Outfit of the Week 7: Glamour Snapshot

On a sunny and warm, late summer day, I imagine the actress, Jessica Lange, playing a character named Irene. She, and her younger sister, Dee Dee, played by Rachel McAdams are driving through a mid-western countryside in an updated, classic, late-model, 1955 sweet-pink, Ford Convertible. They have just won big at the horse races and are on their way to meet up with their boyfriends for a celebration picnic, before they head home. Dee Dee is charmingly attired in modest black dress with white pearls and black sandals. Irene is dressed in the elegant and glamorous outfit below. 

Irene shields her eyes from the sun and asks Dee Dee where she put her sunglasses.

Dee Dee replies, “Irene, you’re always losing your glasses. She leans over the back seat. “I don’t see them, but here, shield your eyes with your beautiful black hat with the grosgrain ribbon woven throughout. You always look so pretty in it like a Southern Belle, except you come from Wisconsin.”

Irene smiles.

VinTAgE 1960s Black Straw Grosgrain  Summer Hat Wide Brim Audrey Hepburn Style

Vintage Vendor: Awesometownvintage
“Irene, aren’t you a little bit hot with that scarf  around your neck?” asks Dee Dee. 
“No, it’s sheer enough to let the warm breeze keep my neck cool as we speed down this highway to meet up with the guys. Besides, this elegant scarf keeps my neck from tanning and keeps the wrinkles at bay.”
Elegant Black Sheer Large Scarf Shawl or Wrap - 19 x 72 Long
Vintage Vendor: TotallyScarves   SOLD!
“Irene, I sure do like your drop waist, lemon-yellow dress, you’re wearing. The sprigs of leaves remind me of the tall grasses swaying back and forth on the gentle breeze back at home.”
Irene looks at Dee Dee,”Girl, I wasn’t thinking about grass when I bought this dress. Where do get these ideas from?” She wipes away a smudge of lipstick from the side of Dee Dee’s face. “I bought this dress because the softly gathered pleats at the waist show off my lovely figure. Besides, the dress is Luke’s favorite. His eyes always light up every time he sees me in it.”
Banana Yellow and White Swirl Sundress
Vintage Vendor: Paperdollvintage      SOLD!
Irene removes one hand from the steering wheel, “A lady down the street from me makes such wonderful jewelry. This bracelet has genuine black swarovski crystals. It is so divine. Look at the detail of the silver bead accents.”
“It’s a lovely design,” replies Dee Dee.
Black Swarovski Crystal with Silver Slides Handmade Bracelet
Jewelry Designer: FindingCharm   SOLD!
“The tiny metal studs on these platform, peep-toe heels match the bracelet quite well,” said Irene. “Did you know these heels have a back zipper?” She laughed, ” Makes me think of – “
“I don’t want to hear it,” interrupted Dee Dee. “You’ve got that weird twinkle in your eye, and I know what that means, besides, pull over there, the men are right under that willow tree.”
Irene follows the direction of Dee Dee’s arm and turns the ignition off. She jumps out of the car and runs over to Luke and throws her arms around him, laughing. She calls out to Dee Dee who is still in the car.
Vintage PEEP TOE black leather STRAPPY PLATFORM HEELS  with thick high heel, BANDAGE sandals,  size 7.5 USA, 38 EUR
Vintage Vendor: BetaBoutique  SOLD!
“Dee Dee, bring my tote, will ya? I packed a big lunch for all of us. Dee Dee pulled the tote from the back seat and nearly stumbled out of the car under its weight. “Goodness, she must have brought the entire contents of the fridge,” said Dee Dee, as Cal, her boyfriend, easily shouldered the heavy tote.
A bright yellow butterfly on the tote caught her eye. She admired the contrasting grey butterflies and floral print. The cheery yellow ribbon reminded her of their mother, the one Irene most favored. She grabs Cal’s hand and smiles up at him.  They walk over to Irene and Luke who were already relaxing on the blanket covered ground.
Butterflies at twilight tote bag, large with key leash
Tote N/A Designer: HautTotes

The Gentleman’s Vest

One day while filling in as a temporary worker and in between telephone calls, my eyes wandered to the Twilight Saga calendar. The pin-up vampire for the month of July was Laurent.

