disappointed, and somewhat dumbfounded, but, not for long. Etsy has everything! It did not take me long to find another pretty, yellow and turquoise tie-dye top, this time fit for an adult. Shaking my fists by my ears. Yay!

Crocheted Hair Wrap Dread Tube Cuff   SOLD!

summertime crochet hair wrap dread tube cuff
Designer: Twohills

Peace Symbol Tie-dye T-Shirt

Tie dye tiedye by Artist Art de Angela Unisex T shirt with PEACE SYMBOL Large turquoise blue olive green yellow
Tie-dye Designer: Specialtytiedyes
Goldfinch Pocket Skirt     SOLD!
Goldfinch Pocket Skirt
Hand Knit Hand Dyed Wool Socks  SOLD!
Hand Knit Hand Dyed Wool Socks Womens Sz.  Large 8-10   Spring Colors Yellow Greens Turquoise
Designer: Keepsakewool
BLING HIGH TOP Tenney Shoes with TURQUOISE Rhinestones
Designer: Craftylady2420
Stacked Yellow Earrings  SOLD!
Stacked Yellow Earrings
iPod Touch/iPod Phone Case  
Designer: Almdesigns

Outfit of the Day 3: Turquoise

Turquoise, the color of the blue-green waters of a tropical island, except, I wouldn’t want to wear this cute outfit walking along the coastline. It’s too pretty to be drenched in salt water. However, it’s just right for wearing to a dinner date with your mate at  a nice restaurant.

Turquoise Jacket  SOLD!

Aqua/Turquoise Silky Textured Vintage Top/Jacket
The Krissy Phlirt Skirt
The Krissy Phlirt Skirt
Miami Handmade Sandals     SOLD!
Organic Tagua Earrings  SOLD!
Turquoise  and lime  eco friendly organic tagua  earrings
Bluebirds Coin Purse   SOLD!

Tea Time

One day I walked into a store and my eyes feasted on a sleek silver and red kettle. I oohed and ahhed until I turned over the tag and saw the $48.00 price. My eyes popped out of my head, and I put the kettle back on the shelf. I thought, who would pay that much to boil water? I know, someone did, it just wasn’t me.

Fast forward two years, and today, I am oohing and ahhhing over an adorable sunshine yellow teapot and the accessories. For a total of $37.49 without the shipping included you can receive a teapot, 50 bags of vanilla tea, a teabag rest, and a talking mug that has “Wake Up” printed on one side. Since yellow is an optimism creating color, your spirits and your kitchen will be warm and happy all winter long.

Sunshine Yellow Teapot  SOLD!

Sunshine Yellow Vintage Enamelware Small Teapot
Vintage Vendor: Tuckedawaytreasures
50 Hand Blended Vanilla Teabags  SOLD!
50 Hand Blended Vanilla teabags
Tea Maker: Teaman
Ceramic Teabag Rest    SOLD!
Small Handbuilt Ceramic Tea Bag Rest with Raspberry Leaf Imprint
Designer: SuramicsPottery  
Wake-Up Talking Mug  SOLD!
Wake Up - Talking Mug

Outfit of the Day 2: The Suit

Like yellow, orange is also a cheery color. Orange exudes energy and warmth. Yet, unlike optimism creating yellow which invigorates both the “mental processes” and “nervous systems,” orange inspires activity and promotes socialization. When you are hosting a conference or training people, you need all the leverage you can use.  

Orange Plaid Blazer

Vintage Ladies Orange Plaid Blazer
Vintage Vendor: MillsDesignCo
Ruffled Blouse SOLD! also featured in Outfit of the Week 5: Ruffles A Go Go
Vintage Secretary Blouse Off-White and Gold Ruffle Collar
Vintage Vendor: MillsDesignCo
Knit Wool Skirt  SOLD!
Vintage Knit Wool Skirt Madi in Italy for Macy Associates
Vintage Vendor: KlassyKlassics
Sterling Silver Vintage Glass Earrings 383
Rustic Orange Handpainted Heels
Rustic Whimsy Hand Painted Heels Sz. 7
Designer: Crafttastrophe
Rustic Brown Leather Journal   SOLD!
Rustic Brown Leather Journal with Swirly Tree Burn-In - Blank
Designer: ConduitPress