Sexy Laurent. His blood-red vampire eyes gazed back into my chocolate-brown human eyes and…then I noticed he was wearing a gorgeous renaissance vest with a silk scarf edged in lace, a rhinestone studded belt, black jeans, and a linkchain inserted through a button-hole of the vest.

Sorry Laurent, fashion calls. Maybe next time I will indulge your gaze and…then  I returned to studying the embroidered flower motifs on the vest, emblazoning the design into memory, for when I had a chance to surf through Etsy.

Feast your eyes upon beauty, upon skill, upon six ornate and tailored vests each with its’ own style and character. Gentlemen, you can wear the vest alone without a shirt underneath, as Laurent did, and show off your muscular arms, as Laurent did. Or, you can wear a shirt underneath and put on a tuxedo as a groom or a groomsman. Either way, you will be as sexy as Laurent.

Handmade Tailored Period Regency Victorian Waistcoat Vest Blue and Gold Crested Jaguard
Seamstress: Gentlemansjabot      SOLD!
Golden Brown Floral Tapestry Vest
Seamstress: Dashandbag   SOLD!
Brocade Waistcoats (Double-Breasted, Curved Collar)
Men's maroon satin embroidered formal wear vest
Seamstress: Manicmom55   SOLD!
Men's Vest - Size 44
Seamstress: CreativeEnds
Gold Brocade Vest 46-48
Vest N/A Seamstress: KellyFarrow

Outfit of the Week 6: Classy Cook

Who cooks in heels?

“Not I,” said the butterfly.

“Not me,” said the bumblebee.

Ok, someone needs to grow up.

About three months ago I went to a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower party.  The hostess had everyone write a relationship tip for the bride-to-be based upon our own personal relationship experiences.  What I wrote doesn’t seem all that important now. What I wished I could have written, well, I wouldn’t have written it simply because I did not think about it until I had pared down my choices for this week’s outfit. I also wouldn’t have written it because the feminist inside would have screamed, “Cooking for a man is icky and cooking for man in heels, well, off with our head.”

After reading a couple of blog posts this week on the sensuality of food, I tucked my feminist side in for a nap and looked at it from a different perspective.

Cooking in heels with a pretty apron over your clothes would be a romantic way to love your mate.  You need not cook in heels all the time, but if you really love to cook and cooking for someone shows you care about their well-being and for them as a person, then by all means, cook in heels. Even if you don’t love to cook, wearing a pretty apron, heels with shoe clips, and earrings might add a little more spice to your motivation for cooking.

Cook up a storm in this pretty reversible floral print apron. With a white floral print on a black background with red trim on one side, and a bed of colorful assorted flowers on the reverse side who could resist your cooking when you’re wearing this apron?  SOLD!

Classy retro black, white and red apron and reversible to a flirtatious, flower print for women and teens
Apron Designer: Daffodillies
Dress up a pair of pumps with a pair of charming red, black, and white floral shoe clips. Perfect for an evening dinner date with your mate.
Red Black and White Shoe Clips
Shoe Clips N/A  Designer: Marszy
Sparkling red stones and delightful black agate cubed earrings add the spicy dangle to the ear.  N/A
Lovely Red Stone dangle with Black Agate Earring
Jewelry Designer: Poonika

Stuff in the Tote


On the way to see “Inception,” with my parents last Sunday, my mom noticed my pink tote that I had bought from an Etsy vendor last year. She proceeded to comment which went something like the following.

Mom: Why are you carrying that bag?

Me: No answer. Since we had already had this fruitless discussion a couple of days before, I was reading the scroll of answers streaming forth on my frontal lobe, trying to figure out which answer would be the best answer.

Mom: What’s in that bag?

Me: Still reading my frontal lobe scroll.

Mom:  Why do you feel the need to carry everything with you? Oh, I know why…

Me: Scroll reading.

I wasn’t ignoring my mom. Actually, I was making squeaking, incomprehensible protestations while I was reading my frontal lobe scroll. However, sitting in the movies in a bad mood over the insides of my tote and why I felt the need to carry everything with me was an argument I was trying to avoid. Invariably, my answer would not be good enough for her, hence the squeaking on my part.

Earlier that day,  I had found a tear in the seam on my favorite carry-all green and brown purse that I had bought from Goodwill last year. Preserving my purse for another season was the motivating factor for the change.

Stuff in the tote is what I carry. Initially, I bought the tote to carry groceries home from the store. It was made from canvas and would be sturdy enough to carry my stuff, and, it held much more than my purse.

So, yea, I probably over-stuffed it which of course caused me lean to one side which in turn prompted my mother’s probe. Am I starting to sound combative?

Monogrammed MOM Embroidered Canvas Tote Bag 18 x 5x 12

Tote Designer: Julssewcrazy
Reusable Multi-Functional Tote Bag-Chocolate/Natural Geometric
Tote Designer: PurseNmore
Dragonfly Bookbag/Tote
Tote Designer: SewMuchFabric2010  SOLD!
SALE - Re-Useable Grocery Tote or Farmers Market Bag in Prairie Gothic By Jane Sassaman
Tote Designer: LilyBellesGarden  SOLD!
Bag,  Reusable, Tote, Eco Friendly, Blue Faux Animal Print by ButtermilkCottage on Etsy
Tote Designer: ButtermilkCottage
Tote Bag/Book Bag - Aqua and Brown
Tote Designer: SewMuchFabric2010
Red Placemat Bag NEW LOWER PRICE
Tote Designer: NancysGarden  SOLD!

Outfit of the Week 5: Ruffles A Go Go

Since starting the Outfit of the Week series, I find myself noticing different clothing styles everywhere I go.  I have even found that my style of dress has stepped up a notch from the usual baggy jeans style I have adopted over the past summer months.  Also, I am stepping away from wearing the same colors over and over and over again. My favorites are blue and green and pink and green.

However, the latter part of this week, I took a detour from baggy jeans and those two color combinations.  I wore above the knee Capri’s on Friday and Saturday and changed my color combinations to red and blue, and, black and goldish-yellow.  Seemingly, I did not break into a thousand pieces and I felt like air was coursing through my expanding style wings. Tonight, I am wearing the goldish-yellow top I wore on Saturday and my faded olive-green Capris. This week’s post, therefore,  is a bit of a style detour from my previous posts.

Ruffles are not only back in style, but they are the focal point of this lovely off-white vintage blouse with gold stripes. A lacey detailed pattern accentuates the ruffles at the neck, torso, and cuffs. You and the blouse will be a hit at the office…or at the club.  SOLD!

Vintage Secretary Blouse Off-White and Gold Ruffle Collar

Vintage Vendor: MillsDesignCo


A sheer vest with a lacy, scalloped design of sequins will dazzle the eye of all those who glance in your direction.  Seed beads accent the scallop design and a silver hook closes this sheer delight of a vest.   SOLD!

1970's Beaded Vest, Black, Medium
Vintage Vendor: RecollectionClothing
Stop traffic in a good way with these cute black and orange striped, high-waisted shorts with five pockets. The fifth pocket is on the right side above the front pocket with just enough room to hold the phone number of the guy you danced with on the floor.  SOLD!
Vintage black and orange striped high waist jean Shorts (m)
Vintage Vendor: Nemres
Silver and gold metal twists turn this one-inch stylish skinny leather black belt into tiny squares about the waist. A silver front buckle adds an air of chic simplicity to this ornate styled belt.
Vintage Black Gold Link Belt
Vintage Vendor: OpheliaVintage
Go Go Boots! Can you feel the beat? Add a little bit of psychedelic flare to your feet, and dance in your seat, or dance in the street, or dance the night away.  SOLD!
Black Vintage Boots Gogo go go vinyl 1960s
Vintage Vendor: SassySisterVintage
Elegant earrings swingin’ at your ear.  A perfect dangle of antique gold and black with a blackstone bead for the accent.
Antique Brass Gold and Black Bead Drop Handmade Earrings
Jewelry Designer: FindingCharm
Beauty and character describe this  “on the go” shoulder bag with a top zipper. Look closely, for embellishing the front pocket is an ornate geometric design.  A black strand of dangling beads add the shimmering shine.  SOLD!
Lisa Black and Tan Textured Upholstery  Zipper Closure Shoulder Bag
Purse Designer: JayelleDesigns

Impromtu Celebration

Have an impromtu celebration and invite your two best friends to share in the wonderful news of ________, you fill in the blank:

Great new job during this awful recession, just found out your application was approved to adopt a daughter from China, your article was accepted by a top magazine, you got into a great school, you received a full scholarship, your children moved out during this awful recession because they got great jobs, vacation starts now, you met someone new, you won a contest for the biggest cantaloupe, the guy you like just told you he liked your smile, the girl you asked to marry said yes, you had the best bike ride of your life, you finished your book, you’re alive…you just want to uncork a good wine and relax with friends.

So, uncork the wine, gather your two best friends around the patio table,  pour the wine into the decanter, bring the goblets, get the appetizer plates, light the candle, unbag the grapes, and cut the cheese because celebration begins now!

French Corkscrew

Vintage Vendor: Jacklynn4
Best Friends Pendant  SOLD!
Eloise and Ramona play telephone - best friend pendant set
Jewelry Designer: Flapperdoodle      
Wine Decanter  SOLD!
SALE//// Green Depression Glass liquor-wine decanter-bottle with handle
Vintage Vendor: MilkasTreasures
Jeanette Wedgwood Green Hellenic Grecian Glasses
Vintage Vendor: Southernladysvintage
Appetizer Plates
Set of Four Appetizer Plates from the JunkMarket
Vintage Vendor: Tresorsmarche
Fused Glass Leaf Candle Holder   SOLD!
Fused Glass Leaf Candle Holder/Votive (Green)
Fused Glass Designer: CDChilds
Wine Bottle Serving Tray  SOLD!
Wine Bottle Serving Tray (Clear) With BEADED CHEESE SPREADER (Large Eco Friendly, Recycled and Upcycled)
Fused Glass Designer: CDChilds
Embroidered Napkins
Vintage Cross Stitch Napkins
Vintage Vendor: Southernladysvintage

Outfit of the Week 4: Flower Stem Green

Today I am wearing faded olive Capri pants, an apple green top, and a metallic green hair clip.  I have worn green all week, except when I had a job interview and wore a lavender suit.

One day I thought I would switch to pink, but in mid-thought changed my mind and chose green. Why green power all week-long? Well, it was in anticipation of the Outfit of the Week 4: Flower Stem Green. 

A  flower stem green “1960’s Original Knit Sweater Dress” commences this week’s outfit. Step outside and glide down the street in this elegant dress on a cool autumn day. Along the edge of this dress is a pretty scalloped hem. Decorative flower buds run along the hem as well as at the arms and neck. Two flowers, one at the shoulder, and the other at the knee also adorn this lovely dress.  SOLD!

60s Original Knit Sweater Dress
Add a pair of sexy, head turning earrings and start a dreamy conversation with someone new or captivate the same one now.  Sterling silver wire wraps encase apple green turquoise beads, while avocado green beads and swirly silver beads add the accents.  SOLD!
Apple Green Turquoise  Wire Wrapped Earrings
Jewelry Designer: JudysDesigns
“Never worn,” amazing, olive-green stiletto pumps. Did I say never worn?  New vintage! The stilettos are “Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals” between 1940-1950.  At each heel of these simply divine stilettos is a super sexy bow embellishing an open circle surrounded by a gathering of delicious pleats. You could walk on clouds with these stilettos.  SOLD!
Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals Olive Green Stilettos Pumps 1940s or 50s Never Worn
Vintage Vendor: AntoinettesWhims
Sleek and classic define this “Vintage Lime Pocketbook.” Sporting an interior pocket, this 8″ x 11.5″ pocketbook is roomy enough for a hand mirror, makeup, pens, keys, and a small pad of paper. It’s a perfect combination for the above “wiggle” dress. SOLD!
Vintage LIME Pocket Book
Vintage Vendor: TwirlVintageCo